Shadow Walker - Recap

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The episode begins in Zurich, with Alex working undercover. She is pretending to be a high profile client wanting to open her account in a Swiss bank. Alex tells the manager than she has recently come to some money. She says it’s currently in Russia but, she would like it deposited in a Swiss bank. Just then masked gunmen enter the bank. It’s a bank robbery, seems like. The manager sounds a silent alarm. Seymour, informs Alex she has four minutes to get out, as someone has tripped the alarm. The manager is called for, and Alex in the meanwhile gets to work, up linking date from the manager’s laptop to Seymour. Seymour copies all the relevant files. Cops have closed in, Seymour tells the guys to get out.

As cops come in, Alex remains while; Nikita and gang make a run for it. Alex gets the modem out just in time, to not get caught. Nikita tells Michael they might have a future in armed robbery. They were basically there trying to find out who manages Percy’s money. Turns out, it’s a guy named Ian Damascus. Meanwhile, Percy gives Ian a call and tells him that his bank accounts are vulnerable to an attack. The plan is to bankrupt Percy and put Division out of commission for good. The plan is for Nikita and team to pretend to be wealthy criminals, and win Ian’s trust. Turns out, Ian has a minimum price of $20 million, just to sit down and have a talk. Nikita wants Seymour to get it. Seymour is visibly reluctant, and doesn’t want to risk his money. Nikita wants the money quickly as Damascus won’t wait too long.

Nikita promises Seymour that the money would come back to him in 2 hours. They will find Percy’s account with Damascus’s help and empty Percy’s account. Seymour agrees, but wants to play the wealthy investor in front of Damascus. Nikita is worried about his safety, but he is willing to take the chance. Later Seymour and Nikita arrive in a swanky car to Damascus’s residence. Inside Seymour hands over the 20 million to Damascus rather reluctantly. Meanwhile, Michael and Alex are handling the other end of the mission. Michael wants to know the real reason Alex is sticking around, rather than having a cushy life. He asks Alex about Sean. Meanwhile, Seymour is doing his best to play his part confidently. Damascus in the meanwhile is doing his job of transferring Seymour’s money into his new bank account. Meanwhile, Alex assures Michael that there is nothing going on between her and Sean.

They see a car pulling up in front of Damascus’s house. Michael warns Nikita about it. Meanwhile, Damascus has transferred all of Seymour’s money into the new account. Meanwhile, Damascus goes outside and hands over the briefcase with the physical form of Seymour’s money to a woman sent by Percy, along with 50 million in another briefcase. The woman reminds Damascus that he is 30 million short. Damascus tells her that Percy didn’t give him enough time. Alex in the meanwhile, tells Nikita that there is no signal coming from the house. So she can’t confirm if the transfer has been made. They find out Damascus didn’t transfer any money. All the accounts connected to Damascus turn out to be empty. Meanwhile, Percy’s man finds out Damascus stole his money, and shoots him. Meanwhile, Damascus’s bodyguard stops Seymour from going in search of Damascus. Meanwhile, Michael and Alex see Percy’s guys leave after shooting a bodyguard outside Damascus’s house. Michael goes inside to get Nikita and Seymour out.

Damascus’s men make his job very difficult. Meanwhile, Seymour gets cold feet and is unable to shoot a man. Nikita knives him, but is hurt, while the man falls down shooting. Later, Nikita and team are back to base, with Michael nursing Nikita’s injured shoulder. The team figure out that Percy is moving his money in cash, into Division, to keep it safe. They conclude that there would be a truck needed to carry 70 million in cash, they plan to hijack it. Meanwhile, Seymour is angry about losing his money. Seymour walks out of the place in anger. Meanwhile, Percy is shocked to hear about the deficit of 30 million dollars. Meanwhile, all alone Seymour is already missing the team. Meanwhile, Alex is trying to track down Roan’s car. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael talk about Seymour freezing up earlier in Damascus’s house.

Meanwhile, Alex has located Roan’s car. They find out the woman who took the money from Damascus is a currency dealer, named Veronica White. Meanwhile, just as Seymour is stealing money online from another account the cops come in and arrest him. Meanwhile, the team is planning how they should hijack the truck. Just then they come to know that Seymour has been arrested. Meanwhile, even Percy receives this information. Percy sends Roan to get Seymour before the feds can get to him. Nikita is worried Percy might get to Seymour. Nikita goes to deal with the Seymour issue and tells Michael and Alex to stop the truck. The truck would soon leaves Veronica’s building, and Michael and Alex are keeping a watch. They see 3 trucks leave instead of one. Two of them are decoys. They decide to go after the 3rd truck. Meanwhile, Nikita gets Seymour out, pretending to be lawyer.

Meanwhile, Michael stops and checks the truck he picked. The truck is empty. Meanwhile, Percy is told Nikita beat them there. Meanwhile, the Division agents see Nikita and Seymour and run after them. They then kill all the agents. Seymour finds the courage to shoot one of the agents, to save Nikita. Meanwhile, Michael tells Nikita the game Percy is running. Seymour locates the other 2 trucks on his computer. He then calculates the distance from the tailgate to the ground and makes an estimation which truck might be carrying the money. They follow the designated truck. Seymour wants the truck destroyed, even if it means losing his own money. Michael and Alex reach the truck and Michael blows it up. Percy is shocked to see the truck blow up. Meanwhile, Seymour is pained to hear about the truck being blown up. Seymour apologies to Nikita for freezing up earlier, and getting her shot.

Nikita understands, and also tells him that she knows it was because of being reminded of Carla, that he froze up. Meanwhile, Percy meets up with a man in an art gallery and tells him, he is a great admirer of his work, and that of his associates. The man says he isn’t aware of what Percy is talking about. The Man keeps saying he doesn’t understand anything Percy is saying, with Percy trying his best to persuade him to let him join their group. The man starts to leave, and then tells Percy that he heard about a truck being blown up, and it was filled with US currency. He asks Percy how he would prove himself when all his money is burnt.

Percy replies “money isn’t everything”. Meanwhile, Seymour thanks Nikita for rescuing him. Seymour then reminisces about his past, as a hacker. Nikita tells him, he is her lifeline, when she is out there. Meanwhile, Alex gives Seymour a check for a large sum, although it is nowhere near his 20 million. She knows Seymour will be able to recover his 20 million using this money, she has given him. The episode ends at this point.