Dead Drop - Recap

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The episode begins with girls partying in a swimming pool, somewhere in Berlin, Germany. Michael in meanwhile meets up with a few Asian men near the pool. Just then Nikita climbs out of the pool and addresses one of the men as General Koong, the two of them converse in Korean. Meanwhile, the general wants to sell some components for a nuke, and wants $3 million for them. Seymour would in the meanwhile; work his magic and make it look like the money has been transferred to the general’s account. Nikita and team basically want to prevent Percy from getting his hands on the component, thus preventing him from making a nuke. Alex and Sean then arrive to collect the components.

Sean and Alex are meanwhile being observed by Percy’s men who are also there to secure the components. Just as Sean and Alex are about to collect the components which are basically triggers for the bomb, Percy’s men attack. Nikita is informed of the same; consequently she and Michael beat up the general and his men. Meanwhile, Sean catches a bullet in his stomach while exchanging gunfire with Percy’s men. Percy’s man then manages to make a getaway with the trigger. Later, Sean is brought back and is hooked to ivy after his wounds are dressed. Ryan in the meanwhile, tells Nikita that Percy doesn’t have all the components for a nuke yet, although he has the trigger. Ryan tells Nikita, he needs the CIA’s help if he has to stop Percy making the nuke.

Nikita isn’t down with the idea, as she is worried about Ryan falling into trouble once again. Ryan in turn tells her, he has a trustworthy man inside the CIA called Morgan Kendrick, who is the director of CIA. Nikita on seeing Kendrick’s photo is reminded of five years ago when she was still working with Percy. She is reminded how she met Morgan at a party with Percy 5 years ago. Nikita remembers how Morgan didn’t want to be seen with Percy. Nikita feels that, Morgan is dirty, but Ryan maintains that, Morgan is clean and a good man. Nikita in the end puts her foot down, saying they could all go to jail, if they try to take Kendrick’s help. Michael in the meanwhile differs with Nikita and decides to go with Ryan. Later in a restaurant restroom, Ryan meets up with Kendrick who is surprised to see him alive, and explains everything to him.

Meanwhile, Michael is waiting and is pleasantly surprised to see Nikita join him. Nikita distracts Kendrick’s bodyguard outside, while Ryan is still trying to convince Kendrick to help Nikita and gang. Later, Nikita tells the team she has bugged Kendrick. They then listen in on him calling Percy to inform him about Ryan getting in touch with him, and also about Michael and Nikita being there. Ryan is amazed at Kendrick turning n out to be dirty. He remembers how Kendrick had helped him out in his time of need. Just then Kendrick calls up Ryan and tells him that he wants to help. He also tells Ryan to get Nikita along. Meanwhile, Percy tries pinning down Ryan’s location. Nikita realizes it’s an ambush and decides to take Kendrick down before he can harm her or Ryan.

Meanwhile, Stephen the guy who managed to get the triggers for Percy is lauded by Percy, for his good work. He is now instructed by Percy to take Nikita down, and is also informed that Michael, who has trained Stephen, will be there with Nikita. Stephen tells Percy “Michael always used to say there is nothing worse than a traitor, I can’t wait to remind him that”. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael ready themselves with guns, for Kendrick at the park, where he is to meet Ryan. Michael while waiting tries to convince Nikita that not everyone in the government is against her; Nikita feels otherwise and sights a few examples of the injustice that has been meted out to her, thus proving her point. Ryan in the meanwhile, figures out the possibility that Kendrick might under duress, be helping Percy.

He and Seymour try to figure out how Percy is forcing Kendrick to help him. They figure out that Percy has put a division kill chip in Kendrick’s heart, and that is how he is controlling him. Meanwhile, Nikita has fixed her aim on Kendrick, sitting in a park bench. Just as she is about to fire, she receives a call from Ryan telling her about the kill chip. Nikita and team now instead, chalk up a plan to rescue Kendrick, by finding a way to disable the kill chip. Meanwhile, Michael pretending to be a random guy talking on the phone comes near Kendrick and tells him that, Nikita and team know about the kill chip and want to help him get rid of it. Stephen observes this from a distance, and informs Percy. Stephen sees that it’s Michael, and jumps into action with his men. Michael in the meanwhile, sees Stephen at a distance and rushes Kendrick out of the there.

Percy in the meanwhile, triggers the kill chip, but before it can take effect, Michael and Nikita rush Kendrick underground, and just as predicted by Seymour, the signal to trigger the chip is lost. Percy instructs Stephen to flush Kendrick to the surface. Underground, Nikita hooks Seymour on to Kendrick’s heart where the chip is. They have to basically hack his heart. Meanwhile, Stephen and his men are doggedly searching for them underground. Meanwhile, Seymour is trying to short out the kill chip without shorting out Kendrick’s pacemaker. Turns out, that’s not possible, so the only other option is to take the pacemaker out of commission for 60secs destroy the chip and then restart it. Meanwhile, Stephen’s men are closing in.

Then Michael ends up exchanging gunfire with Stephen and his men. In the end only Michael and Stephen are left, the two of them indulge in some unarmed combat. In the end, Michael manages to get the better of Stephen. Meanwhile, Percy finds out Nikita’s safe house, following the uplink that Seymour is using to connect with the kill chip in Kendrick’s heart. Meanwhile, Seymour manages to deactivate the kill chip and bring the pacemaker back online. Meanwhile, Alex is nursing and taking care of Sean, who is recovering from his bullet wounds. Sean confesses to Alex that he has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Seymour discovers that the security parameter around their safe house has been breached by Division.

Seymour along with Ryan, Alex and Sean get ready to hit back at Percy’s men. Just as Percy’s men break into the house, the whole house is blown to smithereens. Seymour and gang, drive away from it safe and sound. In the car, Sean kisses Alex. Later, Kendrick extends his full cooperation to Nikita and his team. He also plans to ferret out all of Percy’s moles in the CIA. Meanwhile, Percy tells Roan that Nikita doesn’t have an idea about what his plan really is, and that she only feels that he is building a bomb. Meanwhile in Ryan’s safe house, Nikita apologizes to Ryan for being wrong about Kendrick. Michael and Nikita then look fondly at the team that they have built. The episode ends at this point.