True Believer - Recap

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The episode begins with a man talking into a camera. It is then shown that the man is being watched on a TV screen by a group of people, sitting in a room. The man talks about something called a ‘Third Wave’. The man talks about a Senator Wallace Herek, who is more worried about filling his own pockets rather than doing, good for the people. Everybody in the room is then handed a gun and told to stand up for themselves, by the man. “They can’t step on us anymore” the man says. A woman who is in the audience receives a call a leaves the room to take it. She is shown talking to Ryan. “There’s going to be a new attack, I don’t have a target yet” she tells Ryan.

Just then the place is stormed by the FBI and the woman Mia in shock, drops her phone to the ground. Ryan who is still on the other side is left wondering, as to what is happening. Ryan later briefs Nikita and team about how Mia has been taken while she was infiltrating a domestic terror group called the ‘Third Wave’. The group’s goal is to save the third world, from the tyranny of the first world. Ryan says Mia is being held captive by the FBI, in a facility in Virginia. Ryan also adds how Mia has been undercover for a year. Nikita isn’t happy to hear this, and comments how she thought Division is only into stopping rouge agents. Ryan explains that Mia’s was a standing mission before they took over.

Mia did get a recall a month ago, but Ryan let her stay undercover because Mia wanted to. ‘Third Wave’ is run by an operator named Joshua and part of Mia’s assignment was to identify him. Ryan let her stay on because she had found evidence of a new attack. Ryan informs Michael that he suspects ‘Third Wave’ might be “casing” an arena in Virginia, where a minor league hockey game is suppose to take place. Nikita and Alex on the other hand leave to rescue Mia. At the arena, Senator Herek’s personal security men run into Michael and Sean. The head of security, a man named Nick Anson, informs Michael that “tomorrow” the senator would be hosting an event at the arena, welcoming home the troops. “Tomorrow this place will be filled with retuning soldiers and their family” Anson says.

Michael and Sean ask Anson to “up his security”. Nikita and Alex manage to rescue Mia and get her out dressed as an FBI agent. Suddenly, Mia snatches a gun from a passing guard and shoots Alex. “You’ll never stop Third Wave” Mia then yells, just before escaping in a police van. Nikita on the com informs Ryan that “Alex is down”. Alex it turns out has been shot in the shoulder and is bleeding severely. Later at Division, Alex is rushed to the medical facility. Mia is shown arriving at the “Third Wave staging area”. She meets up with Joshua the head of Third Wave. He asks how she managed to escape from the FBI. She in turn reveals how she was undercover when he had first met her, she also tells him about Division. She assures Joshua that now she has left Division for good.

Joshua asks if Division is still after her. “They won’t stop us and I’ll do whatever it takes to stop them” she says. Birkhoff finds out that Joshua has “numbered accounts” in the Cayman Islands. He further finds that the accounts are all linked to shell companies. Alex, who has now recovered a bit, recognizes one of the companies as the one the FBI raided. “That’s six miles from the arena” Birkhoff discovers. Nikita and team arrive at the location. Joshua and Mia along with members of the Third Wave are at the facility. Gunfire is exchanged between Division agents and members of the Third Wave. Nikita manages to find Joshua and points a gun at him. Mia comes from behind him wearing a jacket rigged with explosives and a detonator in hand. “Let him go or we all die” she tells Nikita.

Nikita as a result, is forced to allow Joshua to leave. Nikita and Mia then get into a fight and Mia in the end throws Nikita out of a window. Later, Nikita who is fine except for a few bruises tells Alex how she froze and couldn’t kill Mia, as she saw in Mia reflection of herself. Later, Birkhoff hands Nikita a device that would neutralize the jacket full of explosives. Michael and Nikita then arrive at the arena and go over the security arrangements with Nick Anson. Later, the arena begins filling up with people. Nikita and team are keeping a close watch on the proceedings. Then at a distance Nikita sees Mia and readies her device to go and deactivate the jacket.

Nikita approaches Mia and uses the device, but discovers that she isn’t wearing the jacket. “I’m not the only one” Mia tells her with a smirk. Just then, another member of the Third Wave is shown entering the arena wearing the jacket. Nikita and team also find out that Joshua was an ex-Delta and has got a partner, who is working with him in tandem. Turns out, Nick Anson is the partner Joshua has been working with. Michael is informed of this and confronts Nick about it. He in turn fires at Michael, who narrowly escapes. Nick then makes a run for it. Nick meets up with Joshua and tells him that “they” know about all their operations, including the offshore accounts. Birkhoff uses a device to spy on the conversation the two are having.

Turns out, Nick and Travis weren’t actually planning to kill the Senator but instead Nick’s security agency was going to pretend to save the Senator from Joshua’s Third Watch, which would give the agency many new clients. Birkhoff asks Nikita to check her phone, as Birkhoff has made sure that the conversation between Nick and Joshua transmits on it. Nikita makes Mia watch the conversation, so she knows what Joshua is really all about. Mia is shocked to hear, Joshua and Nick’s new plan is to kidnap the Senator and then ask for ransom. Nick’s security agency would then find the Senator in the Third Watch HQ and kill every member of Third Watch. “My God what have I done” Mia says.

Michael stops Joshua and Nick, just as they are about to kidnap the Senator. Sean too comes to Michael assistance. The four then get into a fistfight. Both Sean and Michael manage to neutralize the other two. Salvatore, who is one of the Third Watch members, is on the other hand heading for the senator wearing the jacket rigged with explosives. Mia arrives and tries stopping him.

Just then someone yells “he’s got a bomb”. The senator’s bodyguard sees Salvatore from a distance and readies to shoot him, but before he can do so, Mia comes in the way in order to save Salvatore and gets shot in the process. Nikita comes in just then and stops Salvatore. Later at Division, Ryan promises Nikita “no more active missions”. “Mia died a hero because of you” Ryan tells Nikita. The episode ends at this point.