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Innocence - Recap

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The episode begins at the Army Research Lab in Granville. Someone covered from head to toe, enters the facility. The person steals some military hardware and proceeds to escape. In the compound of the facility a guard spots the burglar and the burglar is asked to “freeze”. Just then a man comes from behind and neutralizes the guard. “Six minutes; not bad” the man tells the masked burglar. Michael tells Birkhoff that Ryan has new intel. The two are then shown the photo of a Division agent named Wade. Birkhoff remembers him as a “the drill sergeant from hell”. Turns out, Wade was Divison’s top trainer, but Percy had him replaced.

Wade’s recruits had a perfect record, but one of his recruits failed in the first mission, Wade as a result killed the recruit with his bare hands. Percy was none too happy with this and had him replaced with Michael. Ryan then reveals how Wade has stolen a prototype explosive from Fort Granville. “I think he is planning an attack” Ryan says. Also, the explosive would be good for only 48 hours, so Wade has to use it within that time. The two are also informed that as a cover; Wade is working as a travel agent in Boston. Michael and Nikita arrive at the travel company and are told, Wade has left the job last month. Birkhoff then tells Nikita to steal the hard drive from the copy machine, as it would have all the information they need.

She does as is told. From the hard drive, Birkhoff finds a scanned copy of Wade’s credit card and as a result his present address. Michael and Nikita along with three more agents as back up, arrive at Wade’s place fully armed. While the team is looking through the house, Wade receives an alert that, there are intruders in his house. The team arrives at the basement of the house and finds some kind of a training area. Suddenly someone begins to shoot at them. Turns out, it’s a little girl. Nikita manages to catch hold of her before she can cause any more damage. The girl tells Nikita and team that she knows they are Division and Wade had warned her about them.

She then says Wade is going to kill them all. At Division, Birkhoff informs Nikita that the girl’s real name is Eliza Abbot and she was kidnapped two years ago, while walking back from school. Nikita approaches Eliza to talk to her, and to see if she can find out anything about what Wade is up to. Michael sends Birkhoff the blueprints for a building, found in the basement where Eliza was living. A little later, Wade from outside, calls his home phone and talks to Michael.

Wade asks him to release Eliza who he calls Sarah. Michael tells him Eliza shall be released to her parents “once we know she is safe”. “It’s not her safety you need to worry about” says Wade, and begins firing at his house. He in the process kills an agent. Michael alerts the others to cut Wade off. Nikita tries talking to Eliza about her family, but Eliza pretends as if she has none. Alex realizes, Eliza is only doing this because she has been taught by Wade that, her family would be killed if she talks about them or tries to get in touch with them. “That’s why she won’t talk” Alex says.

Ryan orders that people be sent to protect Eliza’s parents, and also asks Alex to go talk to them and see if she can find out something pertinent. “But they can’t know what’s going on yet” Ryan adds. Nikita to get through to Eliza shows he how she too was kept underground and let out only for eating and training. Eliza knows that it is Percy who kept Nikita and others like her in captivity, as she has been told everything about Division by Wade. Eliza asks Nikita what happened to Percy. “I dropped him down a 300 foot shaft“Nikita says. Nikita then tells her that she doesn’t have to be Sarah anymore. Eliza in the end asks her if Nikita can really stop Wade. She assures her that she can. Wade on the other hand arrives outside Division fully armed.

Nikita asks Eliza what Wade is planning. “He is going to New York, he is going to Hotel Normandy” Eliza says. Wade fires at the Division building. Birkhoff immediately warns everyone that they have a “perimeter alert”. Ryan instructs Michael to take Wade out. Eliza begins to cry and is visibly terrified. “He is coming for me I told you” Eliza says. Nikita calms Eliza down and leaves to deal with the situation. Nikita has kept an agent to look after Eliza, and he does his best to calm Eliza down. Suddenly Eliza attacks him, overpowers him and takes his gun. She then runs out of the room she is kept in. Nikita comes back and sees the agent lying unconscious on the floor. She goes after Eliza. Eliza though, manages to escape.

Michael and his men too are unable to catch hold of Wade. Later, Eliza is shown sitting alone in park bench. Wade comes and sits beside her. He tells her “you did well today, you will do better tomorrow”. Nikita and team find out that the blueprints aren’t for Hotel Normandy, unlike what Eliza has claimed. Ryan figures out that Wade is trying to kill the Pakistani Ambassador to the US Saeed Tamir, as Wade’s recruit had earlier failed to do so. The team then discovers that the blueprints are a perfect match for the Pakistani Consulate, where Tamir is slated to give a speech in the night. Birkhoff then informs everyone that the summit is already underway. The team immediately springs into action.

Nikita though, isn’t happy that Eliza too is a target along with Wade. She takes this up with Ryan, who says he can’t take any chances as Eliza attacked an agent. Eliza manages to gain entry into the Pakistani Consulate and activates the explosive she had earlier stolen. She then straps it to her waist and gets to work. She basically gains access to a vent, through the loo. Alex gives Nikita a matching necklace to the one Eliza has with her, to remind her of her past. Alex acquired the necklace from Eliza’s mother. Nikita enters the consulate with the necklace in hand. Nikita enters the loo and figures out that Eliza has entered a vent. Eliza plants the explosive in a vent as per Wade’s instructions and then makes her way out of the vent.

The explosives have been place in the basement right under where Tamir is standing and giving his speech. Michael on the other hand finds out where Wade is at. Wade on the com has just given Eliza instructions to detonate the bomb. Eliza is in a predicament about whether she should go ahead, just then Nikita arrives there. Nikita shows Eliza her mother’s necklace. “Your mom gave it to me, she kept hers all these years” Nikita tells Eliza. “She told me to tell you that she loves you and she is still waiting for you” Nikita adds.

Nikita in the end manages to talk Eliza out of detonating the bomb, by reminding her who she really is. Michael too manages to get the better of Wade and kills him. Later, Alex returns Eliza to her parents. The episode ends at this point.