Sideswipe - Recap

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The episode begins and a man is shown talking to two Asian men, who are standing and silently listening to him. Basically the African American man is selling the other two men a hi-tech gun. He explains to the men all the features and highlights of the gun. Just then Nikita arrives and addresses the man as Cyrus. Cyrus asks the Asian men to shoot Nikita, but she quickly gets the better of them and secures their gun. She then points it at Cyrus. Cyrus in turn points the hi-tech gun at Nikita, using a remote in his hand. Michael too arrives at the scene just then. Cyrus decides to train the gun on Michael, after knowing he and Nikita are engaged.

She asks Nikita to let him walk, if she wants Michael to live. Michael seems unperturbed by the threat and so does Nikita. Turns out, Birkhoff has hacked the gun’s software, allowing Michael to take control of the gun, using simply his cell phone. Cyrus on realizing he has little options goes back to negotiating. Nikita asks him for information on Amanda. Amanda and Ann are in Andalusia Spain, plotting Nikita’s downfall. Birkhoff and Sonya find the mole sending another message to Amanda, keeping her updated about Nikita’s movements. Sonya suggests Birkhoff locate the terminal from which the mole is sending the information. Birkhoff discovers the message has been rerouted multiple times, therefore it’s impossible to find the terminal.

“Whoever it is, they are in the building right now” Birkhoff says. He leaves to alert Nikita about it. Nikita asks Cyrus where he is supplying her next and when. Cyrus says Amanda “moves around”, so he now deals with Ari. Ari has ordered for a “next-gen weapon” which he is going to pick up “this weekend” in the Caribbean at St. Lucia. Nikita later tells Ryan, Ari is buying a “missile-jammer” from Cyrus named “Sideswipe”. A rouge Egyptian general named Tariq Rafat has the Sideswipe and is on his way to St. Lucia to sell it to Cyrus. Ari is planning to sell the Sideswipe to the Russian army. Alex on the other hand is slowly shown getting addicted to her pain meds. At St. Lucia, Cyrus and Nikita wait for the General, while Michael and Alex keep a watch from a nearby building.

Michael observes that Alex is really edgy and asks her about it, but she rudely evades his question. Cyrus in return for helping Nikita wants her to let him “vanish”. Just then, Cyrus and Nikita are told to go “upstairs”. The two then meet the General, who is oblivious to their intentions. Cyrus is given the Sideswipe and he activates it. It ends up jamming all electronic signals including Cyrus’s tracker. Michael immediately smells foul play on Cyrus’s part and rushes towards the scene. Cyrus in the meantime, tells the General that Nikita is an Interpol agent and he is under duress. The General immediately tells his men to capture Nikita. Nikita fights the men, while Cyrus makes good his escape. Michael and Alex too arrive at the scene to help Nikita.

Nikita later tries looking for him, but only finds a gun buried on the beach that he has left behind. Cyrus meets Ari in an old cathedral, to sell him the Sideswipe. Amanda is also there. Just then, Amanda finds out from the mole that Nikita was with Cyrus. At Division, Birkhoff finds out that Cyrus is in Spain. Ari leaves after paying Cyrus, leaving Cyrus behind with Ann and Amanda. Nikita figures out, the gun Cyrus left behind might have more to it than meets the eye, as Cyrus had dropped hints to that effect. Nikita checks the gun and inside she finds a note informing her that Ari is headed to Krilov Industries in Romania, to sell the Sideswipe. “We grab him, he will lead us to Amanda” Nikita tells the team.

Cyrus is about to leave, just then he is rendered unconscious by Ann and finds himself tied up in chair, when he wakes up. Amanda asks Cyrus about Nikita and he volunteers all the information she requires, except for the bit about the note in the gun. Amanda doesn’t believe Cyrus and feels he is protecting her. She therefore begins torturing Cyrus. Eventually Cyrus says that, Nikita knows about Romania and about Ari’s deal. Amanda relays a video message to Nikita on Division’s system, with the help of the mole. She shows Nikita and team that Cyrus is being held captive and tortured. Amanda says Nikita and Cyrus used to talk a lot when they were together during Division and she wants to know about it. Nikita feigns ignorance, but Amanda doesn’t believe her and asks Nikita to tell her “what Cyrus is holding back” and in return she will give Cyrus a “quick death”.

“Do me a favor Amanda keep those ropes tight, he is slippery” Nikita tells Amanda and hangs up. Nikita decides to go save Cyrus, but Michael feels it’s a trap set by Amanda to lure Nikita. Nikita argues that she owes Cyrus and that is why she has to “go get him”. It’s decided that Michael and Nikita would head to Spain and Alex would go to Romania with Division agents, to deal with Ari. Later, Birkhoff manages to find the terminal the mole is operating from. He is shocked when he finds out that the terminal is being used by Sonya. Amanda finds out from the mole that, Nikita is on her way to rescue Cyrus. Amanda and Ann bid Cyrus “goodbye” and leave. Birkhoff confronts Sonya about being the mole and asks her how long she has been doing it with a gun in hand.

Sonya says Amanda activated her “kill chip” a few weeks ago and warned Sonya that there is someone else in Division, who would be watching her every movement. “She has me restricted, I have to send her an update every two hours” Sonya says. She is scared that Amanda’s spy in Division, who is keeping a watch on her, would kill her if she did not comply with Amanda’s demands. Birkhoff believes her and promises to help her deal with the situation. “We will figure a way out of this” Birkhoff assures her. Michael and Nikita arrive outside the cathedral in Spain, to rescue Cyrus. Inside they find Cyrus, who tells them Amanda is gone. They see that under Cyrus’s chair is a bomb, which can be activated by a remote.

Also, there is a camera in the room, so Amanda can see all that is happening. A TV screen in the room comes alive and Amanda talks to Nikita, while sitting in a car outside. Amanda says she wants to teach Nikita a lesson. In this case the lesson is that to stop Amanda, Nikita will have to sacrifice the people she cares for. “As a bonus your friends in Romania are about to suffer as well” Amanda says. Just as Amanda has said, Alex and team are trapped in an empty warehouse in Romania. Thanks to the Sideswipe, Alex loses her link to Division. Ari’s men then begin firing at Alex and the Division agents indiscriminately. Nikita decides to call Amanda’s bluff and asks her to detonate the bomb, but Amanda doesn’t do it and instead goes offline.

In Romania, Alex and her team are trapped. Most of her team is killed in gunfire and Alex too is trapped. Just then, Sean arrives at the scene and takes down Ari’s men. Ari then makes a run for it. Alex is surprised to see Sean. “Michael said you might need help” Sean tells a visibly relieved Alex, who hugs him. Later, Cyrus agrees to work with Ryan and Nikita. Nikita later tells the team that, Amanda doesn’t want to kill her but instead wants her to suffer, which mean destroying everything Nikita cares for. “I am not her target, all of you are” Nikita tells the team. The episode ends at this point.