Consequences - Recap

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The episode begins in a prison in Russia. Owen is locked up in one of the cells there. A woman named Anne who is dressed as a jail official stand outside the cell and tells him about something called as “Operation Skelton Key”. “Skeleton key that was a long time ago” Owen says. “You are looking for the device” he adds. He asks her to let him out so he can tell her where it is. She lets him out, but he tries to fight her. In the end she overpowers him and renders him unconscious. Later Owen wakes up in the back of a van with his hands tied. He sees Anne driving the van. He uses the rope his hands are tied with, to choke Anne from behind.

The van spins out of control and hits a tree. Anne is then shown lying motionless on the steering wheel. Owen as a result, makes good his escape. Nikita, Michael get called in by Birkhoff, while they are busy celebrating their engagement. Sean on the other hand feels that Alex needs to leave Division. She isn’t at all happy to hear this suggestion. Birkhoff informs Michael and Nikita about Owen and how he has found him. Nikita, who was very close to Owen at one time, decides to meet up with him. Owen and Michael along with Division agents enter an abandoned school, where Owen is. Owen fights the agents and is shocked to see Nikita, working for Division. Michael and Nikita explain to him that Percy is dead and Amanda has gone rogue. Owen doesn’t seem convinced and attacks an agent. Michael tazes Owen in order to subdue him.

Later at Division, Alex is sent to interrogate Owen. He reveals that he was broken out by a Division agent named Anne. Alex clarifies that Anne is ex-Division and “now rouge”. He also tells her about “Operation Skeleton Key”. Birkhoff informs Ryan and Michael that the Skeleton Key is a cryptograph, as sort of a master-key which gives access to “any system in the world”. Turns out, Owen is the only one who knows where the key is kept. Owen takes Michael and Nikita to a cemetery where he says the now deceased engineer of the key hid it, as he felt a cemetery would be the safest place for it. Then the three spilt up to look for a tombstone named Anthony George, under which the key is hidden. Owen finds the key and yells out that he has found it.

Just then, somebody starts shooting at him. Basically it’s Anne and her men, who are there for the key. Anne manages to overpower Owen and acquire the key. She then runs toward a vehicle that has stopped nearby and sitting in it is Amanda. Anne hands her the key and gets into the vehicle. Nikita from a distance sees, Amanda driving away with the key. Later at Division, Nikita and Ryan wonder as to why Anne didn’t kill Owen, even after she had acquired the key. “What does Amanda want with Owen?” Nikita wonders. Owen tells Nikita, he can’t remember his life before Division and every time he tries to recollect he gets “these headaches”. He feels Amanda is the one who erased his memories and did “this” to him. “Why don’t you help me find her? We will ask her in person.” Nikita says.

Amanda on the other hand is shown stepping out of her car with the key and Anne in tow. She enters a mansion somewhere in Luxemburg. “I have a present for you” she tells Ari, who is sitting in a room in the mansion and hands him the key. “Did you see Nikita?” he asks. She says she did and also tells him she has sent Nikita a “housewarming gift”. It seems she means one of her men who, is still lying unconscious in Division. Michael and team are waiting for the man to wake up so they can question him about Amanda and her plans. The doctor at Division detects some fluid in the man’s lungs and tries to remove it with a syringe. Turns out, the fluid is some sort of a chemical weapon. The doctor and his assistant begin choking on the fumes of the chemical. The fumes then spread all over.

“Biohazard detected” the Division computer immediately warns everyone. The medical wing is immediately sealed so the fumes don’t spread and everyone present in it dies. The biohazard is eventually contained, but 8 lives have been lost, including the prisoner’s. Amanda tells Ari, how she wants to teach Nikita a lesson. She basically is angry about the fact that, she taught Nikita everything and made Nikita who she is, but Nikita turned against her. Sean again tells Alex that she should quit Division, as he feels Division will never shut down. Alex makes it clear that she can’t give up on Nikita and has to see the whole thing through till the end. “I’m not going to stand by and watch this place destroy another person that I love” he says firmly.

He then kisses her. “I love you, but if that is not enough reason for you to leave, I got no reason to stay” he says. Sonia on the other hand manages to track where Amanda is. Nikita and team then spring into action. The team arrives outside the mansion in Luxemburg. Ryan gives the go ahead and the team, enters the mansion with Michael and Nikita leading from the front. Owen and Alex too are accompanying them. Alex heads for where the key (cryptograph) is. In the room where the key is, one of the guards overpowers Alex, while she tries shooting him. The moment gunfire is heard everyone in the mansion is on the alert. Exchange of gunfire takes place between Division agents and Amanda’s men. Alex on the other hand is still engaged in a hand-to-hand combat with the guard.

She eventually manages to get hold of his gun and shoots him, but she too is severely injured and in pain, due to the struggle that took place. In the basement of the mansion, Owen finds Amanda, who is hurriedly packing her stuff in order to leave. He points a gun at her and says “I wanna know what you did to me”. She reveals that Owen was a “broken soldier, they had to keep locked away”. “I fixed you” she says. Owen headache in the meantime returns. He as a result isn’t able to see very clearly. “You don’t look well, tell me are the headaches back?” she asks. She tells Owen his real name is Sam and claims he killed all his friends. Amanda then takes the gun away from Owen, Ari and Anne then enter the room from behind.

Anne points a gun at Owen. Ari asks Anne to shoot Owen, but Amanda says Owen “will come with us”. Ari isn’t too happy to hear this. Ari figures out, it was never about the cryptograph, and in fact Amanda wanted Owen. Amanda confesses to Ari that, he would have never agreed to break Owen out, if Owen didn’t have something to offer. Just then Nikita makes it to the locked room and begins shooting the wall of the room from the outside. Ari stabs Owen with a knife and says “now he offers a distraction”. The three then make it out of there. Nikita breaks into the room and seeing Owen’s condition, yells for help.

Later at Division, after Owen has recovered a bit, he tells Nikita he doesn’t know who he is or what he should do. Owen then tells Nikita that, he wants to stick around. Birkhoff tells Sonya that he feels Amanda has someone working for her inside Division. Birkhoff and Sonya decide to work together to find out who the mole is. Amanda is in Antwerp with Anne and is planning her next move. The episode ends at this point.