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The Sword's Edge - Recap

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The episode begins with a man knife in hand questioning another man with a bleeding face about Nikita. The bleeding man’s restraints are cut, by the man with the knife. The man throws down the knife and the other man then attacks him. The two get into a violent fistfight. Eventually the man with the knife wins the fight and kills the other man. Two guys come in and speak to him in what appears to be Russian. The man then walks out to a balcony and below there are thousands of people cheering for him. Turns out, the man is Alexi Markov the newly appointed president of Uzbekistan.

Birkhoff informs Nikita and team that Alexi is actually a Division agent named Edward. Ryan is shocked that one of the “dirty 30” is now the leader of a foreign country. Ryan suggests Alexi is kidnapped and swapped with a double; he can later be killed according to his own convenience. Ryan later tells Nikita, Amanda has a spy within Division. Nikita asks Ryan to put Alex on this, so she can deal with this issue. Alex is later briefed by Ryan. Ryan later meets the President. The President warns Ryan that, Special Forces will wipe out Division, if anything goes wrong. The President says she just wanted to give Ryan a heads up, so they are on the same page. She assures him, she is not taking any such action at the present moment.

Basically the President doesn’t want to hear of Division in a negative light, as it would be the last time; Division will then be heard of. Birkhoff uses one of his devices to make a mask that looks like Markov, they now need to find someone who has the same height and built as Markov. It’s decided that Michael would be donning the mask. Markov arrives in the US for a meeting with the President. Nikita and team on the other hand plan to make the switch and have a small time window to do it. Alex finds out that the mole is in the medical wing and is accessing files on Division’s system. She hurries there. Markov is neutralized with some sort of a nerve gas in his suite by Nikita. Alex finds Owen in the medical wing and has a chat with him.

She confronts him about the Division server that was breached. He admits that, he was hunting for information about his past. Owen figures out that Alex is searching for a mole and thinks he is a mole. Owen says he will help her find the mole. Markov wakes up with a live grenade in his mouth, on the com fixed in Markov’s ear, Michael tell him to not try and remove the grenade as it would go off. Michael asks Markov to get down to the street without anybody seeing him. “Also, you have 3 minutes” Michael says. Markov makes it to the street and is taken into custody by Nikita. “You have ensured the destruction of Division” Markov tells Nikita. On the other hand there is a huge explosion in the medical wing. Alex and Owen narrowly escape getting killed. Owen finds out later that the explosion was planned.

Ryan asks Owen and Alex to pull out all the duty rosters, so they can find out who had access to the medical wing. Ryan wants them all questioned. Michael prepares to take Markov’s place. The plan is for him to get to Uzbekistan and then die a natural death as Markov, without anyone being the wiser. Markov wakes up and reveals that, Amanda is helping him. Markov reveals to Nikita and gang a video of him telling the world what he truly does and with it is an attachment of all the names and dates of all that he did and knows. Markov says the video will be released to the media by his people unless his people know he is fine. He basically gives his people a password every morning, so they know he is safe. “Let me go or in a few hours Division will be exposed to the world” he says.

On hearing this Ryan asks Nikita and team to send back Markov to his hotel. Nikita unhappily returns Markov to his hotel, on Ryan’s orders. Alex and Owen question people on the roster. Alex and Owen figure out that the explosion was to actually kill Owen. Nikita and gang are worried that the President would try to eliminate the Division if Markov’s video goes public, so they brainstorm as to how they should prevent Division and its agents from being wiped off. But, they aren’t able to come up with any solution that would really help them avert the problem at hand. Alex is busy questioning a man who is on the roster. She asks him about Owen, but the man feigns ignorance.

She says Owen remembers his name from “a mission profile few years ago”. On hearing this, the man begins sweating and looks visibly nervous. The then man removes a knife when he sees Owen. “Carl, drop it” Alex says pointing a gun at the man. Carl is angry because of the people Owen has killed in the past. Nikita who arrives just then, reasons that Owen is a changed man now, but Carl is incredulous. Turns out, Owen had killed a woman named Julia, who Carl loved. Owen says he remembers that and agrees he needs to atone for his sins. Owen says how sorry he is and Carl eventually lowers his knife with tears in his eyes. Birkhoff gains access to the rest of Markov’s video and in it Markov is shown mentioning how he has assassinated the US President to avenge Percy.

Basically, Markov is planning a suicide mission, in which he plans to kill himself and the President when he meets her. Birkhoff tells Ryan that, Markov is about to meet the President in some time. They only have 3 hours to stop Markov. Nikita says Division will stop Markov come what may. Nikita says the plan is the same as before, to switch the real Markov with a fake one. Michael wears the mask and gets ready. Markov arrives at the White House to meet the President. Ryan tries to stall the President by showing her the cryptograph, while Nikita and Michael make the switch. The President’s security is shocked to see Markov walking around the White House, when his man confirms that Markov is waiting outside the Oval office to see the President.

Basically, he is seeing Michael with a mask. The security calls the real Markov inside, to sort the issue. Ryan on the other hand is telling the President how the cryptograph can hack into any system in the world. Just then the President is informed she will have to stay in her office and can’t meet Markov right now, as there is an “ongoing security incident”. Markov meets the security and neutralizes them both, as he feels they are on to him. Birkhoff sees this and alerts Nikita and Ryan. “We just brought an assassin within 50 yards of the President” Birkhoff says. Nikita manages to intercept Markov and injects him with a tranquilizer.

Michael/Markov then sits with his security and pretends as if things are normal. Michael pretends that he under stress beat up the two agents, as he felt he was in danger. Ryan realizes the switch has been made and leaves the President’s office. Later, Ryan tells Nikita and gang that they have to be discreet about hunting down the “dirty 30”, so the President doesn’t have to take down Division. The episode ends at this point.