Intersection - Recap

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The episode begins with Amanda meeting up with an ex-Division agent. “Welcome to the winning side” Amanda tells the man. Nikita in the meantime is hiding nearby and eavesdropping on the conversation with a gun in hand. Nikita is all ready to take down Amanda. Sonya is worried and tells Birkhoff she has to warn Amanda or Amanda will activate her kill chip and she will die. Birkhoff assures her that is not going to happen as Nikita will take Amanda down and she (Sonya) will be free. “I’m sorry I already did. I had to” Sonya looks at Birkhoff and says. Birkhoff is visibly shocked to hear this. “Nikki look out it’s a trap” Birkhoff yells on the com.

But, Nikita has already moved forward and is accosted by Amanda’s accomplice. Nikita’s neck is slashed during the fight and she falls to the ground. Amanda arrives and sees Nikita’s condition; she tells Sonya that her services are no longer required. Amanda then activates the kill chip, killing Sonya. Birkhoff rushes towards Sonya’s lifeless body and just then he wakes up from his nightmare with a start. Nikita in the meantime is in New York and sees a hooded man shadowing her; she immediately hides and then chokes the man from behind. Birkhoff it turns out is the hooded figure and he yells out Nikita’s name. He tells her he is shadowing her to make sure no one else is. Birkhoff then tells Nikita that Sonya is the mole.

He then tells her about the kill chip, which is the reason why Sonya is doing what she is doing. Birkhoff tells her that there is a second mole whole is keeping a watch on Sonya. “Amanda wants her to focus on personal dirt, she doesn’t care about the mission” tells Birkhoff elaborating on the brief Sonya has been given. Nikita figures that Amanda wants to see her suffer. Michael on the other hand tells Alex he knows about her addiction to pain meds. Alex promises she will stop, but pleads him to not tell Nikita about it. Michael agrees but makes it clear she won’t go back into the field till she “cleans up”. At the office, Ryan, Michael and Alex have been told about Sonya by Nikita.

Ryan in order to mislead Amanda feeds Sonya some wrong info. Sonya too knows that they know. They all including Sonya discuss how the chip can be removed. They figure out that removing the chip via surgery would take 6 hours and Sonya has to report to Amanda every two hours, so surgery is ruled out. They all then conclude that the only option left is to kill Amanda, by luring her into a trap. Sonya likes the idea, as she wants revenge for what Amanda has done to her. Sonya and gang later put their plan into action of feeding Amanda wrong info. The team also begins searching for the other mole.

Amanda in the meantime is falling for the lie that there are cracks developing in Michael and Nikita’s relationship, as Sonya has sent her a video of Nikita and Michael arguing. Amanda feels Michael is slowly drawing closer to Alex. The gang later figures out that a guy called Watchman is spying on them for Amanda. Nikita tells the team that the Watchman is a Division legend and “now our ticket to Amanda”. “She thinks something is going on between the two you. Let’s give the lady what5 she wants” Nikita tells Michael and Alex. Michael briefs the team about how the Watchman could change his appearance is moments and was Division’s best surveillance expert. “Only Percy and Amanda knew his name, knew what he looked like” Michael adds.

Birkhoff in the meantime has been put on the job of finding the second mole. Later, the Watchman falls in the trap laid for him by Nikita. She sees him taking pictures of Michael and Alex together, while they are pretending to be on a date. Nikita begins following the Watchman, while Birkhoff keeps a lookout for him through street cams. But, he then enters a crowded diner and quickly exits after changing his jacket. Nikita consequently loses him. Birkhoff sees him get into a cab through a street cam. Nikita follows him in another cab and Birkhoff follows his cab on street cams. Nikita then ultimately sees the apartment the Watchman went into.

Birkhoff in the meantime, finds out the location in Quebec City, to which the Watchman is sending the pictures of Michael and Alex. Nikita enters the Watchman’s apartment a little later and manages to subdue him. Nikita then readies to leave for Quebec City. Birkhoff has managed to narrow down the suspected mole to four people working at Division. He has kept them occupied with some work which would take about 4 hours to complete. Birkhoff suggests to Alex and Ryan that while the suspects are occupied, they carry out the surgery and get Sonya’s kill chip out. Ryan and Alex agree to the suggestion. Birkhoff then begins the process or removing the chip.

Birkhoff gets to the chip and begins the deactivation process. In order to distract her, he keeps talking to her about the most banal stuff. One of the suspects who, is actually the mole, finds out the level Sonya is on. He gauges something is wrong, as the level she is on, is abandoned. He then deliberately hurts himself to get out of doing the task given by Birkhoff so he can report to Amanda. The mole excuses himself, on the pretense of getting some first aid, and Alex sees this on her screen. Alex finds out the mole named Baker, is headed to the medical wing. Alex realizes something is wrong and rushes out to find Baker. Baker in the meantime heads for the level Sonya is in. Alex doesn’t find Baker in the medical wing and immediately figures out he is the mole.

In Quebec City, Nikita and Michael arrive outside the house Amanda is in. They can’t risk going in till Sonya’s chip is deactivated. Birkhoff tells Nikita that 47% of the deactivation is for now complete. Baker arrives on the level Sonya is in and sees her getting operated by Birkhoff. He is about to text Amanda, just then he sees Alex standing in front of him. He tells her that Amanda has his loyalty. “You are the traitor here and traitors die” he tells Alex and proceeds to text Amanda. But, before he can, Alex punches the phone out of his hand and the two get into a fight. Alex in the end manages to get the better of him and renders him unconscious.

Alex tells Nikita there are 5-6 minutes left for the chip deactivation and also tells her that the mole is down. Just then, Nikita and Michael see Amanda leaving in her vehicle. Turns out, she is meeting somebody in Serbia and is therefore heading for her jet. The two begin chasing her in their vehicle. The kill chip deactivation in the meantime is complete. Sonya is ecstatic and Birkhoff is hugely relieved that it’s done. Alex happily informs Nikita that the chip has been deactivated, so they are good to strike Amanda. Nikita and Michael then up the ante. Amanda realizes Sonya is compromised, which has led Nikita to her.

She is visibly enraged. Anne throws a grenade on the road and it explodes right under Nikita’s car. The car flies in the air due to the impact and turns turtle. Anne takes her gun out and proceeds to kill Nikita despite Amanda instructing her to stop. Nikita is fine but Michael’s arm is stuck. Anne in the meantime begins firing at their vehicle. Nikita too fires back. Seeing no other option Anne, removes a knife and proceeds for a hand-to-hand combat.

Nikita and Anne begin fighting and in the end Nikita manages to kill her. She runs back to rescue Michael and Amanda gets away in the meantime. Their car has caught fire and is about to blow. Nikita isn’t able to get Michael’s arm free, so seeing no other option she chops it off. She drags him out from under the car, just before it blows. The episode ends at this point.