Aftermath - Recap

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The episode begins with Michael trying out his new mechanical hand that Birkhoff has put in the place of his amputated hand. Michael is having issues using the hand, but Birkhoff assures him it will get better with time. Later Nikita talks to Michael about what led to his hand being cut off, as he has avoided talking about it since it happened. Michael doesn’t want to mention the fact that it was Nikita, who chopped his arm off, although Nikita tries to bring it up. “Nikita we are at war, bad things happen during the war, no one knows that better than us” Michael tells Nikita.

Also, Nikita is missing Michael as he hasn’t gone back home for the past two weeks and has been staying in Division. Michael assures her he will return home soon. In the meantime in Mexico, cops are shown chasing another vehicle. There is gunfire exchange between the cops and a man in the other vehicle. Eventually the other vehicle comes to a halt outside a house. The driver and the guy shooting at the cops rush inside. One of the men calls up a guy named Garza and tells him they have “got the money” but are surrounded by cops. Garza asks the man to stay put and says he is sending help. Garza it turns out is the head of a Mexican drug cartel, on who Ryan and his team are keeping a tab. Ryan, listens in on a conversation that Garza is having with another man, who he has called for help.

Sonya through voice analysis finds out that the guy Garza is talking to is Liam, an ex-Division agent. Ryan tells the team that “Liam was a Division cleaner, now he is a rogue entrepreneur”. Despite his condition Michael joins Nikita for the mission to go to Mexico where Garza’s men are, so they can catch hold of Liam. Liam arrives at the house where the criminals are dressed as a pizza delivery guy and manages to convince the cops to let him go in. Liam knocks on the door and tells one of the guys who opens the door to take him hostage, as the cops have a sniper aimed at the door. The criminal quickly pulls Liam in and the sniper is unable to take a shot. Liam then kills the criminals, after he has located where inside the house the money is kept. He does his job as a cleaner and gets rid of the bodies.

Nikita and Michael in the meantime arrive at the scene. They tell the cops that they from the DEA and are there to help. One of the cops tells them about the pizza delivery guy who has been taken hostage. They figure out that the pizza delivery guy is Liam. Liam pretends to be under duress while talking to the cop outside on the phone. The cop asks him to not worry as the DEA is here. Liam is surprised to hear this. Owen and Nikita proceed to enter the house, while Michael communicates with them over the walkie, while sitting in the van. Liam hacks into the signal of their walkie, letting them know he is aware of their presence. Nikita and Owen enter the house and Nikita gets into a fight with Liam. Owen in the meantime sees a bomb that Liam has planted is about to detonate. Owen immediately runs to Nikita jumps while pushing Nikita to the ground.

Just before that, Nikita manages to stab Liam in the stomach. Nikita tells Michael that Liam is headed his way. Just then Liam rushes out of the house, his clothes still on fire from the explosion. Liam rolls on the ground and douses the fire. Michael on the other hand tries to shoot him, but is unable to accurately shoot with his left hand, and his mechanical right hand is still not fully functional. Liam therefore makes a getaway in one of the cop cars as Michael looks on helplessly. Later, Michael lies to Owen, Nikita and Ryan that he did not see Liam escape. Owen on his part isn’t convinced with his explanation. Garza calls up Liam who is attending to his stab wound and tells him his laptop from the scene has been confiscated by the real DEA.

Garza also tells him that the DEA would store his laptop in the Federal Building in Houston, in the DEA evidence locker. Ryan contemplates grounding Michael as he realizes Michael is struggling. Michael is with Birkhoff and tells him his new hand is no good, as he still isn’t able to “make a fist”. Birkhoff tells Michael that the technology used for his hand is the best they have got right now. Michael asks Birkhoff who they procure their entire tech from. Birkhoff says he doesn’t know, as Percy had his contacts and whatever tech is still there is leftovers form Percy’s time. Later, Nikita tells Michel that she knows Liam got away, as she checked his clip from the gun he used in Mexico and half of it is empty. Nikita asks Michael to not run away from the issue that is plaguing him.

Michael is basically angry at Nikita for cutting his hand off; although he knows she had no choice and couldn’t have saved his life any other way. He tells Nikita it’s his problem to deal with and makes it clear that he doesn’t want Nikita’s interference. Nikita is visibly hurt at Michael shutting her off. Liam meets Garza who asks him to get the laptop, which has all the information about his business deals. Liam kills Garza and his bodyguard and walks away. Ryan sends Owen and Nikita to get the laptop, as he is sure Liam will try to acquire it, as the information on it is worth $50 million and it’s encrypted. The DEA hasn’t been able to decrypt it yet.

Michael tells Nikita he will stay back and that she and Owen should go. Owen and Nikita then arrive at the Federal Building. Ryan tells them over the com that the evidence locker is on the 12th floor of the building. Liam too arrives at the scene a little later. Sonya informs them that Liam too has arrived. Liam disables the security cameras in the building, preventing guys at Division from keeping a track of his movements. Liam then gets to work. Liam and Owen come face to face and Owen gives him a chase, but he escapes in an elevator. Liam gains access to the evidence locker and finds the laptop. He puts it in his backpack and is about to head out, just then he gauges that someone is about to enter and is immediately on the alert. Nikita enters gun in hand and she and Liam get into fight.

In the end both acquire a gun and the whole thing becomes a standoff, with both pointing a gun at each other. Just then Sonya manages to get the security cams running and Michael is shocked to see the standoff. Nikita tries to buy some time till Owen arrives. Owen is taking the stairs to get to the room. Owen arrives outside the door and fires through it. The bullets hit Liam and he falls to the ground dead. Later Michael and Nikita again have a fight when she says she wants to help him and Michael pushes her away. Both are angry and frustrated with the whole situation. The episode ends at this point.