Survival Instincts - Recap

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The episode begins and Nikita arrives at an art exhibition. She begins chatting with a woman who apparently is member of an organization that steals art and sells them in the black market. Owen arrives and Nikita introduces him as her employer. The woman introduces herself to him as Angela. Nikita in the meantime steals Angela’s cell phone from her purse. Michael and Birkhoff instruct Nikita to make her way to Angela’s office. Nikita manages to gain entry into her office using an encrypted key in the cell phone. Nikita proceeds to open a safe concealed in the floor. Angela in the meantime realizes her phone is missing.

Michael sees this and warns Nikita that “time’s up”. Nikita does her job of stealing a flash drive from the safe and returns the phone to Angela. She says she found the phone in the ladies room. Owen and Nikita then make it back safely to Division. Nikita mentions how the flash drive would help them find the “Dirty 30” as Angela is an accomplice of theirs. The flash drive leads the team to another Division rouge agent named Ray. Turns out, Ray has a military background. He returned home from the military and chopped up some guy as he thought he was having an affair with his wife. This earned him death row and from there he was picked up for Division by Percy. Ray is an explosives expert and is capable of targeting anyone. Ray’s wife on the other hand is worried Ray is following her.

She tells a guy named Jason about this but he feels it’s not possible, as Ray has been executed years ago. The two hug each other and just then Ray who is sitting in the room, puts on the light. Ray shoots Jason, who falls to the ground. Kate, Ray’s ex-wife is catatonic on seeing this. He calms her down and says that she has to come with him. “I’m back baby” he then tells her with a smile. Next day, Nikita and Owen check Kate’s house from where she was abducted. They know Ray has taken her. Jason who was shot the previous night arrives. He is a state trooper and was wearing a Kevlar vest when shot. He knows its Ray who shot him, but Nikita who wants to keep things quite, says it was someone else and Kate was simply delusional. Things need to be kept quite so the issue doesn’t lead back to Division.

Kate in the meantime deliberately uses her credit card to purchase something from a vending machine and Birkhoff immediately latches on to that. He immediately logs on to the security cam in that area and sees Ray’s vehicle driving down the road. Ray will make it to the highway in 20 minutes and it would then be difficult to apprehend him, so has to be apprehended before he makes it to the highway. Nikita with the help of the state troopers closes the roads leading to the highway and eventually Ray’s vehicle is found abandoned on the road. Michael figures out that Ray might have escaped with Kate into the nearby woods. Birkhoff informs Nikita and team that the woods are a national forest spread over two million acres and spread across two states. Later, Michael tells Nikita he can’t go back onto the field with his handicap.

Nikita talks to Birkhoff about the issue and asks him get Michael a better hand, but Birkhoff explains there isn’t a better alternative available at the moment. Ray and Kate in the meantime are coursing through the woods. Ray is a trained survival expert and has made sure he is stocked up on supplies. He brings her to a tent that he has set up in the woods. It seems stocked with all the amenities that a person might require. Ray reveals that he started building it the day he was free again. Ray uses some chloroform and puts Kate to sleep, so he can go out and “take care of some stuff”. Owen and Nikita enter the woods with Jason and a few other troopers. Sean too is in the woods with his team. Sean in the woods finds booby traps that have been laid out by Ray. Birkhoff warns Nikita and Owen about them.

Ray on the other hand sees Nikita and team from a distance and realizes that Division is on his tail. He using his training begins taking out the troopers one by one. Ray uses a trooper’s walkie to mislead Jason and his team by telling them that their operation has to be called off. He basically suggests that Nikita and Owen are fake FBI agents. Jason and the other troopers as a result turn on them and they are left with no other option but to make a run for it. At Division, Michael and Birkhoff do their best to scan the woods, for a possible base Ray might have created for himself. They manage to eventually find his base using Alex’s help. Sean is sent the coordinates for Ray’s base. Nikita and Owen join Sean and arrive outside Ray’s base. Ray using guerrilla techniques takes out the Division guys who were accompanying Sean.

Sean tries to say one of the guys from walking into a booby trap and is the process is himself hurt. He falls to the ground unconscious. Nikita and Owen rush to rescue Sean. At, Division Alex is visibly worried that Sean is hurt. While on their way, Owen is shot in the back by Ray, from a distance. Owen is wounded but his vest took most of the impact. They check on Sean who is lying on senseless on the ground. They see that he is alive but bleeding from his head and needs medical attention. Nikita asks Owen to stay with Sean and goes after Ray. Nikita enters the base Ray has created and inside sees Kate lying unconscious on a bed. Nikita wakes her up and asks where Ray is. She says she has no idea. Nikita assures her that she will get her out of there and asks Kate to wait for her signal.

Just then Ray arrives and he and Nikita get into a fight. Eventually Nikita manages to shoot Ray in the head. Nikita explains to Kate that she can’t tell anyone Ray was alive, as it will raise some uncomfortable questions. She mentions that Jason is waiting for her and if she wants a life with Jason, she has to forget about Ray. “Do you understand what I am saying?” Nikita asks. “Yeah I do” says Kate in reply. Jason and the other troopers later arrive at Ray’s base and find Kate. Jason is relieved to see her and asks where her kidnapper is. She says she doesn’t know. “He left a while back and never came back” she says. “Tell me the truth, was it Ray?” he asks. “No. Ray is dead” says Kate. Later, at Division, Sean who is now better makes up with Alex.

They end up making out passionately. Michael and Nikita on the other hand don’t really manage to mend their strained relationship. Later, Birkhoff informs Nikita that there might be a better option available for Michael, but it might open doors “to a lot worse”. “I’m saying there might be a very real way for Michael to get his hand back” Birkhoff basically tells her. The episode ends at this point.