Brave New World - Recap

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The episode begins and Nikita wakes up from a nightmare, reminding her once again that it was she who chopped off Michael’s hand. She goes to Birkhoff and asks him where they are on Heidecker. Heidecker is the guy who might be able to help them fix Michael’s hand. Birkhoff mentions that Heidecker used to use Division agents as “lab rats” for his experiments. He proceeds to find out; who Heidecker’s lab rats are at the moment. On the system, Birkhoff digs up a guy called Costa who is the deputy prime minister of Kosovo. Costa is Heidecker’s latest test subject. Costa has ties to hardened criminals, as it turns out.

The CIA tried to kill Costa, but he escaped. In the process he lost his left leg. But, Birkhoff shows Nikita latest pictures of Costa in a bathing suit and he has both his legs and looks fine. They conclude Heidecker worked his magic. Heidecker visits Kosovo once a month and his first visit, is at Costa’s house. It’s for some maintenance on the leg. He stays for three days and then files out of there. In two days Heidecker is scheduled for his next visit. Nikita wants to go and get Heidecker all on her own and doesn’t want anyone in Division including Ryan to know about it. Birkhoff feels it’s too dangerous for Nikita to go to Kosovo on her own, but Nikita is adamant. Nikita makes it to the hotel room of a model who Costa is seeing. Costa is slated to arrive soon.

Nikita has a chat with the model, who says he is a pig. She wants Nikita to kill Costa. Nikita says she needs something from him, but will help her if she helps him. Costa arrives and Nikita with the model’s help renders Costa unconscious. Nikita scans his foot and Birkhoff discovers its live tissue over a “metal endoskeleton”. She injects his leg with something, which will swell up his leg and he will be forced to summon Heidecker for a house call. Later, Costa’s leg gives him trouble and Heidecker is immediately brought in. At Division, Michael and Alex find out what Birkhoff and Nikita are up to. Costa in the meantime is angry with what has happened with his leg and accuses Heidecker of colluding with the CIA. He points a gun at Heidecker and Nikita is worried on seeing this.

She tells Birkhoff she is “going in”. Just then, Michael takes over the com and asks Nikita to get out of there. “I can’t let them kill Heidecker” she says and rushes towards Costa’s mansion. Nikita manages to rescue Heidecker, after she has rendered Costa unconscious. On their way out they are apprehended by Costa’s men. Michael leaves to rescue Nikita. Alex goes with him. Ryan asks her to take “backup” with her. Costa asks him men to close the borders. Ryan is worried the whole thing might blowup into an international issue. Ryan mentions how Division and they all will be destroyed, if the President finds out about this. Ryan decides to deal with the situation the way Percy would. He basically calls up the president’s guy, Danforth and tells him that for some reason Kosovo has closed its borders.

He hangs up and waits for Danforth to confirm this news. Nikita finds out from Heidecker that he isn’t the one who made the tech to replace Costa’s leg. He is merely the “salesman”. There is someone else who made the tech. Heidecker mentions how Costa’s tissue was grown from his own DNA. Heidecker offers to make Michael the hand, if Nikita can get him out of captivity. Costa later asks Nikita what she did to his leg. She says she injected him with a slow acting poison that will kill him in a week. Heidecker says he can fix it, but will “need some assurances” first. “If we help you, you have to agree to let us go” Heidecker says. Costa agrees. Heidecker gives him a list of supplies that would be required for him to make the antidote.

Also, it would take him several hours to make the antidote. Danforth calls Ryan and says he has confirmed what Ryan has told him. He says he can’t involve the CIA in this, as they have botched up once earlier, he therefore wants Ryan to send Division agents in, to deal with the situation. Ryan therefore gets exactly what he wanted; an alibi for Nikita being there. While mankind the antidote, Heidecker explains to Nikita how a limb is regenerated by their organization. The organization isn’t interested in money, but the data that can be acquired from clinical trials and experiments. Nikita describes to Heidecker how Michael lost his hand. He is happy to hear that it’s a clean cut and there is no “crush injury”.

Nikita says she can never get over the guilt of what she did. “When you see him whole again, you will” he tells her with a smile. Michael and Alex along with their team, make it to Kosovo. Ryan tells Michael to kill Costa. “This order has been sanctioned by the President” Ryan says. “I thought Division didn’t do kill mission anymore” Michael counters. “Consider this the last one” Ryan replies. Nikita and Heidecker, manage to escape from their cell just as Michael arrives. Alex makes it inside Costa’s mansion and shoots him in the head. Alex informs Ryan that Costa has been eliminated and it’s been made to look like his own man shot him.

Ryan tells Danfroth to inform the President that the job is done. Nikita and team along with Heidecker rush to the airstrip, when Heidecker’s plane is waiting. In the vehicle, Heidecker makes his assessment that Michael would make “an excellent candidate” from what he can see. Michael is visibly happy to hear this. Nikita too seems really happy. They arrive at the airstrip and are shocked to see children inside the plane. Heidecker says the children were Costa’s payment for the treatment he was provided. Basically, Heidecker’s company requires to do real world testing and these children are the test subjects they use. Nikita and Michael are mortified upon discovering this.

Heidecker argues that these children come from abject poverty and hence are dispensable. “No wonder you and Percy got along. You are a monster” she tells him. He reminds the two that they are Division agents and have killed plenty of people. “This is how the world works” Heidecker argues. Michael says he won’t let him get away with this. Heidecker points a gun at them, but is shot by Nikita before he can make his move. Danforth commends Ryan for the great job his team did in Kosovo and says he and the President would like to have a talk with Ryan about Division’s future. He hands Ryan a briefcase.

Michael goes over the entire inventory they have recovered from Heidecker’s plane. Michael is hoping Birkhoff can find something useful in it. Michael says he now has hope as the people Heidecker used to work for are still out there and can help him. Nikita reminds him “these are not good people”. Michael says this is the only chance he has to get back what he lost and he simply can’t give up on that. Michael says they can find these people get what he needs and then “burn their house down”. Ryan later tells the team the President is so impressed she wants them to look into a few other matters.

He then removes from the briefcase a bunch of files, with “Top Secret” written on them. The team isn’t at all happy about this. Ryan feels it will all end when the files are taken care of, but Nikita disagrees. She feels these files will result in everything beginning once again. The episode ends at this point.