Black Badge - Recap

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The episode begins and a man is shown spying on a woman. He sees her take out a package from her mailbox and inside is a black box. Next, the woman walks into the CIA building and tells the guard her name is Naomi and she is there to see the Director. The guard says she isn’t authorized to see the Director. “Tell him it’s about Greenbrier” she says. She then meets the Director and says she has found proof in her mailbox about something called Division. She hands him the black box and says inside is proof that Division carried out killings and was headed by Senator Madeline Pierce, who was killed. The Director says he will look into it. “In the meantime keep this between you and me” he says.

The Director calls Ryan and tells him they have a problem, because Naomi who is an “ambitious young analyst, has stumbled past her security clearance”. The Director says she shall ask questions none of them will be comfortable answering. Birkhoff in the meantime is unhappy about the 4 missions that the President has handed them. He feels they will open the floodgates to many more missions. Ryan arrives and informs them they have a problem, because Division runs the risk of being exposed. Ryan feels this move to expose Division is Amanda’s doing. Naomi is apparently just a pawn. They need to get the black box from Director Kendrick and need to do it discreetly. Nikita feels Amanda’s target is Kendrick because he is the only one in the CIA who knows about Division.

Hence they conclude they have to be very careful on this mission. Michael formulates a plan according to which, Kendrik will drop the black box into the tip jar of a coffee cart outside the courthouse where he shall be attending a hearing. Nikita will then pick up the box. As a security measure, the whole block will be filled with Division agents pretending to be civilians. Next day, Kendrick steps out of his vehicle outside the courthouse and before he can walk away, his vehicle explodes into flames. Amanda in the meantime calls Sean and says “your mother was a good woman Sean, she didn’t deserve to die”. Next, it’s reported in the news that Director Kendrick is dead. Ryan tells Birkhoff to check all the street cams, to finds out who rigged Kendrick’s vehicle with an explosive.

Birkhoff finds out, the video on the traffic cam has already been accessed by Amanda and she has grafted Sean’s face to someone else’s body, and that someone else is the one who planted the bomb. Basically, Amanda is framing Sean for the assassination. Nikita and team figure out that Naomi can help them because she had seen a “shady guy” across the street and had seen his face, the day the drive was dropped off. Turns out, the “shady guy” is the one who planted the bomb, which Nikita correctly assumes. Nikita decides to meet Naomi, so she can get her to describe how the guy looked. Nikita will pretend to be an FBI agent for this. In the news, Sean’s name is mentioned as a suspect in the assassination. “I am gonna get you out of this. I promise” Alex assures Sean.

Nikita meets Naomi and she says she can’t describe the man, but would recognize him if she saw him again. Ryan suggests Sean surrender, so they can buy time till they find Amanda’s accomplice. Ryan is suggesting this, so Division isn’t in any way exposed. Sean agrees. Birkhoff sees in a traffic cam, a guy throwing a cell phone in a trash can. The guy’s face is hidden, but they manage to recover the cell phone from the trash can and run it for prints. They find out the prints belong to a guy named Ellis Toya, “convicted of grand theft auto” and just out on parole. Nikita concludes it’s not like Amanda to hire someone like Ellis. Nikita sends Ellis’s photo to Naomi and tells her to identify it. “That’s him” Naomi says.

Naomi is also suspicious that Nikita is a Division agent, although Nikita does her best to convince her otherwise. Nikita and Alex later arrive at Ellis’s apartment and discover that Amanda has killed Ellis and disposed of, his body. Amanda in the meantime creates a fictitious motive, so the reason for Sean assassinating Kendrick can be established. Basically, Amanda has made it look as if Sean killed Kendrick to avenge his mother’s assassination, because he thought the CIA had killed his mother. Sean could face the death penalty for treason. Nikita comes up with a solution. She says they have to rescue Sean and bring him to Division, just like she was brought in.

In other words, they have to fake his death. Alex feels they should ask Sean’s opinion about this plan, before they go ahead, because it would change his whole life. A lawyer is sent to Sean, in order to inform him about the plan. Alex and Nikita in the meantime are getting things ready for the other part of the plan, which is to make it look like Sean died of radiation poisoning. Birkhoff on the other hand is waiting for Sean to say a yes to the lawyer. Sean is finding it really difficult to come to a decision. Sean eventually agrees to the plan, which involves assaulting the lawyer. Immediately, an agent rushes into the room and restrains Sean. Sean manages to fight him off and grabs the agent’s gun.

Sean and the agent get into a scuffle and Sean is shot in the shoulder. He immediately collapses to the ground and has to be given first aid. Turns out, the stuff in the first aid box has already been rigged by Nikita and Alex. Hence, when a coagulant from the box is injected in him, to stop the bleeding, he begins reacting “badly” to it. Sean passes out and a doctor has to be brought in. The doctor checks on Sean and declares him dead. The agent orders Sean be taken to forensics for a full autopsy. Naomi is also there. She is shown calling up Amanda and with a smile on her face tells Amanda “Sean Pierce is dead”. Amanda realizes Nikita is trying to “extract” Sean and orders Naomi to go to the forensics lab.

Amanda wants Naomi to “kill Sean Pierce…again”. Nikita and Alex arrive at the forensics lab and get to work. They begin by, rushing to revive Sean. Naomi arrives a little later and reveals who she really is. Nikita and Naomi get into a fight. Alex in the meantime continues the process of reviving Sean. Nikita manages to kill Naomi. A little later, Alex manages to revive Sean. Sean is safely transported to Division. Alex tells him; his new life at Division now begins. “Maybe this new one can be something better” she says with a smile. Sean isn’t happy with the whole thing, but he knows he has no other choice. Nikita and Ryan discuss about the new missions.

Ryan feels there is nothing wrong if Division keeps running. “Division is as good or as bad as the people running it” he says. “We can do it right this time” he adds. Nikita doesn’t seem averse to the idea. The episode ends at this point.