With Fire - Recap

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The episode begins with Ari entering a bar in Brighton, Brooklyn. The bartender recognizes him and gives him a glass of vodka on the house. “Good because I can’t afford it” Ari says. The bartender goes in the back and calls someone to inform about Ari. He also mentions that “it looks like the world has given him [Ari] a beating”. Birkhoff has intercepted this call between the bartender and someone in the FBI. Birkhoff plays the conversation and on it is also hears the mention that Ari is broke. An FBI agent is heard asking the bartender to keep Ari there till the FBI arrives.

Nikita is worried because Ari is alone and his “beloved” Amanda is nowhere in sight. She can’t imagine why Amanda is not helping Ari. Amanda is shown talking to someone called Salim. He isn’t happy Amanda let Ari escape. He asks Amanda why she is helping him. She says she too has a cause which would be fulfilled if she helps him. Turns out, they are about to embark on some mission and the man is only ready to go ahead if “Ari stays out of the way”. “Ari is a coward and is only as brave as his bank accounts, which are now my bank accounts” she says with a smile. She feels without his men and his money, Ari is no threat so they don’t need to worry about him. The FBI arrives at the bar to pick Ari up, but he escapes from the back door.

Nikita and Owen who are also outside see him leave. They chase after him but he disappears in an alley. Nikita sees FBI agents chasing him. She and Owen return to their vehicle and find Ari in the backseat. Sean asks Alex about a butterfly tattoo on her neck, but she doesn’t want to reveal its secret. Owen arrives and says “she’ll tell you when she is ready”. Ari tells Nikita he and Amanda aren’t together anymore and he needs protection. Ari recounts how the falling out happened. He says a few days ago he returned from a trip and discovered he was wanted by every agency on the planet. He confronted Amanda about it. Turns out, Naomi was Ari’s asset and Amanda used her to try and kill Sean recently, but that didn’t work.

He says that the authorities also found her body and the trail leads to him. He also discovered that Amanda was training a man called Salim who has an agenda of his own. Ari asked Amanda to stop because it would attract unnecessary attention, but instead she informed him that she had frozen all his assets. She then instructed her men to kill Ari, but he managed to escape. Ari reveals that Salim is a terrorist and his plan is to launch an attack on the U.S. He describes that the first target will be innocent Americans. The scene shows a possible scenario of how a terrorist could throw a live grenade into an elevator full of people right before the doors close. Ari says this attack can only be stopped with his help and for $50 million. Nikita finds the demand laughable.

Just then Ryan tells her that the news is reporting of a grenade that was thrown into an elevator in Pittsburg. During the news a live video feed from a website taps into the network servers. On it, a man with a blurred face tells how this attack is retribution for the drones and helicopter sent by America to bomb his nations. He warns Americans that there will be more attacks and says the name of their organization is the “Crimson Resistance”. Ryan and team conclude Amanda is helping the terrorists, just like Ari had said. Nikita feels she can get the relevant information out of Ari without paying him any money. Ryan asks Alex and Owen to go to the scene of the incident in Pittsburg to see if they can find any clues.

Amanda riles Salim up even more especially after she comes to know his little daughter was killed by an American. Nikita by talking to Ari finds out Amanda is trying to frame Division by making it look like Division is helping the Crimson Resistance. Turns out, Percy had provided arms to the Crimson Resistance which it’s now using against America. Ari says he wants the money before he says anything more. Nikita assures him he won’t be able to spend that money because he will go to prison. Ari apparently doesn’t believe that. Alex and Owen are in Pittsburg at the scene of the incident. Alex figures if Amanda trained the terrorists like she trained her and Owen they too would probably be using “ghost phones”.

She asks Birkhoff to log into a nearby cell tower and see if he can find any evidence of the usage of a ghost phone from the day of the incident. Birkhoff finds evidence but mentions they can’t trace it. Alex points out that if the terrorists were to use the phone and talk before the next attack, they would be able to trace where they would attack next. Birkhoff says that would mean logging into every cellular network in the nation. Alex taunts Birkhoff by asking him if he feels “Shadowbot” is not up to the task. Birkhoff doesn’t appreciate the taunt and gets to work. Nikita is still trying to convince Ari to reveal what he knows, but he is stuck on the $50M. Ryan later reveals to Nikita and Michael that they can’t afford to pay Ari because Division only has about $53M to run its operation and that the President isn’t ready to release taxpayer money to run Division.

Paying Ari would mean shutting down Division. The Crimson Resistance shoots a bunch of people in a marketplace in Michigan. Crimson Resistance warns the citizens that the next attack might be on one of them or in their homes. Nikita is livid and begins torturing Ari to get the information out of him, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Birkhoff intercepts a ghost phone from a cell tower in Ohio. Michael arrives to talk to Nikita because he is worried she might end up killing Ari. Michael then tries talking reason with Ari but apparently he is a tough nut to crack. Alex and Owen make their way to the town in Ohio where the ghost phone signal was intercepted.

On the way, Alex reveals she got the butterfly tattoo in honor of a friend of hers in the brothel she was in. This friend used to give her hope but than, killed herself. Alex and Owen arrive at location where the signal was intercepted. A woman from Crimson Resistance is waiting there in a vehicle observing a family entering their house. Alex notices the vehicle and sneaks up behind it. She sees the woman get out with a gun. The woman sees Alex and is about to shoot her but Alex shoots her twice before the woman can fire. Alex asks the woman about the man who gives her orders but she dies before she can answer. Salim who was on the phone with the woman and hadn’t disconnected hears Alex’s voice and so does Amanda.

Nikita figures out, Ari is desperate for the money because he wants it for his son Stephan. Ari says all he is trying to do is give his son a life. Ari says he is ready to go to prison but wants the money. Nikita reveals to him that Division doesn’t have that kind of money. Nikita instead promises to protect Stephan from Amanda’s retribution. Ari then revels that the terrorist’s name is Salim Nassar. He also gives Nikita, Salim’s phone number. Salim isn’t happy that one of his people has died.

Amanda calms him and says the next attack will be a success. Birkhoff and team track Salim’s phone and find his location. Crimson Resistance broadcasts another message to the people. Birkhoff hacks into Salim’s computer during the broadcast. During the broadcast Amanda shoots Salim and calls up the counter terrorism squad to say that she has an “important tip” for them. Owen and team arrive at Salim’s apartment and clean up before the FBI arrives.

Amanda calls Nikita to taunt her. Amanda hints that she will hurt Stephan in return for Ari’s betrayal. Later, Nikita assures Ari she will protect Stephan from Amanda. Nikita and Michael later plan their wedding and decide to set a date. The episode ends at this point.