Reunion - Recap

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The episode begins with Ari telling Nikita he has given her everything he has on Amanda. He tells her to hunt down Amanda before she finds his son Stephan. Ari says Amanda changed for the worse after Nikita spared her life in Moscow because she considered this display of mercy to be humiliating, and hasn’t forgiven Nikita since. Michael tells Owen that the black box they recently found is encrypted and has two keys; one of them is with Amanda and the other with Ari. Amanda and another man are waiting outside Stephan’s school in Switzerland.

Stephan, who is being picked up by his bodyguard, comes out a while later and just then two of Amanda’s men try to kidnap him. The bodyguard kills both the men and manages to drive out of there safely with Stephan. Nikita and team find out about the incident and conclude that its Amanda’s doing. Ari informs the team that the bodyguard’s name is Amon Creeg and he is an ex-German intelligence officer. Amon finds out that Stephan had gone online with his gaming console, which is how Amanda tracked them down. At Division, Ari informs the team that Amon wouldn’t know they are helping him (Ari) and will kill anyone who gets in his way. Nikita later tells Alex what Ari told her about Amanda earlier and says she spared Amanda’s life hoping Amanda would change for the better.

Alex says Nikita probably did change her for the better and maybe the real Amanda is much worse. Amon finds out that all of Ari’s bank accounts are empty and mentions to Stephan that his protection costs money. Stephan realizes what Amon means and says he doesn’t have to protect him anymore and tells him to drop him off somewhere. Owen is eager to find out about his own past from Ari because Amanda had wiped off his memory and he is sure Ari knows something. Michael assures him he will let him have a talk with Ari, after this present mission is completed. Alex and Nikita are in Switzerland and are trying to locate where Stephan and Amon are. They make a few calls and eventually find out in which hotel the two are staying.

At Division, Owen locks himself in a room with Ari and asks him about his past. After a bit of prodding, Ari reveals that Owen was a soldier. Nikita and Alex get into a fight with Amon outside his hotel room. Nikita eventually manages to kick him off a balcony and they make off with Stephan. Amanda finds out that Nikita and Alex have escaped with Stephan. Amanda knows they can’t get out of the country till they make fake papers for Stephan, for which they will need a staging area and tells her man they need to find it. While they are making his fake documents Stephan asks Nikita and Alex why Ari isn’t there to rescue him, but they don’t give him a straight answer. At Division, Michael finds out that Owen has locked himself in the interrogation room with Ari. Amanda manages to find out, where Nikita and Alex are staging things.

Owen has found out from Ari that he was stationed somewhere overseas and was court marshaled for killing someone, but he still isn’t satisfied and wants to know more. Ari says he knows nothing more, but Owen is sure he is lying. Then just as he is about to hit him, Ari reveals Owen’s real name is Samuel Alexon and he and his team were on a special mission to recover tech from the wreckage of a German U-boat found frozen in the North Pole. Just then, Michael enters and Ari tells Owen he was simply lying to buy time and he actually doesn’t know anything about his past. Owen in anger knocks Ari unconscious. Amanda and her men arrive at the warehouse where Nikita and Alex are. There is gunfire exchanged and just then Amon arrives outside the warehouse.

Amanda’s men catch hold of Stephan while he is trying to escape. Alex then sees them driving away with him and chases them in her car. Nikita stays behind and fights with Amanda. She eventually manages to beat her unconscious, but just then Amon arrives and does the same with Nikita by hitting her on the head. Alex informs Nikita that she has lost Stephan, but doesn’t receive a response. Nikita and Amanda are both held captive by Amon, who gives Nikita one chance to prove that she is working with Ari, by making Ari talk to him. Ari says Nikita only has 90 seconds for this call because any longer and the call can be traced, but before the doctors can bring Ari back to his senses her time is up.

Amon now plans to torture them both, to find out where Stephan is because he can trust neither of them. Alex tracks Nikita’s phone and after reaching the location, she finds the phone abandoned there. Alex calls up Amon who deliberately left the phone there and lies that she has Stephan. She asks for Nikita, but Amon says he will meet her and they will do a trade. After Amon leaves, Nikita manages to start a fire by shot circuiting a wire in the room. She has done this in the hope that someone will see it and call the fire department. At Division, Michael shows Ari the photographs of some of Amanda’s men taken from outside Stephan’s school and Ari recognizes one of the men as Anatoly Oslove. Michael then asks Ari if he has Anatoly’s phone number.

After getting the number, Birkhoff updates Alex about Anatoly’s current location and suggests Stephan might be with him. Amon who was hiding nearby follows Alex. The fire spreads though the warehouse where Amanda and Nikita are and they begin having a heart to heart because they both feel they are going to die. Amanda with tears in her eyes reveals that just like she made Nikita and Nikita made Alex, someone made her too. Before she can reveal anything more, fire engines are heard approaching and they are rescued just in the nick of time. Nikita later drives off in an ambulance to find Alex. Alex arrives at the location where Anatoly is and Amon follows her there. They come face to face with guns pointed at each other and just then Ari calls up on Amon’s phone and tells him everything.

They then decide to work together to get Stephan back. They rescue Stephan and on the way out Amanda’s men begin firing at them. Alex stays back to hold them off, while Stephan escapes with Amon. Alex tells Nikita that she has informed the police where she is and asks her to pick up Amon and Stephan. Michael later informs Nikita that Alex has been taken into custody by the police and is fine. Nikita tells Stephan that his father is going to prison and Amon offers to be his guardian. Stephan likes the idea and Ari too is made aware of it and is fine with it.

Ari thanks Michael for saving his son, before being sent away to prison. Owen tries to apologize to Michael, but is taken off active duty until Michael says otherwise. Before Nikita can get Alex back from the cops, Amanda kidnaps her. The episode ends at this point.