The Life We've Chosen - Recap

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The episode begins with Alex, who is unconscious, being dragged into Amanda’s lair by a couple of her men. At Division, Nikita and team are desperately trying to locate Alex. Amanda calls Division and says she wants Ari in exchange for Alex. She says they have 48 hours to decide or Alex dies. Ari is told about the offer. He reminds them that he has one of the passwords for the black box. Michael tells him to give them the password, so they can negotiate with Amanda. Ari says he can’t give them the password because he is the password. Both he and Amanda have to play a game to decrypt the black box. The game recognizes some pattern in the way they play it.

Nikita tells him they have to trade him for Alex, but assures him that they will get him back. Amanda wants the exchange to happen in a country called Ossetia, which is a lawless territory. Nikita insists that Owen come along for this operation, because she feels that he can be of help on a mission like this. Alex regains consciousness. She is in a make shift hospital room and is being taken care of by a medic, named Larissa. Amanda pays her a visit. She asks Alex how they captured Ari. Alex says Ari came to them on his own, which surprises Amanda. Nikita and team arrive at Ossetia. Ari has been drugged and is in a coffin. They are pretending he is dead, and that they are there to deliver his body to his family.

On the way, Sean and Owen have an argument because Sean feels Owen was trying to make a move on Alex. Owen makes it clear that he and Alex are just good friends. Larissa tells Alex that she is a prisoner of the Ossetians, who haven’t killed her only because she is a medic. She knows who Alex really is and says her daughter, Anya, is her fan. Alex tells her she wants to escape, and Larissa is ready to help her. Ari regains consciousness and isn’t too happy to find out they are in Ossetia. He says he isn’t liked by Ossetians very much, because his company was responsible for starting a civil war in the country.

Birkhoff finds out some signal from inside Nikita’s truck is interfering with the Shadowbot signal. He recognizes the pattern of the signal and looks worried. It turns out, Ryan put a kill chip in Ari’s head, which is causing the interference. Ryan feels, after the exchange, it will be nearly impossible to rescue Ari. He feels if Ari is killed the black box code will die with him, which is what Ryan wants. Birkhoff doesn’t like the fact that Nikita hasn’t been kept in the loop about this, but they all agree that Nikita wouldn’t have allowed Ari to be killed. Larissa distracts a couple of guards to help Alex escape. Alex persuades Larissa to come along. On the way out, Larissa is shot in the shoulder by a guard and Alex is captured.

Despite Nikita assuring him that she will rescue him, Ari says he knows that he is going to die. Alex wakes up and finds herself tied to the hospital bed. Amanda arrives and plays mind games. Amanda is trying to turn Alex against Nikita. Nikita finds out about the kill chip in Ari’s head. She asks Birkhoff about it, and Michael says it was done on Ryan’s instructions. Nikita figures out that Owen was sent to trigger the chip. Nikita and Owen get into an argument about the issue.

Sean, who is driving the truck, sees a roadblock ahead. A man standing near the roadblock shoots at the truck. Sean stops the truck, and it’s surrounded by armed men. The men are robbers and, when they don’t find much in the truck, they are disappointed. Ari distracts them by telling them who he is and suddenly attacks them. Nikita and gang come to his aid. They manage to kill all the robbers. Owen and Nikita are surprised that Ari helped them. Ari tells Nikita she is his best hope for survival, so he couldn’t let her die. Owen has a change of heart, and gives Nikita the trigger for the kill chip. Before being taken away for the trade, Alex promises Larissa she will come back for her.

Nikita and team arrive at the drop off point. It’s a busy city square, full of soldiers. Nikita sees Amanda and one of her men arriving with Alex. The exchange is made, and Nikita informs Owen that Amanda is on the move. Owen spies on Amanda and finds out the vehicle Amanda is using, and in which direction it’s headed. Alex tells Nikita they have to save Larissa. Nikita says their first priority is to save Ari. They get into an argument about this, and Sean suggests they trigger the kill chip. Nikita doesn’t agree with it and says they don’t kill people, they save them. Alex says that is what she is trying to do, and leaves with Sean to rescue Larissa. Nikita tries to stop her, but Owen tells her to let them go and says they should rescue Ari.

Ryan and Michael try to convince Nikita to trigger the kill chip, because it’s the smart choice, but Nikita is adamant about her decision. Birkhoff sends Alex the coordinates for the place where she was held. Sean hot-wires a car, and they drive there to rescue Larissa. Amanda has played her bit of the game to unlock the code and tells Ari to play his part. Ari reluctantly begins to play, although he knows he will be killed after the code is unlocked.

Alex and Sean make it inside the heavily guarded building, and begin looking for Larissa. They find out the room she is in but, before they can rescue her, they come under heavy fire. A grenade is thrown their way and it flies into the room where Larissa is. It explodes and the room catches fire. Sean and Alex have no other option, but to get out of there.

Nikita and Owen arrive at the place where Amanda is. They figure out that Amanda is inside a van, which is heavily guarded. Owen distracts the guards, who run after him. Nikita kills the last of Amanda’s men, who are near the van. Amanda is distracted by the gunfire and Ari takes advantage of that. He hits her with a laptop and rushes out. He nearly makes it to Nikita, before he is shot in the back by Amanda. Nikita shoots at her, but Amanda manages to drive away. Ari dies while Nikita looks on helplessly. She sees the black box in his pocket.

At Division, Birkhoff runs a few tests and tells Alex she is clean. Amanda hasn’t planted any chips or anything dangerous on her. Alex might be fine physically, but is hurting about the fact that Nikita wasn’t there when she needed her. Nikita is telling off Michael, for being kept out of the loop about the kill chip. He says it was Ryan’s decision, but feels it was the right one. Alex comes there, but she and Nikita barely exchange any words. Ryan arrives and commends them for a job well done. He tells Nikita and Alex that they make a great team. After he leaves, both stare angrily at each other. The episode ends at this point.