Inevitability - Recap

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The episode begins in Paris, France, with a large African man meeting a man named John, who works for the CIA. John hands the man sensitive CIA files hoping to make some money in return, but instead the man shoots him in the head. Ryan tells Nikita and team about Pierre Batouala, the African man, who is the current president of Chad thanks to the CIA. Ryan says Batouala has gone rouge and their mission is to take him down. The files Batouala stole from John, who was also Batouala’s handler, contains information about every CIA operative working in the oil industry overseas.

If Batouala leaks this list he would find an excuse to kick out every American oil company from his country and join hands with the Russians. He is meeting with a Russian Intelligence officer in Paris the next day at a party to hand over the list and has to be stopped before that. Alex doesn’t want to go back to executing people, so Nikita volunteers to go by herself. Birkhoff too isn’t happy about this mission, but Nikita tells him that Batouala is a bad guy and deserves to die. She says it’s a small price to pay in order to save Division from being destroyed. Ryan talks to Danfoth about the mission and updates him that Nikita will be going for the mission instead of Alex.

Amanda listens in on their conversation using a bug concealed in Danforth’s vehicle, after which she calls up someone and says she wants a job done. At Division, Owen too isn’t happy to hear about mission, but tells Nikita he will go with her to watch her back. Amanda is having tea with someone named Zoe, who she tells about Nikita’s mission. Zoe assumes Amanda wants her to stop Nikita, but instead Amanda says she wants Zoe to help her. Alex and Birkhoff discuss how Danforth is holding a gun to Nikita and Ryan’s heads, saying he will destroy Division if they don’t carry out his orders. They feel they should try to dig up some dirt on Danforth to prove to Nikita and Ryan that Danforth can’t be trusted.

Nikita and Owen arrive at the party in Paris and manage to infiltrate it; Nikita as a reporter interested in interviewing Batouala, Owen as a waiter. Sean is waiting outside with an ambulance, so can take charge of things after Batouala has been drugged. Owen spikes Batouala’s wine and he take a swig while chatting with Nikita. Birkohff and Alex manage to break into Danforth’s house and begin copying files from his computer.

Nikita’s interview with Batouala is interrupted, when he is informed by his bodyguard that he is scheduled to meet someone else at that very moment. Nikita is shocked to see him meeting Zoe at a table across the room. Nikita concludes that Zoe, a rouge Division agent, is pretending to be a Russian buyer, but before she can do anything about it she sees Batouala handing her the CIA files and her shooting him in the head. Nikita chases after Zoe. She eventually catches up with her and they get into a fight, but Zoe manages to escape before Owen and Sean can come to Nikita’s assistance. Before she escapes, Zoe confesses to Nikita that Amanda is paying her a lot of money for this job.

The President finds out about Division’s involvement in the Paris operation and is worried about the whole thing going public. Danforth tells the President that taking down Division is the only option left and the President agrees. Zoe meets Amanda and after she has copied the files on her computer, Amanda as a payment gives Zoe the files, saying she can make millions by selling them to the Russians. Birkhoff and Alex are still monitoring Danforth’s movements and trying to find something on him. While tailing Danforth they stumble upon a makeshift military facility, which has been especially created, so that a group of soldiers can be trained to take down Division.

Alex and Birkhoff sneak inside and within minutes figure out what Danforth is planning. They also watch a drill of how the operation would be carried out, while hiding behind a wall. Alex and Birkhoff return to the facility and tell everyone what they saw. Ryan calls Danforth and tells him that he wants to meet the President, but Danforth refuses, saying the President can’t be seen talking to Ryan. On seeing Danforth’s reluctance, Ryan concludes that it wasn’t the President who wanted them to carry out the kill missions it was Danforth and he only did this to set them up.

Nikita feels they can still change the President’s mind by catching Zoe, but Alex doesn’t feel that will help and says that Division has to stand up for itself. She feels they need to kill Danforth, but the rest of the team don’t agree because that would be akin to declaring war against the U.S. Nikita addresses everyone in Division, who are all now aware of their impending doom thanks to Alex. She tells them that they can make the whole thing right by getting Zoe because she is the culprit. She adds that the President doesn’t know what Division was exactly doing in Paris, so if this thing is resolved the President might call off the raid. She says she is sure Zoe will try to sell the files to the Russian buyer, who Batouala was originally planning to sell to.

They can catch her while she is meeting the buyer. Nikita and team have the information that Dominica Vitsen, the Russian buyer, is going to be at a club in New York and conclude she is going there to buy the files. Zoe meets Dominica at the club and while making the deal Alex and Nikita arrive to spoil their party. They secure the files and kill both Zoe and Dominica after a brief struggle. Nikita sneaks into Danforth’s house and hands him the files. She then shows him the incriminating evidence Division has found against him on the black box they acquired from Amanda.

She warns him to stay out of Division’s way or that information will make its way to the President. She says Division will not be doing any more missions for him and will shut down after all the rouge agents have been hunted down like was initially the plan. The next day, Danforth tells the President that Zoe was a freelance assassin, who was working for the Russians, and Division was only in Paris to stop her. He says that Division eventually succeeded and even retrieved the list. Danforth also convinces the President to let Division keep doing its job. At Division, Nikita and Alex make amends, but the warmth in their relationship seems to be lost. The episode ends at this point.