Tipping Point - Recap

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The episode begins with Michael entering an office building in Ohio, distracting the receptionist, going into the surveillance room of the building and stealing a hard drive. Michael found stubs from this office building on Heidecker’s plane, when they were in Kosovo, so he decided to follow the lead. Michael has discovered from the security footage on the hard drive that Heidecker visited this building constantly for 6 months and only went to the offices of Belfar Systems, in this building. Michael tried to access the servers of Belfar Systems, but encountered military grade encryption.

Michael asks for Birkhoff’s help, so he can hack into their systems. Elsewhere in Division, a woman helps a man, whose face is not shown, gain entry into Division’s server room. The man places a device in one of the servers. While he is at it, Sonya sees him and raises an alarm. The man quickly escapes and before leaving causes a minor explosion using some device, to deter Sonya from chasing him. Sonya, who is unhurt, tells Ryan that the server room is like the brain of Division and the man wanted to use a charge to cripple key systems. Ryan tells her to find out, what information the man was trying to destroy and why.

In the middle of the night, Nikita and Michael arrive at the office building in Ohio. With Birkhoff’s help, they are planning to break into the offices of Belfar Systems. Suddenly, Birkhoff loses video and audio link with the duo and the elevator automatically comes to a halt on the floor, where the offices of Belfar Systems is. They two of them step out and walk towards a cubicle from where they see light coming. In the cubicle, they see a laptop and a large suitcase. Heidecker, who is dead, is seen standing and looking at them from the laptop screen.

The person says he is using digital masking to look like Heidecker to hide his true identity. He asks them to open the case and in it they see a hand that was grown using Michael’s DNA. The man on the screen says that it’s a gift and adds that in return he wants Division to work with them. The lights go off and the screen goes blank before they can ask any more questions. The duo brings back the hand and the laptop to Division. They figure out that the hand can only be operated onto Michael’s body, by the scientists at The Shop, which is what Birkhoff calls the company Heidecker was working for. They open the laptop and see Heidecker again, who tells them that he wants Division to retrieve an object and deliver it to them.

In return they will perform Michael’s surgery. Ryan, Alex and Sean figure out that someone was trying to take down the servers with the trackers. Ryan concludes that it’s a mutiny and a group of people from within Division want to escape and not be found after they were recently told about Danforth’s plans. Ryan says this has to be nipped at the bud, or the SEALS will be sent in to take down Division. The rebels meantime are brainstorming, how they can take down the trackers, so they can be free.

Nikita tells Ryan that The Shop wants them to infiltrate a lab in China and steal something called Prions, which is a protein based chemical, that would in the future be used to cure everything from common cold to cancer. Ryan feels they should move ahead with this mission although Birkhoff is reluctant. Michael, Nikita and an Asian Division agent arrive at the facility in China and do their thing. Things don’t go smoothly and they are forced to make a run for it after stealing what they came for. Jason, the Asian agent, gets shot, but they somehow escape with an injured Jason in tow. They return to Division, but Jason doesn’t make it, which leads to more agents joining the rebels.

Heidecker tells the team to deliver the Prions to the 14th floor of the Bremmer Building in N.Y. in the night and says Michael’s hand will be attached right then and there. Sean and Alex are still trying to find out, who the rebels are, when Nikita arrives and tells them to hurry up. Alex assumes the rebels will be severely punished after they are found, but Nikita says they will be marched in front of everyone and forgiven because they are not the old Division anymore. In the night, Michael and Nikita make it to the 14th floor of the Bremmer Building and see that everything has been readied for Michael’s surgery.

Nikita is told to leave by virtual Heidecker, who tells her she will be signaled after the surgery is complete, which is when she will have to deliver the Prions. Before the surgery begins, Nikita is told to administer the anesthetic. At Division, Sean and team find out, who one of the rebels is. At the Bremmer Building, the machine performing the surgery stops and Heidecker tells Nikita to deliver the Prions to a car parked outside the building, after which the surgery will be completed. She sees the elevator isn’t working, so tries to use the stairs, but sees armed Chinese agents climbing up the stairs. They see her and begin shooting, so she goes back in and locks the door behind her.

The agents eventually break in and she is forced to fight them. She gets the better of them and rushes downstairs to deliver the Prions. She places the case containing the Prions in a limo that appears to remotely controlled. After she has done that, the limo drives away on its own. She returns to the 14th floor and sees that Michael is awake. They are both amazed to see that Michael’s hand is fully restored. At Division, while questioning Rachel, the rebel who was caught, Ryan figures out that Alex is the rebel leader. Alex, who is also there, admits this and argues that she wanted to look out for the agents because he and Nikita would have gotten them all killed.

Ryan tries to reason with her, but she pulls a gun on him. Ryan orders her to hand over the gun and as he proceeds to take it, Alex shoots him and he collapses to the ground. Alex seems to be totally out of her mind and tells Rachel she needs to take the fall for this shooting, so she (Alex) can free the others. Rachel agrees and takes the gun from her. Alex tells Rachel to hit her in the face, so it looks like she snatched the gun from her. Nikita and Michael return and see that Ryan is in a coma. Alex, who is by his bedside, lies that Ryan got shot while trying to save her from Rachel’s bullet.

Elsewhere, Dr. Huang, the head of the Chinese lab, is meeting with a man from The Shop. Turns out, Huang is the one, who asked The Shop to steal the Prion and make it look like Americans did it. He isn’t happy that Chinese agents are dead and tells the guy from The Shop that there weren’t supposed to be any killings. The man says it was collateral damage. Huang seems interested in Division and the guy tells him that they are making good progress as far as building relations with Division is concerned. At Division, Nikita breaks down and tells an unconscious Ryan, how sorry she is for not being there to protect him. The episode ends at this point.