Masks - Recap

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The episode begins with Nikita and Michael questioning Rachel about who she is working for. Rachel is refusing to say anything and Sean tells Alex that Nikita probably needs to use some enhanced measures to make her talk. Alex doesn’t think that’s a good idea because Rachel is one of them. While they are debating this issue, the team gets info that Danforth is dead. The official version is that Danforth collapsed in a restaurant after a brain aneurism, but the team feels there is more to it than meets the eye. They all conclude that this is Amanda’s doing.

Owen, who was tailing Danforth and is presently at the scene, tells Michael that he did not notice anything out of the ordinary and that Danforth was at the same place, where he has lunch every day. Michael tells Owen to clean Danforth’s place of any surveillance they had set up there, so there are no clues left of his links with Division. Nikita suggests Michael take charge of Division until Ryan is conscious and adds that they should tell the President the truth about Ryan. At Danforth’s, Owen grabs Danforth’s computer cabinet and something on the back of the cabinet pierces his palm. He barely manages to tell Michael over the com that he is in trouble and then collapses to the ground apparently paralyzed.

While he is lying on the ground unable to move, Amanda arrives with one of her men and some device in hand. She attaches the device to his head and it triggers memories from his past, when he went by the name Sam and was in the army. He passes out. Soon after, he is woken up by Nikita. Owen looks a little lost, so Nikita briefs him about what he is exactly doing at Danforth’s. While she is at it, Owen surprises her by saying his name is Sam Matthews and he even recalls the name of the army unit he was in. At Division, the doctor informs Nikita that Owen had a concussion and it appears that certain parts of his brain have been rewired, which is triggering the memories.

After Owen confirms that he wasn’t attacked by anyone at Danforth’s and must have had the concussion because of the fall, he tells Nikita that things from his past are coming back to him in flashes. But, he still doesn’t remember why Amanda wiped his memory in the first place. Elsewhere in Division, Alex is secretly meeting the rebels, who are concerned about the trackers because only Birkhoff has access to the software that can take them down. Alex assures them she will handle Birkhoff and take down the trackers. After Owen recalls the name of his unit members and how he killed them all because he found them smuggling heroin, Birkhoff finds out that Scott Atkins, a unit member who sided with Owen, is still alive.

Atkins has been discharged and is presently living in Baltimore, so Nikita and Owen decide to pay him a visit. Alex talks to Birkhoff in private and is about to convince him to take down the trackers, so those who want to leave can do so without fear, when Sean arrives. She knows Sean is loyal to Nikita, so she walks out without revealing anything to him. In Baltimore, Owen and Nikita arrive at Atkins’ apartment. Atkins is terrified on seeing him because he feels Owen will kill him. Nikita tries calming Atkins down, saying Owen has changed, but he shocks her by shooting Atkins in the head. He then punches Nikita in the face rendering her unconscious.

After she comes back to her senses, Nikita finds herself tied to a table in Atkins’ apartment. Owen on seeing she is awake reveals to her that he wasn’t actually trying to stop his team from smuggling heroin, he was their ringleader. He killed them all because they were trying to cut him out. Atkins was also a part of the team, but he got away, so he needed to finish the job and thanks Nikita for helping him find Atkins. Amanda, who knew Owen would be there, calls Atkins’ apartment to talk to Owen. He says that he wants to meet her and tells her the time and place.

Nikita tries to reason with him, saying she is sure there is some good left in him, but Owen tells her that this is the person he really is, which Nikita refuses to believe. Owen is done debating, so before leaving he knocks out Nikita, by injecting her with some medication. At Division, Michael is still trying to convince Rachel into giving him the names of her associates. While in another part of Division, Alex is arguing with one of the rebels about, what their next course of action should be. Owen arrives at the meeting place, where he finds Amanda waiting for him. Owen is hoping for a large sum of money in return for him handing over Nikita to her, but when she hands him only $50,000 he is agitated.

He is about to kill her, when she tells him that he could lay his hands on the black box, which would be worth a lot of money to some people. She says he has a small window of time to acquire the box because people in Division still think he is the old Owen. She even offers to help him sell the black box, saying she knows people, who would want to buy it. The suggestion appeals to Owen, so he hands over Nikita, who is lying unconscious in the trunk of his car, to Amanda.

He then calls Michael from Atkins’ apartment and lies to him that Nikita has been kidnapped by Amanda. After informing Alex that she is in charge, Michael leaves with a team to rescue Nikita. At Amanda’s new lair, she reveals to a restrained Nikita, how she messed with Alex’s brain just like Owen’s, to turn Alex against Division. She reveals that Larissa, the girl Alex was trying to save, was a figment of Alex’s imagination. Amanda created Larissa, so Alex would feel guilty about not being able to save her and would look to blame someone for it. Alex did just that, when she ended up blaming Nikita just like Amanda wanted.

While she is busy telling Nikita all this, Alex, who Michael has left in change, gains access to Birkhoff’s computer after sending him away on some pretense and takes down the trackers. Sean, who is standing nearby, suspects that Alex is up to something. After returning to Division, Owen learns from Birkhoff that the black box is in Ryan’s safe, which has a biometric lock. Owen sneaks into Ryan’s room and using a device, scans his fingerprint, so he can use it to open the safe. After Sean hears Birkhoff complaining, how someone has messed with his computer, Sean, who had seen Alex working on it earlier, confronts her in the server room, just as she is about to meet the rebels.

He gets her to confess that she is heading the mutiny and she argues that she is doing the right thing. Their conversation is interrupted, when the rebels, who were hiding there, come out and surround them with guns in hand. Alex and Sean both manage to convince the rebels that Sean is ready to join their cause and Rachel, who has also been freed much to Alex’s surprise, suggests that they make their move in the night. Alex feels it’s too soon, but Rachel and the other rebels are adamant. After stealing the black box, Owen makes for the door when Michael confronts him. Michael knows what Owen is up to and the two begin brawling.

While they are at it, the rebels arrive, inform Michael that he is no longer in charge, and drag him away. Owen says that he is on their side, but they still don’t allow him to leave, saying no one leaves until their mission is complete. Division is taken over by the armed rebels and Rachel informs everyone that those, who are against them, will be killed. Owen calls Amanda and informs her about all this. Amanda makes Nikita hear Owen’s call and Nikita is stunned on hearing what’s happening at Division. The episode ends at this point.