Broken Home - Recap

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The episode begins and Michael, while being put in a cell by the rebels, is told that Alex is the one who started the mutiny. In the ops room, the rebels are handing out all the Division employees their new identities, while Birkhoff is being forced to transfer money into each of the bank accounts made in their new names. Alex is overseeing the whole thing and Amanda’s experiment on her brain is still determining her actions. So when she is told by Sean that all the rouge agents will be hunted down by the government, she using her warped logic comes to the conclusion that Shadownet needs to be destroyed. She feels it’s too powerful and if it’s destroyed, no one will be able to track the agents.

Rachel agrees with her logic and orders that Birkhoff be taken to the sever room for this purpose. At Amanda’s lair, she tells Nikita, how beautifully her experiment on Alex has worked and now thanks to that, Division is on the verge of being torn apart. At Division, in the server room, Birkhoff manages to get the better of the two rebels escorting him. After he is done with them, he uses Shadownet to stop the money transfers. Elsewhere is Division, Owen is still trying to figure out a way to get out with the black box. Amanda over the phone tells him that he can activate an emergency door from the server room. After hanging up, Amanda goes back to experimenting on Nikita’s brain. Nikita is lying on a chair heavily drugged and is barely in her senses.

Before Nikita passes out, Amanda shows her the photo of Maj. Matthew Collins and his teenage daughter and says it’s from 1987. Nikita then wakes up and finds herself in someone’s bedroom. She looks in the mirror and the reflection is of Maj. Collins’ teenage daughter. Collins comes to room after a while and says he has brought dinner. He asks Amanda, his daughter, to set the table and goes downstairs. Nikita again looks in the mirror and the realization dawns upon her that she is Amanda. Back in the real world, Amanda tells Nikita that she wanted to know what made her, so today she is showing her. Amanda tells Nikita that whatever she is seeing now is just a framework, which she (Amanda) is providing, but how the whole things ends is up to Nikita. She says Nikita will have to make her own choices to shape the things in this dream world, where she is Amanda.

She reveals that she carried out the same experiment on Alex, but the only difference was that Alex didn’t know she was being experimented on, while Nikita does. Amanda feels that it is only through this experiment that Nikita will realize that some people can’t be saved. Nikita/Amanda hears someone yelling from the basement. She rushes there and sees that Collins has kept his other daughter locked up in a room in the basement. It looks like he is running experiments on her. Nikita/Amanda offers to help her, but her sister angrily pushes her out of the room. At Division, Alex and the rebels aren’t too pleased to learn that Birkhoff has escaped somewhere from the server room. Rachel orders the rebels to find him and take him down; on hearing this Alex is worried.

She tells Owen, who was lurking around the server room, to find Birkhoff before the rebels do. Owen agrees because he knows Birkhoff can hack a server and get a door open. In the cell, Michael and Sean figure out what Amanda’s plan is and conclude they have to somehow get out. Alex they feel is the key to their freedom, so they ask to talk to her. At the lair, Amanda tells Nikita that Collins was commissioned by the army to find a cure for PTSD. He couldn’t find any test subjects for his experiments, so he began conducting the experiments on Amanda’s twin sister. In the dream world, Nikita/Amanda tries to stop her father from experimenting on Helen, her twin sister, but he reprimands her and asks her to not interfere, saying these experiments are really important.

At Division, Sean and Michael tell Alex about the stolen black box, which contains names and details of all the Division agents. Elsewhere in Division, after finding Birkhoff, Owen points a gun at him, takes him to one of the servers and tells him to hack it, so he can escape. Instead of opening just one door, Birkhoff’s hack opens all the doors in Division, including the one to Michael and Sean’s cell. They immediately overpower Alex, take her hostage and quickly escape. In the dream world, Collins reasons with Nikita/Amanda, saying she is a bright girl and can help in his experiments by being his assistant. Nikita/Amanda assumes this is when everything started and it is because she chose her father over her sister that Amanda became, who she is today.

Nikita/Amanda decides to choose a different path. At Division, Sean and Michael come face to face with Owen, but can’t shoot him because he is the only one, who knows where Nikita is. While they are dealing with Owen, Alex escapes. In the dream world, while their father is at work, Nikita/Amanda urges Helen to run away with her, but she refuses, saying he will find them and then punish her. Helen says she is tired of leading such a life and wants the pain and the suffering to stop, so she urges Nikita/Amanda to kill her. Nikita assumes that Amanda killed her sister, but she refuses to do so. Amanda tells her that her father’s experiments never succeeded, so if she doesn’t kill Helen, she will have to see Helen suffer all her life.

At Division, Birkhoff helps Michael escape the facility, so Michael can rescue Nikita. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Owen too manages to escape. Soon after, Birkhoff and Sean are captured by the rebels and brought to Rachel. She is about to shoot Birkhoff, when Alex stops her hand, which leads to a huge fight. In the end, Rachel is shot down by Alex and bunch of other rebels are also killed. Birkhoff yells everyone to stop and says anyone who wants to go, is free to leave. In the dream world, Nikita/ Amanda helps Helen escape and just as they about to walk out, their father arrives and stops them. He orders Helen to go to her room and throws Nikita/Amanda to the ground, when she tries to intervene. While he is dealing with Nikita/Amanda, Helen returns knife in hand and slashes her father’s throat.

After he collapses to the ground, Helen stabs Nikita/Amanda in the stomach, saying she let her suffer all these years, so she too deserves to die. While Nikita/Amanda is gasping for breath, Helen tells her with an evil smile that from now she is going to be Amanda. Helen then sets the house on fire, while Nikita/Amanda helplessly looks on. Back in the real world, Amanda tells Nikita that despite she trying her best things turned out exactly the way they had years ago. Amanda says this should be a lesson for her that people can’t be saved. Nikita doesn’t agree and is more worried what Amanda did to her, while she was in the dream world. Amanda refuses to reveal anything and only says that she will know soon enough, which is when Owen arrives.

Michael arrives soon after gun in hand, so Owen and Amanda make a run for it leaving Nikita behind. At Division, Alex is distraught on learning Sean has been shot and might not survive. He passes away before she can get help. Michael and Nikita return and see Birkhoff standing near Sean’s body. Alex is nowhere around and Birkhoff tells the duo that she might have left with the other agents. The episode ends at this point.