Self-Destruct - Recap

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The episode begins with Nikita running through the halls of Division and arriving at Ryan’s room. Ryan is sitting up and now seems just fine. Ryan is taken around and is shocked to see the devastation in the ops room. He is told that the core systems are still fine and they would be able to get communications up in a few hours. He is also told about Sean’s death and Owen turning into the evil Sam, who now has the Black Box. She says that he is with Amanda as well. Nikita informs him about, how Alex was experimented on by Amanda, which why she did what she did. Overcome with guilt, resulting from the consequences of her actions, prompted Alex to take off with the others.

Elsewhere, Alex is shown walking through a deserted street, while reliving her memories of Sean. Under a bridge, she comes across a bunch of men dealing drugs and she apparently seems tempted to buy some narcotics from them. Eventually though, she walks away. At Division, Nikita tells the team that she is going out to find Alex and bring her back. On the streets, Alex gives into her temptation and buys some product from a dealer, standing in front of a house. He offers her an empty room in his house, where she could do her thing. She accepts his offer and goes into the house, where she sees crack heads, doing their thing all around the house. She enters the room she was told about and sees two guys sitting there.

She tries to leave, but sees the dealer, who followed her, blocking her path. He closes the door behind him. At Division, Sonya and Birkhoff have a heart to heart. Nikita arrives outside the house, where Alex is and sees people running out in panic. She goes in and sees the drug dealer lying on the floor with a bullet wound in his stomach. He recounts how Alex beat them up and then shot him in the stomach, saying she could take all the drugs and the money she wanted. She took from him, his phone and the list of all the other drug joints. At another drug joint, Alex arrives, beats everyone up and leaves after collecting all the money.

Before the drug dealer dies, he tells Nikita that Alex will eventually head for the HQ, which would be nothing short of a suicide mission. Nikita is worried on hearing this and rushes out. On the way out, she is accosted by two policemen. At Division, while Michael and Ryan and trying to figure out a way to get the Black Box back, Ryan gets a call from the President. She is oblivious to all that has happened and wants to discuss Division’s future with Ryan, now that Danforth is dead. At the drug joint, Nikita figures out that the two detectives, who have detained her, are dirty cops, who are on the payroll of the drug dealers. She overpowers them and asks one of them to take her to HQ, while pointing a gun at his face.

At Division, Ryan concludes that there is no way to get the place back on its feet, which is why he wants to blow up the place. He wants to do this, so the President and her men can’t find out, who survived and who didn’t. This he feels would help them all escape and the government will never look for them. Birkhoff agrees with Ryan’s idea, but Michael and Sonya still aren’t sure about it. Alex infiltrates the HQ, while Nikita arrives outside the HQ with the detective. After the detective tells Nikita about a secret entry into the HQ, she knocks him coconscious. Nikita makes it inside the HQ and sees a bunch of girls gathered in one room. Turns out, they were all being held captive there.

Alex freed them and promised she would help them get out of there no matter what. After promising them their freedom, just like Alex did, Nikita walks out to search for Alex. She concludes that the effects of Amanda’s experiments haven’t worn off, which is why Alex still might not be thinking straight. At Division, while Michael is trying to tell Birkhoff and Ryan, what a bad idea it would be to blow up the place, he gets a call from Nikita. She tells him where she is and what Alex has been up to. She says she needs his help in dealing with the situation. Before leaving to help Nikita, Michael warns Ryan and gang not to blow up anything until he is back.

While looking for Alex, Nikita flashes back to 6 yrs ago, when she wanted to go on a suicide mission, but Michael didn’t want her to. She then had a talk with Amanda about it and she was willing to let Nikita go, saying there is nothing anyone can do if she (Nikita) wants to kill herself. Nikita comes face to face with Alex, who is still under the influence of Amanda’s experiment. Nikita tells her everything that Amanda did to her, helping Alex slip out of the spell she was under. The duo then proceeds to deal with the men running HQ. While Nikita and Alex and busy beating up the men, the girls make a run for it. The girls manage to escape, but the duo is trapped inside the building because of the reinforcements that arrive.

The girls, who were hiding nearby, attack the reinforcements with sticks and stones, while they are busy firing at Nikita and Alex from outside the building. Michael arrives soon after and with his SUV, mows down a dealer, who was about to shoot Nikita. After the situation has been dealt with, Michael tells Nikita and Alex about Ryan’s plan, saying they have to hurry back or there might not be a Division left to go back to. At Division, Ryan bids the remaining Division agents, who are still there, a final goodbye, saying they did a good job of serving their country. After they leave, Ryan tells Birkhoff that he is planning to turn himself in after Division is destroyed. His plan is to tell the President that he was the only survivor, so he can inform her about the stolen Black Box.

Birkhoff and Sonya try to discourage him from doing this, saying he could be sent to jail, but Ryan is adamant. Michael and gang arrive at Division. He goes in, while Nikita and Alex have a talk. Nikita tells Alex that she has to deal with the demons of her past or someone like Amanda will again use her. She tells Alex that she is a survivor and will successfully deal with her issues, although Alex isn’t so sure herself.

Alex and Nikita then meet up with the rest of the gang. They have a talk about, what Ryan is planning to do. Nikita isn’t ready to leave, saying she lost the Black Box and getting it back is her responsibility. She reasons that they shouldn’t let Amanda get away, saying she doesn’t know if they will win, but she is ready to fight. The episode ends at this point.