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High-Value Target - Recap

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The episode begins with Owen, who has gone rouge, showing a man an old video. In the video Nikita is shown telling Michael how good it felt to kill a drug cartel boss. The cartel boss was the bother of the man watching the video. Leonardo Santos, the man watching the video, is the head of Brazilian intelligence. He wants to know, who the woman in the video is, but Owen tells him that to gain further information he will have to pay. He tells Santos about the black box, which has all the information that he needs. He hands Santos a bidding phone, saying whoever wins the auction will get the black box.

Owen says he will stay in touch with Santos via the phone. At Division, while Nikita and team are trying to locate Amanda’s whereabouts, Cyrus arrives. He tells them about the auction of the black box, saying it’s really very hush-hush and high profile. Elsewhere, Owen is handing bidding phones to everyone high profile person, who is interested in the black box. He is giving them a glimpse of what they can expect in order to get them interested. At Division, Cyrus tells Ryan and team that the auction is in Toronto at the G20 Summit this week. At this summit, leaders of the top 20 economic powers along with all their intelligence and security chiefs will be present. Michael comments that these are exactly the kind of people who would be interested in the black box. China and Russia are the main bidders.

Although, Germany, Turkey and Brazil are also on that list they aren’t serious contenders. Ryan feels they should pool in with one of the smaller bidders to get into the auction. Division doesn’t have any money to take part in the auction, so Alex offers her money from the Udinov trust. She feels she owes it to all of them to do this. While readying for their mission, Nikita tells Michael that she is sure there is still some good left in Owen. She believes Owen can be reformed, but Michael is skeptical. At a hotel in Toronto, Owen returns to his room and thanks Amanda, who he has chained to a bed, for helping him pick out the bidders. He says he will let her go once the auction is over. In the hotel lobby, while Nikita and Michael are about to approach Eron Gooler, the Turkish representative, they hear some yelling on the com. Ryan tells them that the SEALs have arrived at Division.

Over the com, Nikita tells the SEAL commander that they are on a mission to salvage the black box and can’t abort their mission. The commander isn’t aware of the black box, so Nikita asks him to call the President. She suggests he tell her that Amanda is about to sell and then see what the President says. While the commander does this, Michael decides to continue with the mission. Alex approaches Gooler, who already knows that she is Alexandra Udinov, the famous Russian heiress. She comes straight to the point, saying she would like to back his bid for the black box. He is initially reticent, but eventually she convinces him. While heading for the summit, the U.S President sees Nikita standing in the hotel lobby. She asks to talk to her alone, pretending she is an old acquaintance.

The President tells Nikita that SEAL commander Vasquez has briefed her about the situation. Nikita assures her that after the black box has been recovered she will never hear of Division again. The President agrees to Nikita’s terms, but also makes it clear that if she fails, her friends at Division will pay the price for it. At his hotel room, Owen is about to kill Amanda before leaving for the auction. She stops him, saying he will need her if anything goes wrong at the auction. Owen agrees and decides to hold off on the killing until after the auction. At the summit, Gooler looks at the bidding phone and tells Alex that the auction has started. Alex informs Nikita about this, saying Owen must be somewhere around.

Nikita deliberately exposes herself to Santos, the Brazilian Intelligence head, so Owen can be flushed out. She sees Owen at a distance. He too sees her and makes run for it. On his way out, Owen is accosted by Michael and Nikita. While they are dealing with Owen, Santos arrives there with his men. Owen escapes, while Michael and Nikita are busy taking down Santos and his men. Owen goes back into the summit hall and sends a text to all the bidders, saying the auction will be over in 15 minutes. Michael managed to flick Owen’s hotel room entry card, when he was roughing him up. Nikita feels it might help and asks Birkhoff to find out the room number the card is for.

At the summit hall, Alex walks up to Owen and tries to convince him to return the black box, saying she will give him $200M. He refuses, saying he is already receiving higher bids. Alex even tries to appeal to the good in him, but it doesn’t work. Birkhoff gives Nikita and Michael the room number and the duo heads to the room. Alex informs Ryan that the Germans won the bid, so they need to quickly do something. Cyrus can’t believe that the German won, when China and Russia had much more money riding on this. A bunch of Amanda’s men enter Owen’s room and rescue her, minutes before Nikita and Michael arrive there. Nikita informs Birkhoff about it. He with the help of a hacker friend begins tracking Amanda though traffic cams.

Meanwhile, Alex is spying on Yeager, the German, who has won the bid. After acquiring the box kept in the trunk of a car in the parking garage, Alex sees him shooting a couple of his own men and driving off. Alex pursues Yeager in another vehicle. Nikita figures out, Yeager was Amanda’s man and it wasn’t the Germans, but someone else, who actually bought the box. She calls Owen and after telling him everything, she taunts him by congratulating him for helping Amanda. At a pier, Amanda meets Yeager, who tells her how happy he is that she will be joining his organization. They wait for a chopper to arrive so they can fly out of there. At Division, Commander Vasquez calls the President and gives her the bad news.

She is livid and tells him that this needs to be contained the best way possible. The commander understands what she means, and turns around to order his men to kill everyone there. Before he can do so, Cyrus, Sonya and Birkhoff, who had foreseen this, activates a cloud smoke, which allows each one of them to escape unnoticed. The three of them along with Ryan enter a secure chamber and lock themselves in. They have 15 minutes until the SEALs mange to unlock the door. Ryan calls Nikita and informs her that the SEALs have been given a kill order, so the black box needs to be secured ASAP. At the pier, before Amanda can get into the chopper, Nikita and Michael arrive.

They begin shooting at Amanda and his men, so the chopper is forced to fly away. Amanda and Yeager escape in one vehicle, while her men keep firing at Michael and Nikita. Amanda calls her men and asks them to back off, saying that for her plan to work, she needs the duo alive. Next, the men get in their SUV and drive away much to the duo’s surprise. Amanda doesn’t get too far because Owen with his vehicle blocks her path. He gets out and shoots down Yeager. Amanda pushes Yeager out of the car and quickly drives away. Owen walks up to Yeager and sees the black box lying on the ground beside his dead body. He destroys the black box by shooting it and quickly drives away, on seeing Michael and Nikita arrive.

Ryan is informed about the destroyed black box and Birkhoff ensures that the President knows about this. The President is relieved on seeing a pic of the destroyed black box on her cell phone. She calls off the SEALs just as they are about to kill Ryan and the others. Later, while they are celebrating being alive, the gang learns from Cyrus that Amanda is now working for Belfair Systems, which is another name for “The Shop”. They are all worried by this revelation and wonder what The Shop wants from Amanda. The episode ends at this point.