Invisible Hand - Recap

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The scene opens with Nikita walking up to a car. She gets in and talks to Henry on the screen. He asks why she is desperate to find out who the man with Amanda was. He says that he is sorry. A gun is put to Henry’s head and Henry is killed. The man, who was with Amanda, sits down and introduces himself as Smith. The car is locked and remotely driven towards another cluster of cars. Nikita escapes just in time. Nikita goes to Division and tells Michael about Smith. He tells Nikita that they are done and it doesn’t matter that Amanda is still out there. Nikita is not happy and says that Amanda will keep coming unless she stops her. Michael realizes that Nikita just wants another mission. Birkhoff comes in and says that he is done taking the car apart to try to get a lead on The Shop.

At the Cobalt River Facility in Michigan, Amanda sees that the doctor is continuing his work. She tells the leader of The Shop that she will deal with Nikita on her terms when he warns her about the threat. He tells Amanda that they live in secret for a reason. Birkhoff continues to try to find something and Sonya says that they are doing this because Nikita wants them to. They find the encrypted piece and plug it into the system. Birkhoff hacks in and they listen in on Smith talking to The Shop. Smith is told to forget about Nikita and to concentrate on meeting Miriam Hasan. Sonya says that Hasan is a Nobel Peace Prize winner who is going to be arriving in New York. Nikita and Michael find out that The Shop tests on human subjects they are planning to kill Hasan for cutting off their supply of humans. Nikita says that she is going to stop Smith. Birkhoff says that he thought they were done with missions, and Nikita says that this is the last one.

At the Qalhata Outreach Shelter in New York, Hasan comes out and is welcomed by the crowd. She says that they need to continue what they are doing. Michael greets Alex and he thanks her for the huge donation she made to Hasan’s cause in order to get them close to her. Hasan sees Alex and thanks her. She offers Alex a spot in the United Nations and she is honored. Smith comes up and stabs Hasan in the shoulder. Nikita chases him and they fight in an alley. Nikita gets the upper hand and kills Smith. Nikita sees that Smith got a text from Amanda. At Division, Birkhoff says that it came from the Cobalt River Facility and finds the location. Nikita says that she is going. Michael comes in and says that she isn’t going alone. Birkhoff tells Michael that he will look out for them.

Alex talks to Sonya and she tells her that Alex has a life to go back to. Sonya tells her to find out more. Birkhoff yells at Sonya for not having full signal on the satellite. However, he is just upset that he doesn’t know where they go after Division is gone. Sonya kisses him and tells him that they are going to be together. Nikita and Michael arrive at the facility and Birkhoff tells them to stay still because there are sensors everywhere. They manage to avoid them and gain access to the facility. Nikita sees the doctor operating and before they can go in, the doctor activates the turret and it shoots at Nikita and Michael. Birkhoff and Sonya manage to disable it.

They get the doctor, but they are unable to save the patient. The turret starts up again and Birkhoff and Sonya barely get Nikita and Michael out alive with the doctor. Back at Division, Sonya takes the bullet out of Michael’s shoulder and Nikita sits down with the doctor and finds out his name is Dr. Lauren Tultcher. Nikita asks why his people wanted to kill Hasan. Tultcher says that he doesn’t know who Amanda is. Nikita injects Tultcher with the chemical that he injected the patient with. Tultcher begs for the antidote and tells Nikita that Amanda wants to kill a high profile target. Before he can say more, a signal is sent to Division and Tultcher dies.

In a containment room, Birkhoff confirms Tultcher’s information and wonders how Amanda knew that Tultcher was with them. Nikita says that there could be an implant. Birkhoff finds it and says that it is a communication system. Nikita says that Hasan was injected with the chemical when Smith stabbed her. Alex goes up to Hasan and tells her that she admires her because she is not scared. Back in Division, Sonya says that Hasan is going to give a speech. Birkhoff tracks Amanda to a place and Nikita tells Michael to go to Hasan while she goes to Amanda. Michael says that he will be in contact with her the entire time.

Hasan asks Alex if she would like to stay and she says that she would like to hear about the United Nations position. She says that she will keep in contact. Birkhoff tells Nikita that the place is clean, but loses her signal. Nikita continues down the underground place where Amanda is and Amanda comes up behind her. Amanda tells Nikita that she is glad she could make it. Amanda tells her that her target is Nikita. Amanda says that she fired her shot weeks ago and tells her that the chemical that killed Tultcher was injected into Michael when he got the hand replacement. She tells her that there is a trigger for Michael and says that the one dose they have of the antidote is being used right now on Hasan.

Alex watches as Hasan greets the crowd. Michael arrives and gives the antidote to Alex. He yells that someone has a gun and Alex injects Hasan. Amanda tells Nikita that she has one final assassination. Amanda says that Nikita needs to kill Kathleen Spencer, the President of the United States. Amanda says that the group needs her dead and she has 24 hours to do it. Amanda injects Nikita with the implant so that she can hear everything. At Division, Birkhoff realizes that The Shop is more than just a United States organization. The system shuts down and Birkhoff says that they kicked them out of their system. Nikita gets back and Birkhoff asks why she didn’t call in. Nikita says that she wanted to just get back. She asks where Michael is and he says that he is in medical.

Alex asks Nikita what happened and Nikita lies and says that the location was empty and that Amanda was gone. Alex says that they will get her. Alex is happy that they saved Hasan. Nikita kisses Michael and tells him that she wants to get married and that he can check on the tickets. He leaves and Nikita looks at Michael’s blood with the microscope. She confirms that Michael has the chemical in his blood and that she has no choice but to go through with the mission. She goes to the armory and puts a silencer on a gun. The episode ends.