Til Death Do Us Part - Recap

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The episode begins with a view of the White House; the sound of a shot being fired is heard. Nikita is shown standing in the Oval office with a baffled expression, while the President is slumped on her desk in a pool of blood. There is a gun lying nearby. At Division twelve hours earlier, Ryan arrives from Washington and tells Nikita that they should all have pardons from the President by the week’s end. Nikita is skeptical about the President’s intention, which Ryan finds odd. Nikita is about to tell him the reason why, but via a com, which Ryan isn’t aware of, Amanda warns Nikita to not tell Ryan anything.

She tells Nikita that the nano-toxins in Michael’s blood will be activated, if she (Nikita) revels anything. At the ops room in Division, Birkhoff tells Michael that when Nikita went down the aqueduct, her com signals were jammed for a long time. He says that the signature of the jamming signals is similar to ones Amanda has used in the past. Michael reminds Birkhoff that Nikita had told them no one was there in the aqueduct. Birkhoff counters that Nikita might be lying and this could be Alex all over again. Michael looks worried because he too now believes that Amanda might have done something to Nikita like she did to Alex. Over the com, Amanda tells Nikita that she better kill the President soon, if she wants to save Michael. Birkhoff learns that Nikita has activated the car lift and is on her way out.

He tells Michael about it. Michael rushes to stop Nikita. He tells Nikita to stop, saying Amanda is messing with her head. Nikita tells him that there is lot she wants to tell him, but doesn’t have the time. She points a gun at him and leaves on a bike. The team tries to figure out, why Nikita is behaving the why she is. They all feel that there is more to the whole thing that Amanda manipulating her mind. At a diner in Georgetown, Nikita arrives and runs into the President’s special aide, Janet Malcolm, who recognizes her as Susan, the President’s student, who she had met at the convention in Geneva. Nikita convinces Janet to get her on the President’s calendar; today. She does this by revealing to Janet a gun she is carrying in her purse. At division, the team figures out that Amanda has placed a bug inside Nikita, which is why she was reluctant to reveal anything.

Michael asks Birkhoff to track the signal of the com Amanda has placed in Nikita, so they can communicate with her. After Nikita threatens Janet, saying she will hurt her family, if she doesn’t do as is told, Janet makes a call and puts Nikita on the President’s schedule for today. From the clues Nikita has given him, Ryan figures out that Nikita is on mission to try and kill the President. After Birkhoff jams the com signal of the bug Amanda has placed in Nikita, Alex and Michael, who has found Nikita, have a talk with her. She tells them why she has to kill the President. She says that Amanda won’t give her the antidote for the nano toxin in his new hand, if she doesn’t kill the President. Michael says he would rather die than let Nikita go through with this.

Alex tells the duo there might be a way to take the nano toxin out of play. She mentions the name of the scientist name Kang, saying he knows a lot about the technology the Shop uses, and might be able to help them find the antidote. Alex suggests Nikita stay on course as far as the mission is concerned, so Amanda doesn’t suspect anything, while she (Alex) and Michael will go find the antidote. Nikita likes the idea and agrees. Alex and Michael arrive at the lab where Kang works and tell him that they are from the CIA. After he is briefed about everything, Kang says he can counter the nano toxin in Michael’s body. Nikita arrives at the White House via the secret tunnel and is placed under arrest by the secret service. She tells the agents that she has some important info, which is for the President’s ears only. The guys at the Shop learn that Kang is planning to help Michael, so the hidden nano toxin in his body is activated and he is killed.

At the White House, a secret service agent, who works for the Shop, hands Nikita a gun and says he, will take her to the Oval office. Nikita is lead into the Oval office, while Michael asks Birkhoff to patch him, just for a few seconds, into Nikita’s com. Birkhoff warns him that Amanda might find out about this, but Michael is insistent. While she is talking to the President, Michael over the com lies to Nikita that he has the antidote, so she can abort the mission. Nikita is relieved on hearing this. Nikita then tells the President that there are people who are trying to kill her. Nikita places the gun she was given on a desk and tells the President, who gave her the gun.

The President looks at Nikita with a stunned expression for a few moments. She then picks up the gun and shoots herself in the head. Nikita is too stunned for words, while the secret service agents enter the room and pin Nikita to the ground, saying “Eagle is down”. Amanda is pleased on hearing this. At Division, the team learns that the President is dead. Ryan wonders how they can get out of this mess. Alex recalls Kang saying that if the host body dies, so do the nano cells. The plan therefore is to kill Michael long enough to kill the nano cells and then again revive him. The team jumps into action. Michael’s heart would be stopped for 20 minutes, which is how long it would take to kill the nano cells. In the White House tunnel, while Nikita is being escorted to a secure location by a bunch of security guys, the agent who handed her the gun arrives, and shoots down the other agents.

He is about to kill Nikita, when she overpowers him, kills him and makes a run for it. Amanda realizes her plan is going awry, so she orders the nano toxin be activated. Awhile later, she is told the nano toxins couldn’t be activated, so she orders that her men go to Division and destroy everything. At Division, the 20 minutes are up and while Alex is trying to revive Michael, Birkhoff tells everyone that Amanda’s men have breached the facility perimeter. Birkhoff scans their faces and figures out that the men that have been sent are the rest of dirty 30s. Alex, Birkhoff and Ryan fight the dirty 30s, while Sonya tries to revive Michael. Eventually, when the trio runs out of ammo and are about to be killed, Nikita arrives and saves the day.

She then rushes to where Michael is. She then tries reviving him, while the rest of the team looks on, with tears in their eyes. In the end, Michael wakes up much to everyone’s relief. Later, the team blows Division to bits and drives away. Later, the team promises Nikita, who is being accused of killing the President, that they will help clear her name. It is then shown that the real President is being held hostage by the Shop.

At a safe house somewhere, the team is brainstorming about how they can clear Nikita’s name, when Michael realizes Nikita isn’t there. He realizes that Nikita has left to deal with the situation by herself. He tries calling her, but she doesn’t pick up. He also sees that she has left behind their engagement ring on a window ledge. Nikita is driving to some place with tears in her eyes. The episode ends at this point.