No Ordinary Love - Recap

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Dr. King arrives at his facility as they bring in a patient, Lucas Winnick, who is dying of lymphoma. King agrees that they should treat him, but wants someone new to give the injection.

At the Powell home, Katie is visiting to play Charades and ease the pain of her recent breakup. Jim is less than thrilled, but Stephanie says that they have to help their friend. George calls to say that he’s picked up a report of a theft at a nearby drug store. Jim leaps into action and cuts off the robber, Jonah Stephens, who tries to run him over. The car smashes up against Jim, who knocks Stephens out and flees before the police can get there.

The next day, Jim and George review the film of the robbery. George insists it’s a slam-dunk case, but Jim notes that Stephens is a family man with no criminal record. His friend isn’t convinced and tells Jim to let him do his job. A woman, Sophie Alder, arrives and asks to discuss the Stephens case with George. She claims that Stephens is falsely accused and wants to talk to George privately. She emits pheromones into George’s face as she approaches him, and he smiles.

King shows Stephanie the file on Winnick and says that he’s beyond normal medicine, and that he’s a petty criminal who doesn’t deserve to die. He suggests that Stephanie administer the trilsettum and help them minimize the side effects. When King asks if she’s having second thoughts, Stephanie insists that she’ll go through with it.

Chris arrives late at school because of his father, and the teacher stops him and Daphne at the classroom door. She gives Chris a week of detention, despite the fact it will cost him his job. Daphne uses her abilities and convinces her to give Chris a second chance, and the teacher does it.

George arrives at the lair and asks Jim for fashion tips. He explains that he’s going out on a date with his new girlfriend, and he didn’t have enough evidence to make the case against Stephens. Jim is surprised but George insists that the video was too poor a quality to make the case. He goes to meet Sophie at her apartment, and she emits more pheromone as she tells him that there’s something she needs George to do for her.

A little later, George goes to the store and tries to buy all of the cough syrup. When the clerk refuses, George draws a gun on her.

Jim is playing solitaire on the lair computer when he hears a report of another theft at the same pharmacy. He jumps there and talks to the clerk, who provides a description for Jim to sketch. The next day, Jim shows George the sketch and notes that it looks like George. George dismisses his concerns and says he has a perfect alibi: he was with Sophie. He invites Stephanie and Jim to join them on a date that night.

After school, Chris asks how she persuaded the teacher to get him out of detention, and notes she did the same thing against the mugger a few weeks. He’s been talking to his father, who claimed that Jim and Stephanie had superpowers. Daphne uses her power to get him to drop the matter and go to lunch with her. Later she tells JJ what happened, and he says that she did the right thing to protect their family. However, JJ points out that she made Chris stop asking questions, but she didn’t make the suspicions go away. However, he figures that Daphne can just do it again if she needs to.

As they prepare for their double date, Stephanie tells Jim that she’s going to inject Winnick with the trilsettum, and ignores his objections. They meet Sophie and George at a restaurant, and George announces that it’s their day-iversary. Jim soon notes that George is doing everything that Sophie says and eating what she likes, even when he has an allergy. He pulls George off in private and warns that things are going too fast, but George takes offense and accuses Jim of jealousy. He leaves with Sophie and explains to her that Jim is trying to be a real cop. Sophie says she understands goes back to apologize. Jim is complaining to Stephanie when Sophie comes back, suggests they get together again, and kisses Jim on the cheek while blowing pheromones in her face. Back at home, Jim takes off his wedding ring and defends Sophie when Stephanie complains about her. She points out that he didn’t trust her an hour ago, but Jim insists that he bonded with Sophie, and describes her as the most beautiful woman in the world.

At school the next day, Chris approaches Daphne and says that he’s suspicious of the Powells. She tells him to drop it and he does... for a little while. Daphne has to keep stopping him over and over.

Jim goes to Sophie’s apartment with flowers and says that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. George arrives and the two men fight over Sophie, and Jim shoves George into a wall. Sophie sees the whole thing and realizes that Jim is special. She tells him that she can use a man who can do amazing things, and asks him if he knows what MREs are. Sophie then tells Jim to get for boxes of the heating elements the Army uses to cook them. Jim breaks into the nearby military base, knocks out a guard, and takes the heating elements.

Stephanie is preparing supper when she hears about the break-in at the news. Jim arrives and says he was busy all day, even when Stephanie notes that she called and he wasn’t at the precinct. Sophie calls, tells Jim to pretend that she’s George on the phone, and tells him to bring the boxes over. As he goes, he thinks “Sophie, here I come” and Daphne overhears him. She tells Stephanie what she sensed, and Stephanie goes after her husband.

Jim arrives at the apartment with the heating elements, and then goes out on the balcony to receive a kiss from her. Stephanie arrives in the parking lot and sees her husband kissing another woman. Later, she confronts him at home and warns that he’s abandoning her, but Jim doesn’t care. Stephanie packs up his belongings at superspeed and kicks him out.

Sophie meets with her employer, a woman known only as Mrs. X, and apologizes for not having completed the plan yet. Mrs. X warns her that King is getting sloppy and unleashing supers on the city, and Sophie insists that she’s found the perfect person to dispose of King.

Jim camps out at the lair and explains that he’s moving in with Sophie. George doesn’t remember her or the last couple of days, and is surprised when he learns that Jim is leaving Stephanie. He gets Jim to stay in the lair and goes to talk to Stephanie at the Powell home. JJ is the only one there, and informs George that he was planning to marry Sophie until Jim stepped in. The teenager concludes that Sophie is using pheromones to control men, and George goes to check out Sophie’s apartment. JJ insists on going with him.

At the facility, King asks Stephanie if she’s okay and offers her a shoulder to lean on whenever she wants. He then introduces Stephanie to Winnick and explains that she’ll administer the injection. The doctor leaves it to Stephanie to explain what happens afterward, and Stephanie lies and says that he’ll be fine.

JJ picks the lock on Sophie’s door and they break in. There’s a chemical lab and JJ examines it, and then tells George that it’s being used to make enough explosives to bring down a building.

Outside King’s facility, Sophie gives Jim a backpack and tells him to place it on the roof between two propane tanks. She kisses Jim and sends him on his way.

Stephanie hesitantly prepares the trilsettum injection for Winnick. King notices and asks if she’s okay, and Stephanie administers the injection. Winnick goes into convulsions and King assures Stephanie that it’s a normal reaction. As his people restrain the patient, he tells Stephanie that she’s done well. Stephanie runs out into the hallway to get some air, and George reaches her on her cell phone. He explains what they’ve discovered about Sophie and track Jim’s cell phone to the address of the facility.

Stephanie quickly finds Jim and tries to convince him to give up the bag. Sophie arrives and makes sure that Jim promises his love to her. He jumps to the roof of the building and Stephanie goes after him. Jim ignores her and places the bomb, and she reminds him of all the moments they’ve shared together and how they fit. Stephanie kisses him, breaking the spell... and the countdown clock on the bomb activates at 20 seconds. Jim throws the bomb in the air and then returns Stephanie’s kiss as the bomb fills the sky behind them.

Sophie meets Mrs. X on the street, and her superior notes that King’s facility is intact. She suggests that Sophie admit she made a mistake, and her agent apologizes. Mrs. X assures her that she’ll be calling on Sophie again and drives away. Sophie gets into her car and starts the engine... and a bomb goes off, killing her.

Chris meets Daphne at the Powell house and he suggests that the family has superpowers. Daphne finally admits that they do, and that she can hear and push thoughts. She figures that Chris will abandon her as a thief, but he’s happy that she trusted him with a big secret, the first one that somebody has ever trusted him with.

Stephanie returns to Winnick’s room and discovers that he’s been transferred. An orderly notes that Winnick wasn’t a petty criminal, but a four-time killer who was on death row.

Winnick comes to see King, who is impressed that he’s completely recovered. He asks the killer to demonstrate his powers, and Winnick causes claws to grow from his hands. Winnick asks King what he has to do in return, and King says he’ll call upon him as necessary. As Winnick leaves the building, Mrs. X pulls up next to him. She says that she knows all about him and wants to offer him a job since her last employee was terminated. Winnick considers her offer and then gets in the car with her.