No Ordinary Future - Recap

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Stephanie manages to stop herself on her own street and finds the city under martial law. She approaches the soldiers and FBI agents to demand answers, but none of them can perceive her. Frustrated, Stephanie goes into the house and finds Jim telling Daphne and JJ to get out the back and go to Katie's where Stephanie is waiting for them. As Jim goes outside to distract the soldiers, Stephanie is suddenly pulled backward into a glowing light. She finds herself on the street in front of her home. When she goes inside, Jim notes that she only left on her run a few minutes ago, He suggests she take it easy after receiving the trilsettum injection, and leaves for Detective Cordero's farewell party.

At the bar where Cordero's party is being held, Jim admits to George that he doesn't believe Stephanie is as well as she claims. Cordero jokingly surprises them and thanks Jim for all his help as a secret super-powered vigilante.

Daphne tells JJ that she read Litchfield's mind, and that he is in fear of his life if JJ doesn't solve the equations. Stephanie overhears them talking and tells JJ not to do any more work for Litchfield until she talks to him. As she glances around, Daphne notes that she's distracted and asks if she's all right. Stephanie says that she is and leaves.

Jim and George walk Cordero out to his car, and he admits he would rather have stayed at the precinct with them. As he gets in his car, gangers drive by and shoot him dead.

At the precinct house the next morning, George gets word that Cordero didn't make it, and they lost the shooters. Detectives O'Bannon and Rizzo are working the cases, and ask them if they have any theories. George figures it was a ganger hit, but O'Bannon says it may have been made to look that way. Cordero's wife Cordero comes over and mentions that her husband knew something was coming, and that he was worried about a trial he was working.

Chris catches up to Daphne at school and asks her to mind-push his boss into giving him a raise. When she objects, Chris insist that he's forcing him to work overtime without pay or lose his job, and that the boss deserves it. Daphne reluctantly gives in.

At the GlobalTech lab, Stephanie checks Katie's blood and confirms that there's no trace of trilsettum. She tells her assistant to see her ob-gyn, Dr. Klein, and assures her that she'll have a healthy baby. Stephanie then heads off for meeting with Litchfield at superspeed. She finds herself at an empty school, and George runs by her and goes to the lab. As before, she's unseen and unheard. George tells a bedraggled JJ and Daphne that they can come out from hiding and gives them food. He tells them that their parents will be okay, while FBI agents pull up. Agent Norris arrives at the door, and George pretends to be an FBI agent and says that the area is clear. However, JJ bumps a flask, alerting Norris and his man. George blocks the door and tells the kids to run. As Stephanie tries to intervene without success, she sees a calendar saying the day is March 31. She's pulled back into the light and returns to GlobalTech, confirms that it's March 28, and realizes that she's run into the future.

Mrs. X comes to see Victoria Morrow, who is recovering from her injuries. The CEO explains that the Watcher brought Victoria in and asked her to be treated, and she brought Victoria back from the dead. Victoria insists that the Watcher doesn't care for her anymore, but Mrs. X notes that he's the only reason she's alive. However, she wants Victoria to use her shapeshifting abilities to get close to Katie and find out everything she can about the pregnancy. When Victoria considers refusing, Mrs. X warns that she can easily eliminate her life.

Katie suggests that Stephanie may be hallucinating, but Stephanie confirms that it was the second time it happened. Stephanie explains that her family was being hunted, and admits that she hasn't told Jim yet to avoid worrying her. As Stephanie gets up, she starts to weaken and Katie warns that time travel could be harming her, and it always has consequences.

At the lair, Jim insists on finding Cordero's killer and comes up with the name of a ganger. Tyler Carr, an ADA and friend of George's, was handling the case. They go to see Carr, who says that Cordero had evidence he wanted to submit to him rather than the court.

Daphne talks to Chris' boss and then claims she couldn't use her powers on him. He realizes that she's lying and insists that his family needed the money, and angrily tells her to forget it.

Stephanie returns to the lab as Katie makes her appointment with Klein. She then shows Stephanie the test results that indicate her chromosomes are damaged, but Stephanie insists on superspeeding to the precinct to see what danger Jim will be in. When she arrives she discovers that Norris and his men have captured and sedated Jim, Daphne, and JJ, and is interrogating Stephanie's future self. Norris says that civil rights only apply to human beings, and demands to know what she is and whether they're worth more to the government dead or alive.

At the hospital, Katie arrives for her appointment with Dr. Klein. In the parking garage, Victoria ambushes Klein and then takes his form.

Stephanie explains to her family what she's seen and how. Jim is worried that she's injuring herself, and figures that the military couldn't have found out about them unless somebody spoke. They wonder about Litchfield, but JJ says that he's given no indication he knows about his hyper-intelligence. He gives away that Daphne told Chris, and Daphne insists that they can trust him. Her parents tell her to find Chris and determine if he's told anyone. George calls to warn Jim that someone has broken into Cordero's house. Jim meets him there and Marta explains that they were looking for something but didn't find it. She shows them Frank's hidden safe and George gets her away so that Jim can break it open. Inside are papers showing that Cordero was investigating dirty cops in the precinct.

Stephanie prepares to leave again, telling JJ she's going to jaunt into the future to see if King revealed their secret. She arrives at GlobalTech and finds Norris interrogating Katie. When Katie refuses to talk, Norris arrests her and she moans in pain and collapses to the floor. As Norris calls for a medic, Stephanie overhears a story on the news about how their secret was revealed on Tuesday at City Square at 5:07 p.m., and is then pulled back to the present and realizes that the incident will occur on the same day she's on in the past. She tries to call Jim without success, and then has JJ calculate the exact trajectory she needs to go to get to 5:07 p.m.

Jim and George check the files and figure that the gang bangers were paying off the dirty cops that Cordero was investigating. George leaves to prepare for his speech for Cordero's memorial, while Jim checks on the names in the file. O'Bannon comes by and asks to see Jim in private, and explains that Cordero vouched for Jim. The detective says that he has something on his dirty partner, Rizzo, and doesn't know who he can trust. He asks Jim to meet him later at a parking structure in 30 minutes so he can show him the evidence.

"Dr. Klein" checks Katie and asks about the father, and Katie confirms that the Watcher isn't with her anymore. The disguised Victoria confirms that the baby is healthy and then takes a sample of the amniotic future from a nervous Katie.

Jim goes to the parking structure and the gang bangers open fire on him before driving away. Jim easily survives and realizes that O'Bannon set him up.

JJ finishes his calculations and Stephanie assures him that she has no choice despite the risks. After she leaves, Daphne gets a call from Chris saying that his last tow is at City Square.

Stephanie arrives in the future at the precise time and place, and finds George giving Cordero's vigil speech. She sees Daphne meeting with Chris, and Jim searching the crowd. He spots a sniper in a nearby SUV, goes over, and flips it over. A cameraman gets it all on video, and Stephanie snaps back to the present. She tells JJ that they have to stop Jim from saving George's life. Jim returns home fifteen minutes before the critical moment, and Stephanie tells him what will happen. They're unable to raise George on his phone, and Jim insists on going to save his friend despite the risk.

At City Square, Chris assures Daphne that he wouldn't reveal her secret, and she accepts his word. As they hug, Jim arrives and searches the crowd. He spots the sniper, Rizzo, in a nearby SUV. Thanks to Stephanie's warning, he opens the door and punches the corrupt cop unconscious. O'Bannon radios to his partner to say that he'll take care of it himself, draws a gun, and approaches George. Jim tries to find him in the crowd but fails, so he calls and tells Daphne to use her powers to try and find O'Bannon so he can capture him. Daphne finds O'Bannon, but realizes that her father can't stop the detective without revealing their secret. She uses her own powers and mind-pushes O'Bannon into giving her his gun and walking away.

That night, Jim and Stephanie ask Daphne how she could have stopped O'Bannon, and their daughter explains that she's gained the ability to "push" minds. Stephanie focuses on the fact that their safe, and asks Daphne to wipe Chris' memories of their secret, just like the Watcher did to Daphne. Daphne objects, insisting that she trusts Chris, but her parents say she only has to alter the one memory.

The next day at school, Chris approaches Daphne at school and apologizes for asking her to mind-push his boss. She admits that she told him too much and uses her abilities to wipe the memory of the first time he thought she was different. When she's done, Chris recoils and dismisses her as the freaky girl from the school council. Daphne realizes that she wiped his memories of everything that happened between them. As he walks away, JJ comes over to tell her that Litchfield disappeared. Daphne tells him what happened and her brother hugs her.

Victoria reports to Mrs. X that Katie was pregnant and the trilsettum is fully integrated with the baby's DNA. Mrs. X tells Victoria to abduct the baby and raise it as its mother, and dispose of Katie once she gives birth.