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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Drama immediately surrounds the characters when Jason decides to work at the Grand Waimea. Jason finds out his ex girlfriend, Nicole, is working there as well. This puts a past lovers quarrel between the both of them but they try to show the owner they can be both professional. Meanwhile, Gabriel, the lifeguard, gets into some trouble about a sudden accusation with a young girl.
Guest Stars: Robert Kekaula as Sam | Andrew Levitas as Reese | Brian George (1) as Reja | Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Mrs. Farrell | Michael Ontkean as Gordan Matthews | Chris Taloa as Junior | Abby Royce as Beauty | Juliet Lighter as Hotel Employee | Shawna Erickson as Diana Kelly | Leighton Meester as Veronica Farrell | Brittany Daniel as Cari Layne | Mark Malalis as Kai
Director: Michael Dinner
Writer: Peter Elkoff

2 :01x02 - Tessa

The hotel gets a new employee by the name of Tessa Lewis. Jason decides to hire her after he sees her present situation with money. Tessa, on the other hand, decides to make a few plans of her own. Meanwhile, MJ and Chris seem to have issues with their relationship as well as Vincent having issues with a man at the hotel.
Guest Stars: Juliet Lighter as Hotel Employee | Melinda Benson as Rebecca | Janice Terukina as Celia | Fran├žois Chao as Satoshi Ohashi | Samantha Streets as Hannah | Paul Francis as Roy | Josh Henderson as Derek | Aaron Himelstein as Charlie | Robert Kekaula as Sam
Director: Patrick Norris
Writer: Liz Heldens
Songs: Eric Carmen -- All By Myself, Three Doors Down -- Away From the Sun, Lea Longo -- Forever Is a Big Mistake, Planet Asia -- It's All Big, New Found Glory -- It's Been A Summer, Grant Lee Philips -- Mona Lisa, Chris Murray -- One Everything, Nori Nori -- Prevail, Snow Patrol -- Spitting Games, Phoenix -- You Can't Blame It On Anybody

3 :01x03 - Surprise Party

Nicole has no idea that a huge party is about to be thrown in honor of her birthday. Mixed plans continue to unravel among the staff. Will Nicole like her surprise party?
Guest Stars: Spencer Garrett as David | Massimo Galluzzo as Piero | Stephen Quinn as Seve | Mia Korf as Maya | Jennifer Alden as Christy | Tom Parker as Carter
Songs: Kemp -- Bounce To This, The Shore -- Coming Down, Transplants -- Diamonds & Guns, Nori Nori -- Everytime I See Her, Yellow Card -- Inside Out, Jorge Jaramillo -- Pushing In My Brain, Chris Murray -- Rock Steady, Chris Murray -- Steady Beat Convention, Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe -- Sun Is Shining, Brendan Benson -- Tiny Sparks

4 :01x04 - Meteor Shower

Astronomers come to town because they want to see a 70 year meteor event at the hotel. Tessa decides to get involved with their plans. Meanwhile, Nicole's fiance arrives and this adds some tension with her and Jason. How will this situation play out?
Guest Stars: Melvin Puu as Local #2 | Kala Alexander as Local #1 | Kristin Alesna as Caroline | Matty Liu as Kai | Beau Garrett as Natalia | Patrick Fabian as Dr. Birtwhistle | Mary Mara as Mrs. Bevans | Michael Raymond-James as Damien Pruitt | Josh Hopkins as Morgan Holt | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Maximillian Alexander (1) as Kurt Bartley
Director: Craig Zisk
Songs: American Hi-Fi -- Another Perfect Day, Pepper -- Ashes, Jet -- Cold Hard Bitch, MXPX -- First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives, Kawiki Regidor -- Ho' Oipo Mai Oi', Kawiki Regidor -- Luv Luv, Steve Wilks -- Smiling, Less Than Jake -- The Silence of Selling Yourself Short, Smash Mouth -- You Are My Number One

5 :01x05 - My Boyfriend's Back

We learn more about Tessa's past when her ex boyfriend, Morgan, arrives at the hotel. He immediately wants Tessa to help him make a scam. This puts Tessa in an interesting situation to betray the hotel or keep away from him.
Guest Stars: Troy Ignacio as Kilika | Melinda Benson as Rebecca | Ben Wong as Detective | Ely Aina Rapoza as Henchman #1 | Valerie Seagrave as Secretary | Paul Francis as Roy | Brennan Elliott as David Saltzman | Chyler Leigh as Kate Spangler | Elena Lyons as Kendall | Jasmine Trias as Herself | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Josh Hopkins as Morgan Holt
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Dana Baratta
Songs: Paloalto -- Breathe In, Nada Surf -- Inside Of Love, Kawika Regidor -- Kai'Po Nohea, Keali'I Reichel -- Na' Ono O Ka' Aina, Dove -- Satellites, Ilue -- The Sabbath, Norm -- You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'

6 :01x06 - Secret Service

Tessa comes into contact with the Vice President's daughter at the hotel and they become close. They become close enough for Tessa to help her rid the Secret Service from consistently protecting her. We also meet a few celebrities who are arriving at the hotel, all of which keep Vincent on his toes.
Guest Stars: Michael Tierney as Vice President | Stefanie Smart as Female Agent | Leilani Bush as Stripper | R. Flash Hansen as Emcee | Rob Farrow as Guy in Shades | Susan King (1) as Woman | Dennis Rodman as Himself | Melissa Joan Hart as Herself | Rockmond Dunbar as Agent Fernley | Josh Hopkins as Morgan Holt | Ana Ortiz as Anna Green | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Ryan McPartlin as Agent | Kaylee Defer as Emily | Dylan Bruno as Trey Chase
Director: David Grossman
Writer: Jeff Rake
Songs: Crystal Method -- Born To Slow, Sloan -- False Alarm, Greyboy -- Genevieve, Dakona -- Good, Kawika Regidor -- Ho' Oipo Mai' Oe, Yellowcard -- Miles Apart, Jazzbow Allstars -- Mr. Funny Version, Who Da Funk -- Shiny Disco Balls, Kawika Regidor -- Take Your Clothes Off, The Shore -- Waiting For The Sun

7 :01x07 - More

Walter, Nicole's father, comes to the hotel with more than just a simple stay in mind. Tess befriends Nicole's dad in his underhanded attempt to try to overtake Vincent as the hotel owner. Meanwhile, Nicole notices that her ex boyfriend, Jason, is starting to attach himself more to Tess over her.
Guest Stars: David Bolt as Pete | Ryan Burke as Frat Buddy | Laura Allen as Monique | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Christopher McDonald as Walter Booth | Josh Hopkins as Morgan Holt
Director: Michael Fresco
Writer: Liz Heldens
Songs: Pepper -- Back Home, Freddy Mac -- Boom Ska, Reality -- Guava Jam, Blue Van -- Revelation Of Love, Tim Cullen -- Save The Day, Oasis -- Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Reality -- The Good Thing

8 :01x08 - Burned

Gabriel befriends a lovely young surfer he meets on the shore and has intentions of dating her. When he tries to get close to her he finds out a bit more about her than he originally expected. Meanwhile, Nicole gets stood up at her own wedding and this puts tension between Jason and her since he has been more involved with Tessa.
Guest Stars: Eric Lee as Fireman | Christian Bowman as Steve Willey | Matty Liu as Kai | Mark McGrath as Himself | Chris William Martin as Eli Manheim | Dylan Bruno as Trey Chase | Michael Ontkean as Gordan Matthews | Christopher McDonald as Walter Booth
Director: Kevin Hooks
Writer: Karyn Usher
Songs: Honestly -- All We Are, Phantom Planet -- Big Brat, Dopo Yume -- Body & Soul, Chris Murray -- Boogie, Catie Curtis -- Cross Over To Me, The Shore -- Different Ways, Shawn Berry -- No Trouble, The Pattern -- Nothing Of Value, Denny Porter -- Thinking Out Loud, Frank Leto -- Walls Can Tumble, Adam T -- Whatever Comes

9 :01x09 - Ties That Bind

Walter starts up tension between himself and Vincent to take control over the hotel. How will this situation end? While this takes place, Jason is searching for some truthful facts about a fire that happened at his own fathers store. Will he find the truth?
Guest Stars: Kehaulani Lee (1) as Odette | Billy Ray Gallion as Pano | Taylor Wily as Bartender | Dorothy Stamp as Nurse | Juliet Lighter as Penny | Melissa Rivers as Herself | Sloane Kini as Martine | Alex Garcia as Lee Miller | Amy Hill as Mrs. Seau | Christopher McDonald as Walter Booth | Marika Dominczyk as Erika | Krista Kalmus as Charlotte 'Charlie' Fitz | Michael Ontkean as Gordan Matthews | Pomai Brown as Sonny
Songs: Chris Pierce -- Bye Bye Butterfly, Evenrude -- God Awful, American Hi-Fi -- Hell Yeah, Cutlass Supreme -- Last In Line, Jason Mraz -- Too Much Food, Steriogram -- Walkie Talkie Man

10 :01x10 - Vice

Frankie decides to start a business that involves a club at the Grand Waimea Hotel. After much involvement Frankie puts into the development of the club, it starts to gain some success. When the club first starts up, Frankie has some issues he has to work through.
Guest Stars: Chaunnel Salmon as Female Officer | Kainoa McGee as Bouncer | Tony Silva as Police Officer | Matty Liu as Keone | Jo Pruden as Mariette | Dann Seki as Ishimura | Moon Bloodgood as Lacey | Krista Kalmus as Charlotte 'Charlie' Fitz | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Marika Dominczyk as Erika | Christopher McDonald as Walter Booth
Director: Kenneth Biller
Songs: Basko -- Ain't No Game, Shortie -- Five Seconds, Shifty -- Slide Along Side, Petey Pablo -- Vibrate, Chronic Future -- Wicked Games

11 :01x11 - Alexandra

The hotel gets a brand new face by the name of Alexandra. She comes to the Grand Waimea with news for everyone. Also, Gabriel has the difficult task of trying to date two women at one time, which proves to be a difficult task. Meanwhile, drama continues with Tessa and her father regarding the hotel. How will these situations be resolved?
Guest Stars: Juliet Lighter as Penny | Chanelle Kukona as Waitress | Mary Pa'alani as Hotel Employee | Krista Kalmus as Charlie | Dennis Miyahara as Mr. Tanaka | David Hirokane as Maintenance Man | Marika Dominczyk as Erika | Christopher McDonald as Walter Booth | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Mark Malalis as Kai
Director: Steve Miner
Songs: Honestly -- Away From You, Caviar -- Ego Tripping, Cardigans -- For What It's Worth, L.L. Cool J. -- Headsprung, 86 & Classic -- Ridin', (Unknown artist) -- Baby Gone Gone, (Unknown artist) -- Everyone Is Asking, (Unknown artist) -- Ha'aheo E Waipio, (Unknown artist) -- Summertime

12 :01x12 - Bellport

Nicole goes out in search with finding out the truth about her mother. Alexandra becomes interested in Nicole's search and tries to help her along her way. Meanwhile, Gabriel only has to contend with one girl since the three way dating has officially ended.
Guest Stars: Alex Garcia as Captain Jeff McKenzie | Joah Buley as Bartender | Lorenzo Callender as Hawaii P.D. | Brian Grant (2) as Paramedic | Dann Seki as Detective Ishimura | Denis Proulx as Hotel Doctor | Jo Pruden as Mariette | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Melinda Lindsey Kellogg | Matthew Bomer as Ross | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Christopher McDonald as Walter Booth | Marika Dominczyk as Erika | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Mark Malalis as Kai | Krista Kalmus as Charlie
Director: Patrick Norris
Writer: Peter Elkoff
Songs: Sugarcult -- Counting Stars, Blues Explosion -- Crunchy, Mastersource -- Everyone Is Asking, Dara Shindler -- Faraway, Oshen -- Girl, Tyrone Wells -- I've Been Wondering, Oshen -- Melanesia, Gingerpigs -- Melt, Elefant -- Misfit

13 :01x13 - Leverage

Ownership takes a turn at the Grand Waimea. Alexandra takes control of the hotel and makes her presence known. She decides to fire Vincent from the hotel and give Tessa a prominent position at the hotel.
Guest Stars: Jason Patterson as Robert | Don Nahaku as Captain Kokai | Jenna Hipp as Girl #1 | Rob Donahue as Mr. Trammell | Jason Gedrick as Clayton Kellogg | Andy Bumatai as Randall | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Melinda Lindsey Kellogg | Mark Malalis as Kai | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Marika Dominczyk as Erika
Director: Elodie Keene
Songs: Mastersource -- Baby Gone Gone, Shawn Berry -- Break You Down, Switchfoot -- Dare You To Move, Bella Fayes -- Girl Most Likely To Succeed, Martina Topley Bird -- I Still Feel, Aaron D -- In Your Eye, Pepe Deluxe -- Salami Fever

14 :01x14 - Illusions

Alexandra uses some blackmail tactics at the hotel to keep her position and the well being of the hotel in tact. Meanwhile, MJ faces a difficult situation when a man from her past visits, and MJ has a decision to make about revealing a decision the both of them share. How will these events turn out?
Guest Stars: Allan Tam as Player #1 | Daniel Dae Kim as Dealer | Tamlyn Tomita as Xao | Gabrielle Reece as Herself | Mel Harris as Mrs. Jensen | Jason Gedrick as Clayton Kellogg | Marika Dominczyk as Erika | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Robin Thomas as Mr. Jensen
Director: George Mendeluk
Songs: Mase and Puff Daddy -- Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Mongoose -- Early Morning Rizzo, Mongoose -- Empty Handed Prankster, The Shore -- Everything We Are, Hoobastank -- Let It Out, -- Missing You, Snuffy Library -- Piano Solo Jazz Medium

15 :01x15 - The Big One

Jason and Tessa are sent by Alexandra purposely to handle a charity event despite Nicole not liking the idea of the two being together. Meanwhile, Gabriel gets a big job offer regarding his surfing, which puts his job at the hotel in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: Loretta Ables as Jazz Singer | Henry Lee (1) as Speaker | Shawn Jenkins as Bartender | Allan Okubo as Jeweler | Vincent Spano as Dan Ralston | Nick Wechsler as Justin Silva | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson
Director: Patrick Norris
Songs: Prodigy -- Get Up, Get Off, Tyrone Wells -- I've Been Wondering, Junk -- Joke, Kill Hannah -- Kennedy, Authority Zero -- Madman, Devin Powers -- Moonlight Beach, Autopilot Off -- What I want

16 :01x16 - The Cook, the Waitress, the GM and his Lover

Mixed events occur among the lives of many of the people on North Shore. Nicole decides to learn some cooking with the newly hired cook for the hotel. Moreover, Alexandra wants him for some plans she has for the Grand Waimea. Meanwhile, Jason is keeping in touch with Vincent on his plans with the hotel. How will these events turn out?
Guest Stars: Vincent Spano as Dan Ralston | Sarina Smith as Shauna | Achilles Gacis as Thug #1 | Dominic Purcell as Tommy Ravetto | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Michael Woods as Jack Bevans
Director: Kenneth Biller
Songs: Caviar -- Aloha, Death Cab for Cutie -- Army Corps For Architects, Stuffy Walden -- Book Lovers, Tremolo -- Down to Beautiful, Overproof Sound System -- Fussing and Fighting, Ricky Fante -- It Ain't Easy, The Thrills -- Not For All The Love In The World, Manoa Backyard -- Sing Our Song

17 :01x17 - Sucker Punch

Fists collide at the hotel when Jason and Frankie have an angry fight with one another. Nicole has revealed some interesting information to Frankie in private and Frankie decides to improvise. Meanwhile, Jason learns that Vincent's new business is not what it appears to be.
Guest Stars: Stephen Quinn as Sous Chef | Chaz Mann (3) as Palani | Beau Hodge as Announcer | Natalie Mei Lau as Real Estate Agent | Chris Taloa as Himself | Theo Coumbis as Dave | Beatrice Rosen as Mia | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Dominic Purcell as Tommy Ravetto | Robert Kekaula as Sam | Michael Woods as Jack Bevans | Greg Serano as Pedro Garcia
Director: Perry Lang
Writer: Liz Heldens
Songs: The Gingerpigs -- By You, Sugarcult -- Destination Anywhere, Wild Whirled -- Double OG, Shortie -- Kill The World, Invisible Men -- Make It Bounce, The Flash Express -- Movin' It, Mongoose -- Muffin Brain, My Morning Jacket -- One Big Holiday, Richard Ashcroft -- Paradise, Mongoose -- Roots and Branches, Busbee -- Simple Things

18 :01x18 - Catwalk

Tessa gains a new role when she models for a prominent fashion designer when a position becomes available for a viewing. Meanwhile, Jason and Frankie have many differences they continue to try to work out.
Guest Stars: Todd Sherry as Micah | Ace Yonamine as Taka | Butch Helemano as Leo | Rik Orton as Carl | Christina Atherall as Astrid | Raena Cassidy as Lexi | Juliette Marquis as Natalia Ross | Phillip Rhys as Adrian Webber | Mark Malalis as Kai | Dominic Purcell as Tommy Ravetto | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson
Director: Michael Fresco

19 :01x19 - Shark

Tessa and Frankie become closer. Moreover, Frankie and Tessa visit his family. While this occurs, a relative of Frankie recognizes Tessa, which sparks off some interesting events between her and Frankie. Meanwhile, Tommy and Nicole appear to be getting close even though they are now experiencing some disagreements.
Guest Stars: Andrew Meader as Cop | David Ely as Sean Sweeny | Michael Adamshick as Detective | Kelsey Chock as Bartender | Christine Doo as Clerk | Paul "Jeff" Dee as Ricky | Buffalo Keaulana as Singer | Matthew Grant Godbey as Reyn | Scott William Winters as Marvin | Kristen Dalton (1) as Amanda | Amy Hill as Bobbie Seau | Christopher Wiehl as Greg Lasser | Bellamy Young as Mrs. Lasser | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Dominic Purcell as Tommy Ravetto | Mark Malalis as Kai | Michael Ontkean as Gordan Matthews
Director: Alan Myerson

20 :01x20 - The Ex-Games

Vincent gets Jason into trouble with the law as Vincent's drug running business continues. Jason does not want to send his friend Vincent to jail until he learns some startling information regarding Vincent.
Guest Stars: Coco Walker as Teenage Girl | George Hanzawa as Pilot | Al Waterson as Phil Lahui | Tim Kelleher as Agent Ruddy | Adrianne Palicki as Lisa | Delta Goodrem as Taylor Ward | Dominic Purcell as Tommy Ravetto | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson
Director: Andrew Colville
Writer: Amy E. Berg
Songs: Delta Goodrem -- Lost Without You, Delta Goodrem -- To Love Somebody

21 :01x21 - The End

Interesting twists occur in the original series finale. Vincent finally gets a lot of situations resolved at the hotel. Meanwhile, Jason and Nicole decide to get married. Also, Frankie learns about Tessa's underhanded work with Alex, which causes him to break off from the hotel. The twist occurs when fires consume Jason as he decides to get into his car.
Guest Stars: Kimo Hugho as Reverend Ron | Simon El Bling as Taka | Ian Anthony Dale as Garrett Haynes | Coco Walker as Teenage Girl | Tamlyn Tomita as Xao Ling | Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson | Mark Malalis as Kai | Adrianne Palicki as Lisa | Delta Goodrem as Taylor Ward
Director: Elodie Keene
Writer: Karyn Usher
Songs: Oasis -- Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Warning: North Shore guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 14, 2004
Ended: January 13, 2005
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