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Message Posted On Friday, March 24th 2006 at 10:02 pm
Book 3 was so much worse. They had eight years to put it together, the writing should have been better. After the success of the first two, they should have been able to have better acting.

Come to think of it, they did have good actors, they just weren't that good. I'd say it came back to a crappy teleplay.

The sudden addition of Cooper Main, with no explaination why he wasn't in the first to parts was annoying. Robert Wagner's fake beard was almost equally annoying.

What are your thoughts? What didn't you like about N&S Book3?

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Message Posted On Wednesday, May 24th 2006 at 2:16 pm
I wouldn't call it THAT bad ! but of course, it isn't half as good as Book I and II.

What I didn't like the best was total lack of consequence. At the very end of Book 2 Orry & George put their bill together (and the scene is even shown at the very begining of Book 3), but after learning about Orry's death George says that they were going to put it together after the war but it will never happen. Another thing, probably the most annoying to everybody, is a character of Cooper Main. They decided to not include him in tv version of Book 1 and 2 (including even not mentioning him) but he suddendly appears in Book3. One more thing - the children --- Hope was born in March 1861 so why is she so big and George and Constance never had a son (and even if we assume that they just didn't mentioned him being born somewhere during the war, he should be much younger) and baby Orry and Gus were more or less the same age, but in Book 3, Gus is a todler while Orry is still a baby.

And I didn't like the way and speed of George and Madelaine falling in love. I could accept it, but not that fast and with such a passion.