Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

In the premiere episode, Don races to capture a serial rapist who has begun to murder his victims. Charlie is recruited by Don to help track the killer. He creates a mathematical equation to identify the killer’s point of origin by working back from the crime scene locations. Charlie’s obsession with the case leads him to seek the insight of his colleague, physicist Dr. Larry Fleinhardt. Meanwhile, their father, Alan, is pleased to see his sons working together but fears their competitive nature will lead to trouble.
Guest Stars: James Sie as Technician | Lindsay Frame as Teacher | Michele Graff as Rachel | Mark Berry as Reporter #3 | Anna Maganini as Reporter #2 | Richard L.D. Saxton as Reporter #1 | Kristen Ariza as Nurse | John Lacy (1) as Police Detective | Amanda Carlin as Forensic Technician | Karl Calhoun as Asst. Medical Examiner | Gibby Brand as Dr. Michael Sabello | William O'Leary as Roland Haldane | Kate Norby as Karen Silber | Anthony Heald as Walt Merrick | Navi Rawat as Amita Ramanujan | Jessica Helmer as FBI Phone Operator | Richard Saxton as Reporter #1
Director: Mick Jackson

2 :01x02 - Uncertainty Principle

After a series of bank robberies, Don recruits Charlie to help chart the next robbery location, only to overlook the thieves’ true motive.

When Don and his team attempt to catch a pair of repeat bank robbers in Los Angeles, Charlie devises an equation using probability and statistical analysis to pinpoint the location of their next robbery. Although his prediction for the next robbery is correct, his mathematical model turns out to be useless when the robber’s true motives are revealed. His frustration growing, Charlie’s desire to continue to help the FBI falters when a stake-out goes bad, leaving one agent dead and his brother, Don, with a gunshot wound.
Guest Stars: Ken Meseroll as Captain Joe MacNevish | Andrew Caple-Shaw as Agent McKnight | Robinne Lee as Agent Larkin | Alan Davidson as Robert Skidmore | David Carrera as Grim Man | Sam Wellington as Bank Manager | Amanda Carlin as Forensic Technician | Susan Beaubian as FBI Agent #1 | Matthew Yang King as FBI Agent #2 | Ajay Mehta as ADS Manager | Catherine O'Connor as Woman | J. Paul Boehmer as FBI Agent Team Leader | Gibby Brand as Dr. Michael Sabello | Kenneth Messerole as Captain Joe MacNevish | Bruna Raynaud as Waitress | Keith Reed (1) as FBI Agent

3 :01x03 - Vector

Don relies on Charlie's mathematical insight to help stop a virus that has been killing innocent people in Los Angeles.

When people start mysteriously dying in Los Angeles, Don and his FBI team are called in by the Public Health Service to determine if it is an act of bio-terrorism. Using Charlie's knowledge of the mathematics of diseases, they attempt to track the virus not only to stop it, but to find the point of origin in order to determine who is responsible and why -- only to be surprised by the motive of the suspect. Meanwhile, Don is surprised to learn that Charlie has been keeping a secret from him.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Connors as Claudia Kramer | January Pugh as Linda Wallace | Kieren Van Den Blink as Nikki | Eliza Pryor Nagel as Brandi | Robert Manning, Jr. as Gerald Wallace | Cody Estes as Ryan Kramer | Tanner Richie as David Kramer | Dean Shelton as Joshua Kramer | James Shanklin as Physicist | Rainn Wilson as Martin Grolsch | Marita Geraghty as Jessica Avery | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Clarence Weaver | Anjul Nigam as Dr. Renfro | CCH Pounder as Lt. Lee Havercamp | Max Van Ville as Josh Kramer

4 :01x04 - Structural Corruption

Charlie convinces Don to investigate a student’s suicide in order to make sure that it was not murder.

After an engineering student at CalSci is found dead from an apparent suicide, Charlie convinces Don to launch an investigation after he reads the student’s thesis that asserted that the architecturally magnificent Cole Center in Los Angeles is structurally unstable. Although reluctant at first, Don and his FBI agents discover that the student’s findings were correct and uncover a dangerous and surprising conspiracy. Meanwhile, Alan prepares for a first date and convinces Don and Terry to join them, hoping they might rekindle their old romance.
Guest Stars: Derek Anthony as Security Guard | David Grant Wright as Detective | Robert Joseph as Police Officer #1 | James Martin Kelly as Nevelson | James Joseph O'Neil as Bob Mazzelli | Devon Michaels as Brian Malone | Douglas Sills as Garr Haybridge | Margot Rose as Mrs. Montgomery | Michael Bryan French as Mr. Montgomery | James Immekus as Finn Montgomery | Alyson Reed as Eva Salton | Gibby Brand as Dr. Michael Sabello | David Hunt (1) as Elliot Cole | Christopher Fairbanks (2) as Bureau Chief | Mitchell Edmonds as Keith Babbitt | Annika Peterson as Rachel | Joey Adams (3) as Student #1

5 :01x05 - Prime Suspect

Don needs Charlie's help to find out why the daughter of a mathematician is kidnapped.

When a 5-year-old girl is kidnapped from her birthday party, Don and Terry lead the investigation but must rely on Charlie's help, as the girl's father, Ethan, is also a mathematician. Charlie realizes the kidnapper's motive when Ethan reveals that he is close to solving Riemann's Hypothesis, a difficult math problem. If solved, the solution could not only earn him with $1 million but could break the code for Internet security, unlocking the world's biggest financial secret.
Guest Stars: Jamie McShane as Paul Ballard | Tom Irwin as Dr. Stephen Atwood | Susan Beaubian as FBI Computer Tech #2 | Greg Zola as Carl Mittendorf | Murphy Cross as Meredith | Matthew Yang King as FBI Computer Tech #1 | Susan Egan as Becky Burdick | Fay Wolf as Kyono | Ian Barford as Mikey | Navi Rawat as Amita Ramanujan | Neil Patrick Harris as Ethan Burdick | Emma Prescott as Emily Burdick | Adam Smith (1) as FBI Computer Tech #3 | Michael Cutt as Parole Officer | Lyle Kanouse as Trainspotter
Writer: Doris Egan

6 :01x06 - Sabotage

While investigating a deadly freight train accident, Don and Charlie discover a shocking culprit who is on a mission to diminish public confidence in the railroad system.

While consulting with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) at the scene of the wreck, Don learns that this tragedy is one of a series of recreated accidents involving railroad negligence. As is the pattern with the previous train wrecks, an undecipherable numerical code is left at the site, which Don recruits Charlie to solve. By breaking the code, Charlie is able to establish that this accident was a recreation of a deadly wreck that left only one survivor several years ago. Don's investigation leads him and his team to a dangerous standoff with their suspect, who has surprising ties to the railway system.
Guest Stars: Keith Szarabajka as Frank Milton/"Horizontal Bob" Malone | Sam Ayers as Burly | Lyle Kanouse as Trainspotter | Bobby Preston as Jim | Jeffrey D. Sams as Mark Sutter | Caryn West as Jennifer Milton | Randy Kovitz as Engineer | George Gerdes as Rail Cop Captain | Ruben Garfias as Brakeman | Navi Rawat as Amita Ramanujan | Colette Kilroy as Jim's Mother | Benjamin Salisbury as Docent
Director: Lou Antonio
Writer: Liz Friedman

7 :01x07 - Counterfeit Reality

After two teens are found murdered, the investigation leads Don and his team to uncover a dangerous counterfeit money ring.

Charlie is called in to use his mathematical expertise to pinpoint the location of the counterfeiters by analyzing the dispersion of the bogus money. In addition, he also discovers a surprising connection to the disappearance of a local artist. Meanwhile, Charlie realizes how little he knows about his brother when he meets someone from Don’s romantic past.
Guest Stars: Mel Winkler as Vincent | David Figlioli as Kevin Merriman | Victor Raider-Wexler as Eddie Zarkarian | James Leo Ryan as Lance Cummings | Geoffrey Rivas as Det. Ray Reynolds | Marcus Chait as Jordan Hughs | Robert Mammana as Young Officer | Dale Dickey as Karen Miller | Vince Deadrick, Sr. as Martin Blanchard | Navi Rawat as Amita Ramanujan | Jennifer Carta as Assistant | Michole White as Agent Ramos | Sarah Wayne Callies as Agent Kim Hall | Troy Argall as Swat Guy | Melanie Lora as Margo Hughs | Joey Adams (3) as Shane McKinley
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

8 :01x08 - Identity Crisis

When new information on an old case comes to light, Don thinks he may have sent the wrong person to jail.

When a recent murder bears a strong resemblance to a murder case he closed a year ago, Don questions whether he sent the wrong man to jail. As a favor to Don, Charlie examines the old case and finds flaws in the fingerprint and eyewitness systems that put their reliability into question.
Guest Stars: Molly Hagan as Fingerprint Technician | Chris Butler as Cliff Howard | Dominic Fumusa as Jonas Bayle | Luis Antonio Ramos as Jose Salazar | Noah Bean as Desk Clerk | Angela Paton as Mrs. Janas Meloy | Vanita Harbour as Valma Howard | Marek Probosz as Mark Andric | Scott Paaetty as Michael / Poker Buddy | Navi Rawat as Amita Ramanujan | Janan Raouf as Mikelle Peters | Joey Vaughn Adams as Shane McKinley
Director: Martha Mitchell
Writer: Wendy West

9 :01x09 - Sniper Zero

Don and his team must stop a sniper who goes on a killing spree in Los Angeles.

Pressed for time to find the sniper, Don calls in a senior Sniper Instructor from Quantico (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) to assist on the case, causing Charlie to feel insecure about his role as special consultant to the FBI. Feeling animosity towards Agent Edgerton at first, Charlie learns from him that human behavior could make his mathematical equations useless. Instead Edgerton encourages Charlie to get inside the head of the killer.
Guest Stars: Franc Ross as Wayne Osborne | Don Fischer as Agent Walter | Arabella Field as Susan Meyers | Heather Lee as Big Mama | Jayne Taini as Marion Crane | Troy Argall as Swat Leader | Lamont Holmes as Lt. Douglas | Nathanael Johnson (1) as Nathan Crane | Navi Rawat as Amita Ramanujan | Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Edgerton
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Writer: Ken Sanzel

10 :01x10 - Dirty Bomb

Don must find the hijackers of a truck carrying nuclear waste before they detonate a dirty bomb in Los Angeles.

Don and his team are called when it is discovered that a truck driver and his big rig carrying radioactive material have been hijacked and are now missing. They are pressed for time to find the truck when the hijackers threaten to detonate a dirty bomb in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles if they don't receive $20 million in 12 hours.
Guest Stars: James Parks as Fitchman | Michael Shamus Wiles as Carl Baker | Reynaldo Rosales as Darryl Gerth | Ron Dean as Peter Watson | Victor Rivers as Raymond Sites | Carrie Preston as Vicky Sites | Roxanne Hart as Cris Carlyle | Sendhil Ramamurthy as DOE Specialist | Susan Merson as Brenda Aronson | David Marshall Grant as Brent Hauser | Jack Howard as Mark Watson | Joe Hart (1) as Driver #1 | Dan Snook as Driver #2 | Matthew Yang King as FBI Tech Agent | Russell Edge as Deputy Sheriff | Lamont Holmes as SWAT Commander
Director: Paris Barclay

11 :01x11 - Sacrifice

Don and his FBI team are called in to solve the murder of a computer researcher and are surprised with what they find.

After an independent computer researcher with a contract with the Defense Department is found murdered, Don and his team are called in to find out who is responsible. After Don recruits Charlie to decode the murder victim's cryptic computer data, Charlie uncovers he was working on a secret and potentially damaging project, forcing Charlie to question the impact of his own life's work.
Guest Stars: Bruce Davison as Robert Oliver | James Sie as FBI Tech | Corey Stoll as Agent John Reacher | Elizabeth Dennehy as Ms. Ford | Susan Beaubian as FBI Computer Tech | Stacy Edwards as Gail Hoke | Ross Gibby as Lucas Grant | Robert Della Cerra as Security Patrol #2 | Arnell Powell as Security Patrol #1 | Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Scott Reynolds
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Ken Sanzel

12 :01x12 - Noisy Edge

When a UFO is spotted dangerously close to Los Angeles, Don recruits Charlie to help locate the mysterious aircraft's point of origin and is surprised when it turns into a murder investigation.

Don and Agent Quimby of the NTSB investigate eyewitness accounts of a mysterious unidentified object flying dangerously close to downtown Los Angeles that has raised concern of a terrorist attack. After Charlie is recruited to help with the investigation, it is discovered that the flying object is part of a new technology that could revolutionize air travel. But the investigation takes a turn when they learn that the lead engineer is found murdered.
Guest Stars: Castulo Guerra as Paul Ridenhauer | Navi Rawat as Amita Ramanujan | Bill Smitrovich as David Croft | Gloria Reuben as Erica Quimby | Rod McLachlan as Bill McClelland | Benjamin Jay Davis as Air Force Captain | Ethan Embry as Blake Gosnell
Director: J. Miller Tobin

13 :01x13 - Manhunt

Don must find two violent felons who escape after their prison bus is in a car accident, on the first season finale of NUMB3RS.

As Don investigates the prison bus crash, Charlie uses of probability analysis to conclude that the bus crash was not an accident, but part of a conspiracy to free a dangerous killer. Now, Don and Charlie must discover the killer's lethal agenda and stop him before he is able to carry it out.
Guest Stars: Christina Cox as CHP Officer Morris | Eddie Velez as Raynor | Anthony DeSando as Detective Reed | John Del Regno as Foreman | Brent Briscoe as Guard | Chad Coleman as Williams | Jennifer Westfeldt as Karen | Julie Mann (1) as Student | Kevin Fry as McDowd | Napiera Danielle as William's Girlfriend | Max Martini as Agent Cooper | Ryan McConville as Lewis | Jim Wilkey as Driver
Director: Martha Mitchell

Season 2

14 :02x01 - Judgment Call

Don uses Charlie and Megan's expertise when the FBI is called to the scene of a federal judge's wife's murder, on the second season premiere.

Dylan Bruno stars as Colby Granger, a new Los Angeles FBI agent whose tour of duty with the Army's Criminal Investigation division allowed him the chance to see the world beyond Boise, Idaho where he grew up.

When a judge's wife is shot and killed, Don and his team look into the judge's cases to determine if one of his verdicts led to the murder. Using the judge's past rulings and Megan's expertise in profiling, Charlie creates a mathematical theory to identify the two most probable suspects from the case files. However, when the team discovers a link between the 2 suspects, the investigation goes in an unexpected direction.
Guest Stars: Marguerite MacIntyre as Erica Kalen | Robert Wu as Raymond Hmong | Art Chudabala as Danny Phan | Sarah Carter as Nadine Hodges | Liann Pattison as Alison Trelane | Alan Rosenberg as Judge Franklin Trelane | Gary Perez as Hector Machado | Stephen Quadros as Lance Dolan | Jamie Sorrentini as Stacy Manning | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Hardee Cristos as Orso
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Songs: Dobie Grey -- "Drift Away"

15 :02x02 - Better Or Worse

Don and his team must find who is responsible for kidnapping the family of a jewelry store owner before they are killed.

A robbery at a jewelry store turns out to be a kidnapping when the store owner's wife and young daughter are abducted. But when Don and his team get deeper into the investigation, they discover that the heist may not have been a complete surprise to the owner. Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita have their first official date. They agree not to talk about work. Unfortunately, the date goes badly because they seem to have nothing else to discuss, leaving Charlie wondering what to do.
Guest Stars: Mike Damus as Remy Logan | George Coe as Stephen Logan | Jay Karnes as Martin Rausch | Paulette Ivory as Claudia | Claire Lautier as Erica Logan | Kelly VanKirk as Brian Reynolds | Madison Davenport as Julia Rausch | Jennifer Siebel as Diane Rausch | Elizabeth Wood as On-Air Reporter | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger
Director: J. Miller Tobin

16 :02x03 - Obsession

Don and his team search for the stalker of a pop princess which turns into a murder investigation of a paparazzo.

When an alleged stalker breaks into a famous pop singer’s house, Don and his team are brought in to lead the investigation. Using the fan letters she received as evidence, Don turns to Charlie, who uses Forensic Information System for Handwriting and discovers that there are two senders – one of them a copycat. The agents are thrown another curve when a celebrity photographer taking photos of the pop princess’ house is murdered, and they learn that the pop princess may not be so innocent.

Dr. Larry Fleinhardt acquires a 1931 Ford roadster, but is reluctant to drive it anywhere but on campus or to and from his nearby home.
Guest Stars: Chase Hoyt as Paparazzi #1 | Johnny Whitworth as Dante Baker | Samaire Armstrong as Skyler Wyatt | David Moscow as Orville
Director: John Behring
Writer: Robert Port

17 :02x04 - Calculated Risk

Don and his team must solve the murder of a CFO of a large energy corporation who is found murdered on her doorstep and her young son is the only witness.

Don and Megan are called to a murder scene when the CFO of a powerful energy company, who was about to testify against fellow executives for stock fraud, is found dead at home with the only witness being her 11-year-old son. Knowing there could be thousands of disgruntled ex-employees, Don calls on Charlie to help narrow down the list of potential suspects, but is surprised when the investigation takes them in a different direction.
Guest Stars: Sky Soleil as Security Man | Josh Eriksson as Daniel Shay | Grace Phillips as Lucinda Shay | Richard Fancy as Thomas Galway | Richard Cox (1) as Edward Barret | Raphael Sbarge as Malcolm Galway | Jeff Perry as Morton Standbury | Sarah Carter as Nadine Hodges | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Jennifer Jacobson as Mrs. Standbury
Director: Bill Eagles

18 :02x05 - Assassin

Don and his team find a suspicious code during a raid which Charlie determines is part of a secret plan to assassinate a Colombian exile living in Los Angeles.

Along with David Sinclair and new FBI Agent Colby Granger, Don discovers a secret code during a raid and enlists Charlie's help to crack it. Using an elaborate game theory model called "hide and seek," Charlie discovers that it is a plan for the assassination of a Columbian exile living in Los Angeles. Charlie and Megan combine their expertise and work closely together to try to prevent the murder from taking place.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Peña as Sonya Benavides | Nick Roth as Techie | Demetrius Grosse as U.S. Marshal | Aaron MacPherson as Agent #1 | Carol Locatell as Elsie Korfelt | Jordi Vilasuso as Gabriel Ruiz | Taso Papadakis as Warren Wells | Ray Proscia as Condor | Christian Clemenson as Henry Korfelt | Gary McDonald as LAPD #1 | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger

19 :02x06 - Soft Target

Don and his agents must uncover who interfered with a counter-terrorism exercise before deadly results occur.

A week-long series of counter-terrorism exercises are put to the test by Homeland Security in Los Angeles, but when the first one is violated by someone who releases a potentially lethal gas in the subway system, Don and his team are called in to find the culprit. Further investigation leads them to an unlikely suspect trying to prove a point about the city's lack of preparedness.
Guest Stars: Scott Cohen as James Grace | Lynn Chen as Bree Eng | Scott William Winters as Glen Nash | Melinda Page Hamilton as Jennifer Nash | Dylan Kenin as Roger Holstein | Christina Chang as Val Eng | John Heard as Peter Houseman | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger
Director: Andy Wolk
Writer: Don McGill

20 :02x07 - Convergence

When a father is killed in a home robbery, Don and his team investigate the connection between several recent robberies in the upscale community.

When the number of violent home invasions in an upscale neighborhood begins to escalate, Don and his agents are called in after it is discovered that the victims are being tracked through the GPS in their cell phones. To help solve the case, Charlie applies a data-mining procedure to find a link between the robberies and uncovers a connection between the victim's insurance and wireless companies which exposes a much larger operation. Meanwhile, a rival mathematician, Marshall Penfield, challenges one of Charlie's mathematical findings which makes Charlie question whether he is spending too much time working with the FBI and not enough time making strides in his own field.
Guest Stars: James Lancaster as Store Owner | Kent Karson as Man #2 | Rebecca Boyd as Claire Bloom | Michael Maize as Warren (Demento) Gordon | Katie Flynn as Student #2 | Devin Sidell as Student #1 | Blake Berris as Man #1 | Colin Hanks as Marshall Penfield | David J. Wright as Skinhead #1 | Wayne Pére as Herbert Quilty | Cameron Dye as Roley | David A. Kimball as Maynard | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger
Director: Dennis Smith

21 :02x08 - In Plain Sight

A routine drug bust unveils a sensitive issue which Charlie takes to heart.

Megan and a team of FBI agents bust a major methamphetamine lab, but lose the kingpin when he sets off a bomb and escapes, killing one of the agents under Megan's command. But when Charlie gets his hands on a computer hard drive left behind, he uncovers a disturbing photo and, against Don's wishes, pursues its origin.
Guest Stars: Geno Monteiro as LAPD Cop #1 | Thomas Hildreth as Gallagher | Robert Torti as Arthur Rimbelli | Sam Zeller as Tiny Rimbelli | Heather Ehlers as Irene | Jennifer Jean Snyder as Michelle Collins | Fred Koehler as Night Manager | Hannah Marks as Libby Lamberg | John Mariano as Derrick Lamberg | Susan Beaubian as Stendhauser | Kurt Caceres as Agent Romero | Sarah Carter as Nadine Hodges | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger
Director: J. Miller Tobin

22 :02x09 - Toxin

When several people in Los Angeles suffer from seizures as a result of product tampering of over-the-counter medications, Don and his team discover that a former chemist from a large pharmaceutical company is to blame. While tracing the culprit to the Sibley mountains, the team meets up with Special Agent Edgerton (Lou Diamond Phillips), who is tracking a cattle rancher-turned-federal fugitive for selling tainted beef and killing a U.S. Marshall. Megan figures out that their meeting isn't random, as the two fugitives have something in common.
Guest Stars: Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Ian Edgerton | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Mark Harelik as Taylor Brindell | Nick Kiriazis as Rob Evans | Elyse Mirto as Wife | Patrick O'Connell (1) as Bill Yardley | Cynthia Preston as Mrs. McHugh | Kristin Proctor as Sheriff's Deputy | Connor Trinneer as Bob McHugh | Owiso Odera as Tate Gilliam
Director: Jefery Levy
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Songs: Tyrone Wells -- Seabreeze

23 :02x10 - Bones Of Contention

In the lab of the Heritage Museum , Jennifer Abernathy is working on some Native-American artifact. Once her work is done, she gathers her things and exits but doesn't make it outside as someone grabs her. Don and his team are brought to the scene to investigate who killed the woman and why. Alan has problems letting go of the past. Amita and Larry give Charlie advice on his father's problem.
Guest Stars: Reed Diamond as Dr. Kenneth Hill | Kate Burton as Anthropologist | Michael Greyeyes as Mr. Thomas Morris | Clyde Kusatsu as Artifact Seller | Jane Carr as Museum Director | Liz Sheridan as Landlady | Mark D. Espinoza as Frank Lopez | Lorraine Toussaint as Medical Examiner | Graham Greene as Chief Michael Clearwater |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Shively as Deputy Sheriff | Sarah Bloom as Jennifer Aberrnathy
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

24 :02x11 - Scorched

Charlie helps Don and his team to find an arsonist who has set four fires so far with Molotov cocktails. Along with LAFD Arson Investigator Noah Stevens, the team will investigate the fire of an SUV that caused the death of a man.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Loren Dean as Noah Stevens | Blake Bashoff as Ethan Powell | A.J. Trauth as Jake Eckworth | Bill Nye as Professor Bill Waldie | Sophina Brown as Bianca Styles | Susan Beaubian as Stendhauser | Ian Unterman as Alex Dewitt | David O. Katz as Seasn Grasser | Rosie Ward as Rosie Ward
Director: Norberto Barba
Writer: Sean Crouch
Songs: Prodigy -- Firestarter

25 :02x12 - The O.G.

When Don and his team are called to the murder scene of a Los Angeles gang member, they learn that it is a fellow agent who had been working undercover. Without exposing the agent's cover, Don must investigate his murder by a rival gang and try to crack the gangs' leadership and territories to find the suspect. But the agents are surprised when they learn who is responsible for the source of the rivalry.
Guest Stars: Will Patton as Det. Gary Walker | Tamara Taylor as Olivia Rawlings | Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | Allan Louis as John Owens | Aldis Hodge as Travis Grant | Chastity Dotson as Karen Rhimes | Elijah Kelley as Anthony
Director: Rob Holcomb
Songs: Fort Minor -- Remember The Name

26 :02x13 - Double Down

A Russian 20-year-old man is killed after he played and won at Blackjack at a L.A. Card Club. There were four robberies reported at this club in the past six months. Don requires his brother's help when they find books with equations in the dead man's bag. Larry will find the equations a tad too familiar for his taste, which will lead him to helping Charlie and the FBI more than he usually does.
Guest Stars: Jorge Pallo as Ignacio Nadal | Annie Duke as Dealer | Taylor Cole (2) as Brandi | Jesse Marchant as Jason Brewer | Megan Paul as Debbie | Vic Polizos as Marius | Clara Bryant as Female Student | Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Dean Czechvala as Yuri Chernov | Ethan Phillips as Leonard Philbrick | Mary Beth Fisher as Claire Brewer | T'Shawn Barett, Jr. as Valet | Tracy Miller (1) as Western Wear Guy
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writer: Don McGill
Songs: The Baldwin Brothers -- A Matter Of Time

27 :02x14 - Harvest

A teenager, from the same part of India where Amita is from, is discovered in the basement of an old downtown hotel. It is believed she was being tortured. It is discovered that the girl and three others were victims of black market organ-harvesting.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Noureen DeWulf as Santi | Paul Cassell as Daniel Piermint | David Day Fisher as Michael Tolchuck | Jordan Baker as Dr. Jenloe | Heather Mazur as Janet Eckworth | P.J. Brown as Baker man | Paul Bates (1) as Morgue attendant | Traber Burns as Kenneth Eckworth | Adrian LaTourelle as Allen Kelly | Mark Tymchyshyn as Dr. Lawrence Bainsworth | John Gowans as Symposium Director | Marti Jo Pennisi as Nurse | Joey Sorge as Manager | Gibby Brand as Dr. Michael Sabello | Azita Ghanizada as Prita | Matthew Yang King as Tech
Director: John Behring

28 :02x15 - The Running Man

A DNA synthesizer that has the capability of customizing diseases, is stolen from the campus where Charlie teaches. Don fears the thieves may be terrorists out to start or advance a bio-warfare program. He also believes the theft was an inside job and the chief suspect is one of Larry's top students. Back at home, Charlie discovers that his late mother was once a gifted musician.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Charlie Hofheimer as Ron Allen | Mike Snyder as Thief | Steven Flynn as Doug Windham | Daisy Eagan as Goth Chick | Sara Botsford as Susan Weinar | Kirk Acevedo as Gino McGinty
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Writer: Ken Sanzel

29 :02x16 - Protest

A bomb placed under a government car parked near a U.S. Army Recruitment Office explodes killing a man and leaving his wife in shock. Don and his team try to stop the bomb makers before more antiwar protests kill more civilians.

Don has to contend with a retired FBI agent who investigated a similar bombing 35 years earlier. The retired agent insists the culprit is an activist that Alan Eppes knew in the 1960s who has been missing since. The retired agent's "old school" style clashes dramatically with the way Don runs his FBI team.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Robert Forster as Thomas Lawson | Concetta Tomei as Dr. Sarah Kemple | Mary Kay Place as Hester Stirling | Ray Baker as Jack Bennett | Claudia Elizabeth Wohl as Laura Stirling | Patrick J. Adams as Adam Bennett | Zeb Newman as Nate Tuttle | Susan Beaubian as Stendhauser | Linda Kerns as Barbara Taddeo | Frank Novak (1) as John Taddeo
Director: Dennis Smith

30 :02x17 - Mind Games

A psychic called a search team and tipped them off about a location in the middle of nowhere where a crime has been committed. When the search team arrives there, they find a crime scene. Don and his team are called in. Charlie and the psychic will collide as one is all about facts and science and the other is not.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | John Glover as Samuel Kraft | Sheffer Stevens as Search Team Member Eric | Cassandra Freeman as Tech | Darren Pettie as Agent Cullen | Jacob Vargas as Victor Borrego | Bill Sage as Scott Winnard | Curtis Mark Williams as Agent #1 | Mirelly Taylor as Lupe Sandovol | Damián Delgado as Male migrant worker
Director: Peter Markel

31 :02x18 - All's Fair

While talking on her cellphone, a woman named Saida is taken and killed the day before she had an important interview. Saida was an Iraqi citizen in the states to make a documentary. She was an activist who received death threats. Don and his team work with Agent Kareem Allawi. Charlie has dinner with Susan Berry an old friend who is in town for a book signing. Both of them seem to have a liking for one another.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Yasmine Delawari as Nasreen Kafaji | Sonya Walger as Susan Berry | Assaf Cohen as Agent Kareem Allawi | Michael Muhney as Lt. Joseph Karnes | Scott MacDonald as Lt. Barry Burchfield | Anna Khaja as Saida Kafaji | Sayed Badreya as Sayed Malik | Stephanie Kurtzuba as Publicist | Gabriel Cordell as Daniel Ratchet | Roman Mitichyan as Qassim
Director: Rob Morrow

32 :02x19 - Dark Matter

As Don and his team investigate the motive behind two students' deadly school shooting, Charlie uses the school's radio frequency identification system to track the shooters' movements through the school's hallways. But when Charlie notices an abnormal pattern, Don and his agents reevaluate the evidence and discover an unlikely third participant. Larry asks Megan to dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant for their first date.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Nathan William Gumke as Paul Elins | Ben Campbell as Justin Price | Leighton Meester as Karen Camden | Kate Linae as Becky Flynn | Rob Moran as Jon Northrup | Jesse Head as Gregory Dietrich | Mary Gordon Murray as Marlene Stallworth | Christine Estabrook as Laura Price | Marin Mazzie as Joan Camden | Daniel Booko as Jake Porter
Director: Peter Ellis (1)
Writer: Don McGill

33 :02x20 - Guns and Roses

When an ATF agent is found dead amid questionable circumstances, Don demands to take on the case, which revolves around an elaborate bank heist, after he learns the victim is his ex-girlfriend. As the pressure of his job mounts, Don recognizes the impact his professional life has on his personal life and he decides to investigate his flirtation with AUSA Robin Brooks.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Eric Steinberg as ATF Agent Rho | Lesley Fera as ATF Agent Annie Wilson | Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | Markus Flanagan as ATF Supervisor Eric Turner | Matthew John Armstrong as Richard Davis | Joshua Leonard as Roy Mitchell | Sandra Lindquist as Nikki Davis | Bobby Hall (2) as Guard
Songs: Flunk -- Spring To Kingdom Come

34 :02x21 - Rampage

After an unknown man opens fire in the FBI offices, Don and his team must investigate his motive and his connection to a dangerous arms dealer who is on trial. After almost getting shot, Charlie is visibly shaken and reluctant to return to the offices, hindering his contribution in the case.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Kevin Carroll as Sensei | Brian Cousins as Matt Pribitech | Craig Zimmerman as Dave Taggart | Veanne Cox as Trish Schane | William Charlton as Ryan McCall | Al Espinosa as Alec Schane | Robert O'Reilly as Kurt Delock | Matthew Yang King as Tech
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Writer: Ken Sanzel

35 :02x22 - Backscatter

An FBI investigation into a computer hacking scam, which taps into a bank's system to gain access to customer's identities and financial assets, becomes personal for Don when the Russian mob spearheading it comes after him and threatens the safety of Charlie and Alan.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Will Patton as Detective Gary Walker | Aaron Baker as Geoff Morton David | Yasen Peyankov as Yuri Koverchenko | Ka'Ramuu Kush as Lamont | Nancy Bell as Colleen | Jonno Roberts as Russian Hacker | Andrew Leeds as Daniel | Megan Adele Lopez as Stendhauser | Bob Rusch as Man #1 | Hettienne Park as Student #1 | Dan Callaway as Student #2 | Ashley Nicole Sherman as Front Row Student | Lesley Fera as ATF Agent Annie Wilson | Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | Markus Flanagan as ATF Supervisor Eric Turner | Matthew John Armstrong as Richard Davis | Sandra Lindquist as Nikki Davis | Bobby Hall (2) as Guard | Christopher Michael Moore as Paul
Director: Bill Eagles

36 :02x23 - Undercurrents

Don enlists Charlie's help when the bodies of five young Asian girls found washed up are suspected of being infected with the Avian influenza virus.

To prevent the potential spread of the Avian flu, Don puts a rush on the investigation, which takes a surprising turn when David and Colby discover a clue on one of the girls' bodies. Meanwhile, Amita considers a move to Harvard University, which causes Charlie to re-evaluate his feelings for her.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | Russell Wong as Jeremy Wang | Lauren Velez as Claudia Gomez | Matt Roth as Mike Belweather | Dennis Cockrum as Jack Morrison | Bob Morrisey as Dr. James Handel | Christopher Stapletom (1) as Surfer #1 | Larry Bates as Tech Leonard Jones | Ping Wu as Steven Jintao | Jeff Corbett as Surfer #2 | April Hong as Schoolgirl | Don Leslie as Bartender
Director: J. Miller Tobin

37 :02x24 - Hot Shot

The details surrounding a young woman's death suggests to Don and his team that she could have been murdered by a serial killer. Upon further investigation, they uncover disturbing evidence that incriminates their suspect but also puts Don's life in danger. Meanwhile, Charlie dreams about his late mother, which causes him to regret his introverted behavior when she was dying.
Guest Stars: Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger | JoBeth Williams as Margaret Eppes | Kim Strauss as Chandler Yates | Olympia Dukakis as Charlotte Yates | Sara Vaught as Lyndsey | Sam Trammell as Thomas Gill | Annie Campbell as Wendy | Jason Pugatch as Bartender | Erin Chenoweth as Girl | Tami Tappan Damiano as Roberta | Cassandra Freeman as Tech | Carlos Cervantes as Victor | Ana Maria Lagasca as Theresa | Justin Mortelliti as Gunman
Director: John Behring
Songs: Tears For Fears -- Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Season 3

38 :03x01 - Spree (1)

David interrogates Billy Rivers, one of Crystal Hoyt's ex-boyrfriend and someone she was looking for. When Billy is not cooperating as they would like, the team digs up some dirt on his attorney. The team must work harder and faster when one of theirs is taken by Crystal.

Meanwhile, Alan contemplates getting his own place and moving out of the family homestead. Amita eschews the position at Harvard and accepts one at CalSci.
Guest Stars: Kim Dickens as Crystal Hoyle | David Gallagher as Buck Winters | Jerry O'Donnell as Pierce Brenner | Andy MacKenzie as Felix | Colin Campbell as Meth Chemist #1 | Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Ian Edgerton | Georgia Hatzis as Lydia Campos | Anthony Vitale as Diner Cook
Director: John Behring
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Songs: Lenny Kravitz -- Fly Away

39 :03x02 - Two Daughters (2)

The FBI faces a stand off with Crystal who refuses to let Megan go unless the FBI releases her boyfriend in exchange. During the wait, however, Megan manages to get Crystal to open up about her motive, which triggers a violent reaction and puts Megan in even more danger. Don wrestles with his conscience about decisions he made in an effort to rescue Megan.

Charlie and Amita decide to give romance a second chance, now that Amita is remaining at CalSci. Alan decides to stay put for the time being as he thinks he'll miss Charlie and Don. Larry feels guilty at not preventing Megan's ordeal.
Guest Stars: Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Ian Edgerton | Kim Dickens as Crystal Hoyle | David Gallagher as Buck Winters | Mark Rosenthal as Billy Rivers | Michael Oberlander as Adam Denton | Jon Spinogatti as Motel Manager
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Songs: G-Love -- Free

40 :03x03 - Provenance

A very valuable painting on loan from a private collector is stolen from a small museum desipte stringent security measures. At first it seems to be a simple theft or insurance scam. As Charlie begins to research the provenance of the painting, he discovers that it was stolen by the Nazi's during the Holocaust, causing Don to refocus his approach to the case. Alan and Charlie are at odds over household chores and maintenance.
Special Guest Stars: Gena Rowlands as Erika Hellman |
Guest Stars: Garret Dillahunt as Jack Tollner | Benito Martinez as Arthur Ruiz | Matt Ross as Joel Hellman | Zach Grenier as Peyton Shoemaker | Armin Shimerman as Patrick Holden | Lisa Renee Pitts as FBI Agent | David Powledge as Guard #2 | David Carey Foster as Hotel Manager
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Don McGill
Songs: Dave Hewson & Bill Baylis -- 21st Century Renaissance, K.D. Lang -- Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley -- Hallelujah

41 :03x04 - The Mole

As Charlie's mathematical analysis reveals that the victim's death was no mere accident, Don grapples with the possibility of a leak in the Department of Justice. Meanwhile, Colby is caught trying to protect his old military buddy who has come under suspicion in the case, causing Don to question Colby's loyalty. Charlie is miffed at Larry because Larry chose another mathematician to collaborate on a paper he published.
Guest Stars: Shawn Hatosy as Dwayne Carter | François Chao as Kaj-Jan Chen | Barbara Evans (1) as Tech | Scott Menville as Tyler | Bryan Chesters as Hector | Reynaldo Valentin as ND Swat | Michelle Lee (2) as Michelle Kim
Writer: Robert Port
Songs: Teddybears STHLM -- Different Sound

42 :03x05 - Traffic

When a father driving with his two children is gunned down on the freeway, Megan is puzzled when she can't find a specific pattern to the suspect's behavior and goes to Charlie for some insight. But as additional freeway incidents occur, Don uncovers an unlikely clue that may lead them to the killer. Amita seeks Larry's advice on making the transition from graduate student to faculty member. Charlie becomes concerned when he learns that Larry has been sleeping on his couch and living in his office.
Guest Stars: Don McManus (1) as Jeff Kinkirk | Darian Weiss as Andy Kinkirk | Zach Mills as Pete Kinkirk | Rachel York as Marla Kinkirk | Nikki Crawford as ER Doctor | Joe Ordaz as Manager | Adrian Sparks as Crossing Guard | Christopher McCann as Dr. Brewer | David Parker (2) as Brennan Sommers | Jim Cody Williams as Calvin Oats | Ross Hellwig as LAPD Officer | R.E. Rodgers as Mitchell Mackenzie | Mueen Jahan Ahmad as Car Wash Guy | Ayana Hampton as Student | Kwana Martinez as Tech
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Songs: John Butler Trio -- Zebra

43 :03x06 - Longshot

When Don and his team investigate a murder at a horse track, they stumble onto more than just a plot of betting on fixed races. As Charlie digs deeper into the victim's life and discovers an elaborate gambling scheme, he realizes he has only uncovered part of the crime. Soon, he discovers a connection to a third party sending the case in a whole other direction. Larry becomes increasingly distracted by the lack of structure in his relationship with Megan.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Philip Casnoff as Maurice Connors | Kit Paquin as Sharrlyn Smith | Will Collyer as Danny Roberts | Mary Anne McGarry as Landlady | Drew Wood as Teller | Cleo King as Rebecca James | Tom Titone as Sidney Boyd | Paul Statman as Ivan Tabakian
Director: John Behring
Songs: The Dandy Warhols -- Bohemian Like You

44 :03x07 - Blackout

When a series of blackouts occur in power stations leaving large areas of Los Angeles in the dark, Don and his team must determine if the blackouts are accidental or the work of terrorists. In a surprising development, the blackouts are related to a complicated scheme concerning a previous case.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Paul Statman as Ivan Tabakian | Amy Sloan as Kari Syles | John Bobek as Punk Guy | Ben Cain as LAPD Cop | Gareth Williams as Baker | Daniel Arrias as Gang Soldier | Robert Patteri as Enclosure Guard | Matthew Humphreys as Randy Syles | Joseph Brooke (1) as Bartender | Chanda Hartman as Ausa Diane Verano | Mark Finnell as Guard on Duty
Director: Scott Lautanen
Songs: Goldfrapp -- Lovely 2 C U

45 :03x08 - Hardball

After some probing into the case, Charlie is astonished when he discovers Oswald Kitner, a fantasy league player who has developed an extraordinary statistical analysis that identifies which players use steroids. This unforeseen breakthrough leads the FBI to a possible motive and potential killer. Unfortunately, someone does not want the pioneering statistical methods to see the light of day, putting Oswald and Charlie in danger.
Guest Stars: Jay Baruchel as Oswald Kittner | Lauren Velez as Claudia Gomez | Bill Nye as Bill Waldie | Lauren Stamile as Kelly Johnston | Jon Hamm as Richard Clast | Andy Umberger as Frank Auster | John Hillner as Dr. Thomas Mandel | Joel Anderson as Max Sheveranksy | Barry Shabaka Henley as Coach Grady | Lance Roberts as Trainer Lyle Weaver | Susan Beaubian as Stendhauser | Bobby Roe as Vick Johnston | Russ Hunt as Second Baseman
Director: Fred Keller

46 :03x09 - Waste Not

Don and his team investigate a trail of illegal waste disposal after a sinkhole, which collapses in a school playground, kills an elderly woman and injures several children.

This episode introduces Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch, Charlie Eppes' new department chair. At her welcoming reception, Dr. Finch immediately hits it off with Charlie's father, Alan. She then proceed to irritate Charlie, Amita, and Larry by assigning them additional academic committee obligations.
Guest Stars: Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Joshua Malina as Howard Meeks | A. Russell Andrews as Duke Piermint | Terrence Hardy, Jr. (1) as Malik Shabaz | Christine Avila as Trudy Perez | Julian Barnes as Provost | Joel Stoffer as Agent Davidson | Deirdre Lovejoy as Daria Samson | Larry Gilliard, Jr. as Amos Shabaz | Gabriel Olds as Reed Parkman | Kim Estes as Mr. Bowden | Bob Gunton as Boyd Resnick | Matthew Yang King as Technician | Cesar Flores as Battered kid | Erica Gimpel as Principal Riva Bell
Director: Julie Herbert
Songs: Deccatree -- Tonight

47 :03x10 - Brutus

Senator Martin Tallman and a local psychiatrist have one thing in common -- they both are found murdered during Don's shift. Though both of the murders took place in very different circumstances, they might have more in common than everyone initially thinks. Following a hunch, Don pursues the case as if the two murders are related, and in doing so he stumbles across a secret that has been covered up by the government for several years.

Dr. Fleinhardt finds out that his rival has declined to go to the International Space Station due to other obligations, so that he will be taking his place. Charlie has difficulty accepting that his friend and colleague will be gone for months.
Guest Stars: Matt Keeslar as Agent Raymond | Tom Amandes as Lawrence Dryden | David Zayas as Carlos Costavo | Michael Ralph as Sam Finney | Tom Everett as Keith Whittaker | Teresa Parente as Denise Davis | Jim Gleason as Senator Martin Tallman | Michael Piontek as Stanford Davis | Chris Warren Gilbert as Bodyguard #1
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Songs: K.D. Lang -- Hallelujah, Jeremy Kay -- I'm Alive

48 :03x11 - Killer Chat

Don hunts for a serial killer after a man is found tied up and beaten to death in an unoccupied house that is for sale, the third such murder to occur in six weeks. The investigation reveals that all three victims may have met their killer through Internet chat rooms and were lured to the houses with the promise of having sex with an underage girl. Also, Larry learns that he may be pulled from NASA's space mission because of his recent bizarre behavior.
Guest Stars: George Newbern as Brendan McCrary | Wendy Gazelle as Colleen McCrary | Susan Pourfar as Mother | Kevin Cristaldi as Wendell Henderson | Buzz Aldrin as Himself | Robin Weigert as Elaine Tillman | Johnny Simmons as Matt McCrary | George Ketsios as Victim #5 | Ray Torres as John Santos | Tymberlee Hill as FBI Tech
Director: Chris Hartwill
Writer: Don McGill
Songs: Elton John -- Rocket Man

49 :03x12 - Nine Wives

When a teenage girl is found almost beaten to death, Don and his team discover that she escaped from a polygamous cult headed by a fundamentalist leader who is on the run from the FBI. They discover that the girl's mother, who is also a religious zealot, "gave" her daughter to the leader. As their contribution to the investigation, Charlie and Amita try to decipher a chart that was found at the leader's last known location, hoping it will lead them to him. Millie provides them with a surprising answer.

When Charlie and Amita return prematurely from a math conference to work the investigation, they find Alan and Millie sharing a bottle of wine in the Eppes homestead.
Guest Stars: Joshua Malina as Howard Meeks | Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Teri Polo as Rachel Willons | Alexandra Krosney as Josesphine Kirtland | Anne Dudek as Emmanueline Kirtland | W. Earl Brown as Abner Stone | Kyle Colerider-Krugh as Ralph Jackson | Ezra Godden as CHP Officer | Drew Starlin as William Johnson | Paco Farias as Guy in truck | John Patrick Amedori as Lee Brady
Director: Julie Hébert
Songs: Johnny Cash -- Ring of Fire

50 :03x13 - Finders Keepers

The FBI asks Charlie to retrace the path of a marine salvage barge because Don suspects a murder took place on board. However, Charlie is put in a difficult situation when the National Security Agency (NSA) also requests his help to find the yacht for the confidential case they are working on. Meanwhile, Liz and Don try to figure out a way to make their personal relationship work after she is permanently transferred to LA.

Meanwhile, Alan and Millie's relationship continues to develop. Millie prepares to challenge Alan at chess.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Leslie Silva as Coroner's Investigator | Matt Nolan as Port police officer | David Clennon as Mel Oliver | Titus Welliver as Agent Graves | Anthony Ruivivar as Agent Cordero | Chris Freeman as Mechanic | Annamarie Kenoyer as Junior high kid | Peter Katona as Marine expert | Tina Morasco as Janette Sarasin | Jason Beghe as Reid Sarasin | Wendell Pierce as William Bradford
Director: Colin Bucksey
Songs: The 88 -- How Good It Could Be

51 :03x14 - Take Out

Don and his team investigate a rash of deadly restaurant robberies. During the investigation, the FBI discovers that the thieves steal the restaurant customer's credit cards so that they can run up charges at a fake Internet store and then route the money to offshore accounts. Charlie tries to pinpoint where the money is being laundered to prevent more restaurants from being hit. Meanwhile, in the wake of the Crystal Hoyle shooting, the FBI forces Don to talk to William Bradford, an occupational psychologist and FBI consultant whose specialty is trauma recovery.

Back on the CalSci campus, Dr. Finch attempts to twist Charlie's arm into particpating in a lucrative grant project sponsored by a pharmaceutical company despite Amita's reservations concerning the company's business practices in the third world.
Guest Stars: Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Wendell Pierce as William Bradford | José Zúñiga as Bernardo Infante | Rhys Coiro as Ricky Jones | Benny Nieves as Hector Campos | Elisa Llamido as Maria Campos | Emiliano Torres as Masked Man #1 | Toby Holguin as Driver | Omar Leyva as Valet | Andrew Carrillo as Hispanic Man | Paul Lacovara as Business Man/Cop #2 | Jeff Brockton as Reluctant Victim | Oscar Ezpeleta as Masked Man #2 | Con Schell as Business Man/Cop #1 | Marc Jablon as Meisner
Director: Leslie Libman
Writer: Sean Crouch
Songs: Griffin House -- A New Day

52 :03x15 - End Of Watch

The authorities looking into a case are lead to believe that a former gang member was behind a police officer's death, a death they think was a revenge killing for the death of the former gang-member's brother. However, when Charlie gets a hold of and analyzes the data, his findings lead the FBI through a tangled web of suspects and dirty cops. Meanwhile, Don and Liz's relationship moves to the next level.

In other developments, Alan Eppes is sued for a driving range project he designed that has become a neighborhood nuisance. Dr. Mildred Finch asssts him in finding out what went wrong and who is responsible.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Will Patton as Detective Gary Walker | Josh Clark as Sergeant Ronald Jackson | David Warshofsky as Detective Jack Collins | Lance Reddick as Lieutenant Steve Davidson | Nike Doukas as Leigh Everett | Hussan Iniko Johnson as Calvin Bradley | Matthew Kimbrough as Manager | Douglas Fisher as Process Server | Cory Norman as Corey
Writer: Robert Port
Songs: Bryan Adams -- Summer of '69

53 :03x16 - Contenders

While training for an upcoming championship match, a martial arts fighter dies in the ring. The case becomes more complex when the victim's sparring partner, a friend of David's, emerges as the prime suspect.

Meanwhile Charlie has to contend with a competing professor's psychological warfare while he is preparing to defend Dr. Fleinhardt's seat at the final table of the poker championship while he's aboard the international space station.
Guest Stars: Lauren Velez as Claudia Gomez | Ed Grenga as Ben Ellis | Bruce McGill as Larry Alston | Steven Culp as Detective Graham Larson | Arye Gross as Professor Stanley Novich | A.J. Benza as Reporter | Philip Moon as Munson's Trainer | Bill Seward as Announcer | Fred Warner as Dealer | Tito Ernesto Ortiz as Tito Alva |
Uncredited: Christopher Daniels as MMA fighter
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Songs: TV On The Radio -- Wolf Like Me

54 :03x17 - One Hour

Don has another visit with his therapist while the team must race against the clock to find a young boy who has been kidnapped. Those behind the kidnapping refuse to release the boy until the $3 million ransom is met.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Wendell Pierce as William Bradford | Michael Taylor Gray as Jo Santiago | Maximiliano Hernandez as Rico | Michael DeLorenzo as Nacio Duque | Jason Chanos as Maloney | Jon Curry as Detective | Vincent Laresca as Che Lobo | Matthew Yang King as Crime Scene Tech | Susan Krebs as Librarian
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Writer: Ken Sanzel

55 :03x18 - Democracy

Several suspicious deaths of people in similar careers are found to be connected to an electronic voting fraud conspiracy. Don and the FBI team, with the help of Charlie, must track down those behind the conspiracy before more are killed. A well-connected billionaire seems to be at the center of the scheme.

Sabremetics whiz-kid Oswald Kitner returns to assist Charlie with the statistics based mathematics aspects of the case.
Guest Stars: Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Jay Baruchel as Oswald Kittner | Joshua Malina as Howard Meeks | Leslie Silva as M.E. Ridenhour | William Sadler as Richard Tuttle | Tim Monsion as Cliff Dawkins | Scott Waara as Jason Brasher | Alexander Chaplin as Austin Parker | Dihlon McManne as Lawyer | Ronobir Lahiri as Coroner | Terry Woodberry as Paramedic | Kelli O'Hara as Rachel Lawton | Jama Williamson as Jane Aliano | Alison Walla as Stacy Aliano
Director: Steve Boyum

56 :03x19 - Pandora's Box

A small plane crashes mysteriously in a forest, killing all on board. Amita & Dr. Finch help Charlie repair the plane's black boxes. When Charlie is able to test the in-flight computer, he uncovers the surprising truth behind the crash. Meanwhile, Charlie is also busy tracking down a burglar after his house is broken into.
Guest Stars: D.W. Moffett as Bob Tombrello | Erin Cottrell as Caroline Williams | Geoff Pierson as CEO Aaron Helm | Tom Pelphrey as Mike Daley | Gonzalo Menendez as Victor Morelos | Luis Villalta as Victor Morelos' Driver | Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Ian Edgerton | Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Brian Keith Russell as John Wellner
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Andrew Black
Songs: Iron and Wine -- Naked As We Came

57 :03x20 - Burn Rate

While on the hunt for a serial letter bomber, Don and Charlie disagree over whether a suspected bomber, who had eluded conviction years earlier, is the person responsible for the latest murder. Complicating the situation, they both have to cope with an over-zealous ATF agent who is hell-bent on railroading the suspect despite only flimsy circumstantial evidence.

Meanwhile Alan and Millie bet one another they can each go for 30 days without buying a new consumer item, only food and necessities.
Guest Stars: Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch | Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Lisa Vidal as Jennifer Malloy | Matt Malloy as Emmett Glaser | William Francis McGuire as C.O. Lee Kettrick | Kyle Howard as Jason Aronow | Brian Reddy as Lawyer | Bruce Kirby as Louis Glaser | Brette Taylor as Catherine Walton | Dohn Norwood as Captain Hazlett | Gene Gabriel as Bomb Squad Tech | Christopher Dinh as Male Undergrad
Director: Fred Keller
Writer: Don McGill
Songs: Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Hard to Concentrate

58 :03x21 - The Art Of Reckoning

Don believes that a death row inmate has an ulterior motive when he suddenly wants to confess the whereabouts of bodies he buried during his days as a hit man for the mob.

Dr. Larry Fleinhardt returns to Earth from his mission aboard the International Space Station. He brings back an Aztec kipu (macrame necklace) that he made in orbit along with a phobia of enclosed spaces. Dr. Finch wants to throw him a big party, but Larry wants to keep a low profile. After a low-key welcome home dinner at the Eppes', he reveals that he's going to take up residence at a near-by Bhuddist monestary for the time being.
Special Guest Stars: Jeremy Sisto as Assistant United States Attorney Alvin Brickle |
Guest Stars: Matthew Yang King as Technician | Lina Patel as Stephanie Quartz | Preston Bailey as Randy Amato | Bruce MacVittie as Congressman Randal Amato | Wood Harris as Murphy "Pony" Fuentes | Rhyon Nicole Brown as Lucy Funes Moreno | Joe Marinelli as Phillip Berelli | Eddie Driscoll as Guard #1 | Curtis Mark Williams as Prisoner #3 | Franco Delgado as Prisoner #2 | Shane Woodson as Guard #3 | Kathy Najimy as Dr. Mildred Finch
Director: John Behring
Songs: John Mayer -- Gravity

59 :03x22 - Under Pressure

Don and the FBI uncover a possible terrorist attack on Los Angeles that targets the city's water supply. Much to Don's dismay, Charlie gets their father, Alan, more involved in the investigation than Don is comfortable with.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Erik Palladino as Captain Adams | James McDaniel as Phillip Wright | Laura Kai Chen as Professor Rachel Osaki | Bernardo Pena as Kaleed Asan | Sean T. Krishnan as Ali al Dossari | James DuMont as Vendor | Rose Portillo as Woman | Dagmar Midcap as Newscaster | Susan Beaubian as Agent Stendhauser | Peter Moret as Hazmat Guy | Preston Bailey as Randy Amato
Director: J. Miller Tobin

60 :03x23 - Money For Nothing

When thieves hijack a truck filled with valuable medical supplies, $50 million dollars intended for a relief effort in Zambia and two aid workers, the FBI races a second violent crew intent on getting to the goods first. Charlie agrees to a joint session with Don and his therapist to discuss issues that arose during their childhood.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Lisa Gay Hamilton as Sari Kinshasa | Chris Conner as Dr. Dan Matthews | Caralyn Kozlowski as Gwen Owens | Wendell Pierce as William Bradford | Matt McTighe as Armed Guard #1 | Cisco Reyes as Lucky Dog | William Shockley as Vincent Kagan | Lawrence Novikoff as Jack Garrity | William Russ as Michael Shannon | Lucia Brawley as Undercover Officer | Gregory Scott Cummins as Bounty Hunter #1 | Charles Borland as Frank Tibbet | Christian Levatino as Zack Kagan

61 :03x24 - The Janus List

Following a deadly standoff with a mysterious bomber, Don and Charlie learn that he was poisoned in order to keep him from revealing a secret that changes the FBI team forever.
Special Guest Stars: Martin Jarvis as Taylor Ashby |
Guest Stars: James Frain as McClare | Shawn Hatosy as Dwayne Carter | Catherine Dent as Naomi Vaughn | Braeden Marcott as Victor | Gene Gabriel as Bomb Squad Tech | Casey Williams as Nurse Lois | Rick Gifford as C.I.A. #1 | Matthew Robert Gottlieb as Doctor | Darren Capozzi as Chip
Director: John Behring
Songs: Kasabian -- Club Foot, Greg Laswell -- What A Day

Season 4

62 :04x01 - Trust Metric

Agent Granger finds himself in prison after it is uncovered that he is a mole for the Chinese in the FBI. But when Granger escapes, Don and his team must track him down and uncover the tangled truth behind it all. Charlie considers trying to have his paper on the mathematics of friendship published.
Guest Stars: Val Kilmer as Mason Lancer | Shawn Hatosy as Dwayne Carter | Gary Wilmes as Michael Kirkland | Andre Ing as Shan |
Co-Guest Stars: Hector Hank as Guard #1
Director: Tony Scott
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Songs: Fort Minor -- Petrified

63 :04x02 - Hollywood Homicide

Secrets and blackmail are revealed when a woman is murdered in an up and coming actor's home in the Hollywood Hills. Charlie and Amita discover that DVD piracy is linked into the blackmail scheme.
Guest Stars: Aaron Stanford as Brett Chandler | Kevin Wheatley as Pete Sears | David Weidoff as Josh Ryan | Peter Cambor as Logan Oliver | Kelly Overton as Andrea Barton/Tracy Meade | Eva Kaminsky as Manager | Ronobir Lahiri as Coroner | Michael Tauzin as Wannabe Actor | Jack Merrill as Dr. Jacobsen | Leigh Zimmerman as Leslie Dennis | Steve Kazee as Mark Green | Anthony Cistaro as Bryce Lee | Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

64 :04x03 - Velocity

A typical morning at a coffee shop is thrown into chaos when a car slams into the cafe, killing one and injuring several. However, the team soon finds that it may not be an accident after all. Larry suggests that Dr. Ray Galuski, a mechanical engineering professor, might be very helpful in the investigation. Ray and Alan hit it off immediately and soon Alan is going back to school part time.
Guest Stars: Chris Bauer as Ray Galuski | Matthew Yang King as Matt Li | Jacinto Taras Riddick as Bobby Jacinto | GQ (1) as Frank Fisher | Sam Murphy (1) as Ernie Fuller | Michael Welch as Kyle Clippard | Timothy Landfield as Tom Clippard | Bill Heck as Barista | K'Dee Miller as Young Mother | Sam Ayers as News Vendor | Sybyl Walker as Doctor | Tonya Ka as Nitrogurl
Director: Fred Keller

65 :04x04 - Thirteen

After breaking the patterns in Bible verses that a killer leaves behind, Don and his team are able to track the killer, but remain one step behind. The investigation is complicated by an interested individual following the case who is stalking the team as they proceed.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Andrea Roth as Alex Trowbridge | Graham McTavish as John Corcoran | Sharif Atkins as Clay Porter | Nathan Baesel as Jared Parr | Lois Mathilda Atkins as Janine Parr | Lena Georgas as Louise Esmond | Erica Munoz as Mary Velasco | Richard Wharton as Homeless Man | David DeSantos as Peter Guzman | John Balma as Thad Esmond | Michael Balsley as Nathaniel Greene | Mark Doerr as John Lerner
Director: Ralph Hemecker
Writer: Don McGill

66 :04x05 - Robin Hood

A private safe deposit bank that holds millions of dollars for the rich and famous is robbed, but the contents of safety deposit boxes are later donated to charities. The items have been stolen from less than upstanding individuals. Don and Charlie must find out who is behind the Robin Hood chain of events. Charlie and Amita disagree over an initial meeting with Amita's parents. Dr. Fleinhardt and Alan engage in a CalSci campus tradition of dropping pumpkins frozen in liquid nitrogen from the top of buildings.
Guest Stars: Will Patton as Lt. Gary Walker | Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha as Kevin | Tim DeKay as Pete Friscia | Jason Durr as J.W. Piennar | Waleed Zuaiter as Ali Karimi | Yancey Arias as D.J. Rodriguez | Troy Titus Adams as Dr. Patricia Stone | Ryan Caltagirone as Barry Evans | Dave Florek as Alex Evans
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Writer: Robert Port

67 :04x06 - In Security

When a member of the Witness Security Program is murdered in cold blood in her home, Don can't help but feel responsible for her death. As the investigation unfolds, a twisted trail leads to organized crime in Albuquerque, a Los Angeles street gang, and a drug dealer from Seattle. Meanwhile, Charlie's book, The Attraction Equation, is published and he attends his first book signing.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | James Morrison (1) as Commander Chris Frederickson | Erika Alexander as U.S. Marshal Tricia Yaegger | Jennifer Riker as Leah Wexford | Kevin G. Schmidt as Steven Wexford | Peter Onorati as Alfred McGurn | Michael Cavalieri as Benny Natale | Chandler Adrian Parker as Zeke Gibbs | Kenneth Dolin as Brother Theo | Michelle Mulitz as Female Undergrad
Writer: Sean Crouch

68 :04x07 - Primacy

Don and his team enter the world of alternate-reality games following the death of a man who was participating in a game. The victim was an Assistant US Attorney, thus putting it within FBI jurisdiction. During the investigation, Amita's life is threatened when her hidden ability helps to find the killer. Meanwhile, Charlie makes a television appearence to promote his new book, The Attraction Equation. Charlie and Amita discuss the possibility of living together. Dr. Larry Fleinhardt returns to campus from his sabbatical following his outer space adventure.
Guest Stars: DJ Qualls as Anthony Braxton | James Urbaniak as Binky Moore | Mimi Cozzens as Mrs. Eliza Macnamara | Jennifer Chang as Janice Cho | Hilary Ward as Audra Regal | Luba Tatiana as FBI Tech | Nick Toren as Gary Meyers/Spectre
Director: Chris Hartwill

69 :04x08 - Tabu

A high-profile heiress is kidnapped by a group who is out to attack her father. Don and the team try to save her, but their rescue mission takes a shocking turn when they learn the group's true motive. The circumstances of the investigation hit a bit close to home for Megan, causing Don to reign her in. Don and Liz attempt to determine where their relationship is heading. Larry and Megan rekindle their relationship.
Guest Stars: William Atherton as Warren Pierce | Ari Graynor as Ella Pierce | Sean Patrick Flanery as Jeff Upchurch | Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | David Clayton Rogers as Cavani | Stephanie Bast as Gina | Vanessa Britting as Harper Simms | John Forest as Lucas Cavani
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

70 :04x09 - Graphic

Charlie helps Don and his team find a rare vintage ashcan version of a comic book that was stolen from a comic book mogul at a convention. The investigation becomes more complex when 14 forgeries of the comic book suddenly appear in the wake of the theft. Meanwhile, Charlie finds himself the subject of a profile piece in Vanity Fair magazine due to the popularity of his book. He becomes concerned that the article is going to slam him because he has very few close personal relationships outside of family and work.
Guest Stars: Christopher Lloyd (1) as Ross Moore | Wil Wheaton as Miles Sklar | Ben Feldman as Seth Marlowe | Bruce Turk as Mark Vaughn | Joe Morton as Peter Lange | Jason Paul Field as Gordon Garrity | Mary Gillis as Mrs. Garrity | Therese McLaughlin as Parole Officer | Albert Malafronte as Auctioneer | David Bardeen as Portly Collector | Lysander Abadia as Skinny Collector | Paul Lindquist as Geeky Guy | Ramona DuBarry as Bidder | Scott MacArthur as Bidder Wearing Glasses
Director: John Behring

71 :04x10 - Chinese Box

A former FBI subcontractor guns down an agent inside the agency's headquarters and takes a member of Don's team hostage. Charlie and Alan, who are visiting the FBI office, assist in resolving the situation. Megan and Liz take to the field to learn more about the hostage taker.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Enrico Colantoni as Ben Blakely | Chris Bruno as Tim King | Clifton Powell as Max Devane | Joseph Lyle Taylor as Jonas Grover | Megan Gallagher as Sarah Blakely | Tymberlee Hill as FBI Tech | Breon Gorman as Older Woman | Alexander Wells as Guard
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Ken Sanzel

72 :04x11 - Breaking Point

Someone is trying to physically intimidate Charlie so he will stop working a case where an investigative journalist has gone missing.

Meanwhile, Professor Ray Galuski has been helping Alan do some projects around the Eppes homestead. When Ray suggests a number of improvements to make the home more environmentally friendly Alan gets upset at the thought of changing things.
Guest Stars: Craig Tsuyumine as Reporter | Susan Floyd as Bonnie Parks | Chris Bauer as Ray Galuski | Judith Scott as Judy Turner | Reynaldo Gallegos as Sonny Leyva | Damian Young as Richard Taylor
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.
Songs: Band Of Horses -- Funeral

73 :04x12 - Power

A police officer who is also a serial rapist, uses his position to lure victims. The rapist is being sought by Don and his team. Don and Megan experience difficulties with a female Internal Affairs Officer from the LAPD who jeopardizes the investigation by jumping to conclusions and browbeating witnesses.

Meanwhile, it's a full house for the weekend at the Eppes family home as Alan has invited Dr. Larry Fleinhardt for the weekend without knowing that Charlie has invited Amita to spend the weekend because her residence is being fumigated. Larry asks Amita to join him on an important project and is relieved when Charlie enthusiastically supports the idea.
Guest Stars: Aunjanue Ellis as Ivy Kirk | Matthew Morrison as Blaine Cleary | Jenna Gavigan as Josie Biggs | Julie Dretzin as Karen Griffiths | Andrea Anders as Rena Vining | Eric Strickland as Malcolm Tucci | Robert Dolan as Officer Arnold Owens | William Langan as Chief Robaire | Cornell Womack as Officer Bill Mallard | Rob Kahn as Officer Chris Butler | Bill Tangradi as Officer Ronald Karnofsky | Nicole Dalton as Polly Turnage | Martin Kildare as John Biggs | Deborah Strang as Martha Biggs
Director: Julie Hébert

74 :04x13 - Black Swan

Don and the team bust a meth lab, but Don's instinct leads him to arrest a bystander who is planning an even greater scheme.
Guest Stars: Jacob Fishel as Isaac "Izzy" Meechum | James Harvey Ward as Joshua Quigley | Steven C. Gibbons as Bernard Laiken | Mike Peebler as Douglas
Director: John Behring
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Songs: Keaton Simons -- Unstoppable

75 :04x14 - Checkmate

Don's former girlfriend, Robin Brooks, returns to California to prosecute a criminal. However, when the witnesses for the case are murdered, Don and the team worry that the next victim will be Robin.
Guest Stars: Michelle Nolden as Robin Brooks | Tequan Richmond as Levi "Bishop" Holt | Marcello Thedford as Reddick | Naleah Dey as Coral | R.F. Daley as Gary Bell | Darryl Theirse as Driving Instructor | Matt Biedel as FBI Instructor Paul | Michael James Reed as Range Master Stephen | Tommy Schrider as Agent Jimmy D. | Jamaal Carter as Bone
Writer: Robert Port

76 :04x15 - End Game

Don and the team search for an ex-Marine who has been accused of murder. Things become complicated when the Marine's family is kidnapped, leading Don to believe there is much more to the case than meets the eye.
Special Guest Stars: Bill Nye as Professor Bill Waldie |
Guest Stars: Kenneth Dolin as Brother Theo | Laivan Greene as Jenna Porter | Yaani King as Laurie Porter | Richard Lawson as Clay Porter, Sr. | Mireille Enos as Grace Ferraro | Jack Guzman as Carlos Ruiz | Zack Duhame as James Pinkney | Derek Phillips as Ryan Ferraro
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Don McGill

77 :04x16 - Atomic No. 33

An FBI team investigates a mass poisoning at a cult compound in which the survivors refuse any medical assistance. What is uncovered is a history of bad blood between members and a murder conspiracy.
Special Guest Stars: Bill Nye as Professor Bill Waldie |
Guest Stars: Michael O'Keefe as Reverend Joseph Ezra | Steven R. McQueen as Craig Ezra | Jill Eikenberry as Susan Doran | Gabrielle Christian as Audrey Doran | Leslie Silva as M.E. Ridenhour | Ron K. Collie as Peter |
Co-Guest Stars: Antonio D. Charity as LAPD Rookie | Cassandra Freeman as Tech | Walter Berry as old man | Liza Weil as Daughter | Lynn Wanlass as Frail Woman
Director: Leslie Libman
Writer: Sean Crouch
Songs: Sharon Little -- Spaceship

78 :04x17 - Pay to Play

A drive by shooting takes the life of a rap star and a further investigation shows evidence of a possible conspiracy , including embezzlement and bribery. Meanwhile, Charlie prepares to meet Amita's parents.

79 :04x18 - When World's Collide

Differing beliefs leaves Charlie and Don in a conflict when they investigate a case involving national security. Meanwhile, Megan decides to leave the team after a crisis of conscience.
Guest Stars: Zeljko Ivanek as William Fraley | Ravi Kapoor as Phil Sanjrani | Shawn Doyle as Shane O'Hanahan | Meera Simhan as Asha Rafiq | Tiya Sircar as Shaza Rafiq | Shan Ali as Hadi Rafiq | Nick Jaine as Benjamin Rajar | Roman Mitichyan as Kaleen Rafiq |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Vincent O'Connor as Max Flaherty | Kevin Symons as CIA Officer | Michael Balsley as Cop | John Hawkinson as Attorney | David Valcin as Sport Coat #1 | Barber Ali as The Real Hassan Mazari
Director: John Behring
Songs: Nada Surf -- Happy Kid

Season 5

80 :05x01 - High Exposure

Don and his team search for the people responsible for the deaths of two rock climbers who had a large diamond in their possession. Meanwhile, Charlie debates getting his FBI clearance reinstated as a new agent joins the team.
Guest Stars: Sophina Brown as Nikki Betancourt | Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Edgerton | Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | Ben Crowley as Peter "Pete" Fuller | Joanna Canton as Theresa "Skeet" Kuhlman | Myk Watford as Alex Rezar | Zach McGowan as Keith Jackson | Eric Christie as Nigel Moore | Michael Laskin as Bill Bryce |
Co-Guest Stars: Josh Holt as Skinny Climber
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

81 :05x02 - Decoy Effect

Don investigates when someone is murdered at an ATM after a series of kidnappings had occurred there. Charlie meets with an FBI investigator who can grant or deny him a security clearance within the bureau.
Starring Roles: Keith Carradine as Carl McGowan |
Guest Stars: Jon David Casey as Thomas Chaney | James Martinez as Damien Rove | Sian Heder as Diane Mooney | Kristen Bush as Doris Casey |
Co-Guest Stars: Emerson Brooks as Cop | Michael Shaner as Alpha
Director: Ralph Hemecker
Writer: Ken Sanzel

82 :05x03 - Blowback

After eight people, including two police officers, are killed in a coffee shop, the team assists the LAPD in the investigation and soon uncover a trail of blackmail and corruption. Meanwhile, McGowan continues his investigation into Charlie and Don.
Guest Stars: Morena Baccarin as Lynn Potter | D.B. Woodside as Jonathan Schmidt | Jonathan Silverman as Kurt Young | Keith Carradine as Carl McGowan | Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Robert Port

83 :05x04 - Jack of All Trades

Don and the team help an FBI agent with his search for a con man. Meanwhile, Agent McGowan delivers his final decision on Charlie's clearance and Don's future in the FBI.
Guest Stars: Henry Winkler as Agent Bloom | Nora Dunn as Susan Stone | Dianna Agron as Kelly Rand | Chuck Hittinger as Kevin Oliver |
Co-Guest Stars: Hattie Winston as Eileen | Douglas Dickerman as Corrections Officer | Alix Korey as Neighbor | Ann Hearn as Kevin's Mother

84 :05x05 - Scan Man

When a shipping service discovers they are missing high-end goods the team hunts down the crew responsible and ask an employee with savant-like abilities to help them find who is behind the crime. Also, Don questions his faith in the FBI after one of his men is killed while on duty.
Guest Stars: Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner

85 :05x06 - Magic Show

When a female magician disappears on stage during a trick and doesn't reappear, Don is sent in to investigate. David was in the audience and witnessed to act.
Guest Stars: Penn Jillette as Himself | Lacey Kohl as Susanna Weisz | Rutina Wesley as Sarah (Jenny Calandro) | Henri Lubatti as Garland St. Michael | Richard Libertini as Gage Jones |
Co-Guest Stars: Pat Crawford Brown as Older Woman
Director: Craig Ross, Jr.
Writer: Don McGill
Songs: Kid Dakota -- Stars

86 :05x07 - Charlie Don't Surf

Don & Charlie investigate when a family friend who was a park ranger and a former professional surfer is found murdered. Although the death was ruled an accident, the guys probe links this crime with another.
Guest Stars: Brad Gerlach as Nathan Watts | Ryan Bittle as Pat Drummond | Joey Kern as Kevin Warshaw | Bernard White as Frank Hagen | Kevin Tighe as Keith |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Lange as Skipper | David Pease as Fashion Photographer
Director: Emilio Estevez

87 :05x08 - Thirty Six Hours

When a passenger train and a freight train carrying toxic chemicals collide, Don, Charlie and the rest of the team must determine if foul play was involved in the crash.
Guest Stars: Larry Clarke as James Malin | John Chavez as Ralph Ramirez | Lourdes Benedicto as Estella Ramirez | Antonio Fargas as Jeffrey Knight | Randall Arney as Richard Cory | Tony Amendola as Roman Markovius | Kahlil Joseph as Cutty Nagim | Mark Pellegrino as Tim Hamer | Robert Neary as Ed Clark | Tavis Danz as Doug Abbott | Philip Pinto as William Ramirez

88 :05x09 - Conspiracy Theory

The bombing of a charity headquarters sends the team down a trail of rumors in order to get to the bottom of who is behind the attack.
Guest Stars: Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | Paul Michael Glaser as Brett Hanson | Josh Gad as Ron McGill | Jeff Kober as Brady | Faline England as Jenny | Jill Remez as Kelly
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Robert Port

89 :05x10 - Frienemies

When a vigilante goes after a known criminal, Charlie has to go to his rival for help. Meanwhile, Don debates his choice to embrace religion.
Guest Stars: Colin Hanks as Marshall Penfield | Tony Curran as Victor Tooner | Jeremy Glazer as Clayton Caswell | Matthew Yang King as Matt Li | Takayo Fischer as Bai Lan Zhou | Joaquin Perez Campbell as Robert Santos | Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner | Adam Wylie as Oliver Mayo |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryun Yu as Young Chinese Man | Josh Blaylock as Mario | Jessie T. Usher as Robber #1 | Ulysses Cuadra as Robber #2 | Adrian Kali Turner as Boy | Chesare Hardy as Tina
Director: Steve Boyum

90 :05x11 - Arrow of Time

A teen killer who was sent to prison by Don, after embarking on a cross-country killing spree along with his 30 year old Texas schoolteacher, has escaped and is bent on revenge. Don hopes his newly found religious beliefs will help him through this dangerous situation.
Guest Stars: Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | David Gallagher as Buck Winters | Paul Hipp as Gray McClaughlin | Gary Basaraba as Joe Thibodeaux | Adam Dunnells as Rafe Lanksy |
Co-Guest Stars: Rusty Schwimmer as Deanne Drake | Jamie Starr as Toby | Andre Royo as Tim Pynchon
Director: Ken Sanzel
Writer: Ken Sanzel

91 :05x12 - Jacked

A bus full of Hollywood tourists are taken hostage and the team is given just four hours to meet the hijackers demands.
Guest Stars: Fisher Stevens as John Buckley | Chris Bruno as Tim King | Seana Kofoed as Caitlin Dawes | Ian Stanley (2) as Hayes | Chris McGarry as Jack Shuler |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Galfer as Bus Tech | Maura M. Knowles as Mother | Cameron Monaghan as Todd | Michael Beach as Len Walsh | James Sie as ND FBI Agent | Kevin Weisman as Bus Driver
Writer: Don McGill

92 :05x13 - Trouble in Chinatown

After a fight breaks out between rival Chinese gangs within the black market, an undercover FBI is kidnapped. Psychic Samuel Kraft lends his help to the case.
Guest Stars: John Glover as Samuel Kraft | Kelly Hu as Alice Chen | Chyna Chuu as Lily | Elizabeth Pan as Agent Kim Hsaio | Conan Lee as Jimmy Lin | Tina Huang as Ni-Shu | Fred Sanders as Malcolm Bittick |
Co-Guest Stars: Leslie Silva as M.E. Ridenhour | Jennifer Chu as Store Owner | Don Li as Waiter #1 | Keone Young as Walter Yoon | Camille Chen as Zi-Zi | Lanny Joon as Colin Pang
Director: Julie Hébert

93 :05x14 - Sneakerhead

Thieves have broken into the private residence of a foreign ambassador, and a pair of limited edition sneakers have been stolen which he paid over $250,000 at an auction. Don and his team head to the underworld of sneaker collecting. Meanwhile, Liz has second thoughts about a leave for Denver in which she will receive a promotion from the Bureau.
Guest Stars: Eve as La-La Buendia | Damien Leake as Browner Dunn | Bruno Campos as Randall Nespola | Eugene Byrd as Vic Mortiz | Patrick Bauchau as Jean Stephanois | Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner |
Co-Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Detective Cates | Brennan Taylor as Nespola's Son | Gene Farber as Nadroj Ria | Thomas Blake as Lee Diddums | Chris Coy as Beastie Boy
Director: Emilio Estevez
Songs: Sharon Little -- Accidentally

94 :05x15 - Guilt Trip

When an accused arms dealer gets acquitted of a murder charge despite strong evidence saying guilty, leads Don and his crew into a case for possible jury tampering.
Guest Stars: Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | James Marsters as Damian Lake | Ray Wise as Mitch Langford | Sarah Poynter as Erica Daniels | Graham Shiels as Fox Carter | Geoffrey Wade as Defense Attorney | Pam Bel Anu as Judge | Corey Sorenson as Gregg Silver/Justin Cerf | Tessa Auberjonois as Arlene Montgomery | Cathy Cahlin Ryan as Linda Parker | Cynthia Addai Robinson as Trisha Moreno | Ned Schmidtke as Roy Detchemendy | Vivian Bang as Court Clerk | Mark Edward Smith as Lawyer | Laura P. Vega as Maid | Matthew Yang King as Matt Li | Tug Coker as Carl Daniels

95 :05x16 - Cover Me

In order to stop the introduction of a new drug to the streets, Charlie comes up with a plan that will put Liz in the line of fire.
Guest Stars: Eion Bailey as Cam | Lorraine Toussaint as Agent Terri Green | Don Harvey (1) as Pritchard | Ian Paul Cassidy as Ryan Duneaux | Rolando Boyce as Paloma
Director: Rob Morrow
Songs: She Wants Revenge -- This Is The End

96 :05x17 - First Law

When a super computer is to blame for the death of a scientist, the team goes to new lengths to solve the case. Meanwhile, Charlie contemplates a job offer.
Guest Stars: Nancy Travis as Jane Karellen | Adam Godley as Dr. Joseph Baskin | Jillian Armenante as Claire | Tom Wright as Coach Harry Streeling | Brian Avers as Daniel Robertson | Saul Huezo as Marine | Tymberlee Hill as Junior Agent | Albert Owens as Lawyer | Liane Balaban as Jessie Robertson (Baley) | Barrett Foa as Andrew Gibbons | Sarah Desage as Flight Attendant | Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner
Director: Steve Boyum
Writer: Sean Crouch

97 :05x18 - 12:01 A.M.

The team is in a race against time to look into a last minute tip that would clear a mob boss on the night of his execution. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to help the CalSci basketball team break their losing streak.
Guest Stars: Michelle Nolden as AUSA Robin Brooks | Gina Gershon as Danielle (Danny) Hill | Pau Gasol as Himself | Jordan Farmar as Himself | James Russo as John Curtis | Daniel Bess as Julien Curtis | Marty Lodge as Dr. Henry Stanlet | Stephen Lee (1) as Tony Wolf | Aya Sumika as Special Agent Liz Warner |
Co-Guest Stars: Tony Longo as Big Chucky Rollins | Kofi Natei as C.O Bledsoe | Ken Medlock as Ref | Dr. Oliver Eslinger as Pete
Director: Ralph Hemecker
Writer: Robert Port
Songs: Nico Stai -- Maybe Maybe

98 :05x19 - Animal Rites

The investigation of a CalSci professor's death uncovers a possible link to a radical animal rights organization.
Guest Stars: Michael Stahl-David as Josh Skinner | Jon Budinoff as Cloud Jamieson | Polly Walker as Dr. Lorna Ludlow | Shishir Kurup as Professor Sharad Varma | John Cabrera as Randy Wesslinger | Taylor Handley as James Arthur | Gina Hecht as Margaret Skinner | Hal Landon, Jr. as Professor Nelson Horowitz | Laura-Leigh as Barista | Alexa Fischer as Lecturer | Logan Fahey as Anonymous Masked Raider

99 :05x20 - The Fifth Man

Charlie is used for his math skills to help profile the suspects of home invasions which the FBI has been called in to investigate. But his calculations go awry following a raid, causing Don to suffer a life-threatening injury.
Guest Stars: Shea Whigham as Tom Kardum | Shannon Cochran as Doctor Iverson | Debbon Ayer as Sarah Fisher | Michael Gaston as Gil Fisher | Michael Khmurov as Slobodan Radovic | Delilah Cotto as Karen Cruz | Alan Blumenfeld as Store Owner
Director: Ken Sanzel
Writer: Don McGill
Songs: Jose Gonzalez -- Teardrop

100 :05x21 - Disturbed

Feeling guilty over the stabbing, Charlie puts his attention on finding a serial killer using math theories to help the team solve the case before another life is taken.
Guest Stars: Josh Gad as Roy McGill | Matthew Yang King as Matt Li | Brian Howe as Robert Posdner | John Rubinstein as Gene Evans | Jack Shearer as Peter Evans | Dan Martin as Detective Cates | Daniel Sauli as Mark Horn | Paul Messinger as Jack | Michelle Feynman as Linda | Creagen Dow as Leonard | J.D. Goldblatt as Joe | Erica Piccininni as Woman | Keith Nobbs as Ralph | Brett Rickaby as Steve Savard | Anne James as Wife
Director: Dennis Smith

101 :05x22 - Greatest Hits

Don and the team are sent to look into a series of bank robberies and soon name former FBI Agent Roger Bloom as their lead suspect.
Guest Stars: Henry Winkler as Agent Roger Bloom | Jonathan Adams (1) as Clifford Hansen | Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Marcus | Carlos Sanz as Detective | Joy Osmanski as File Clerk

102 :05x23 - Angels and Devils

When Amita is abducted, Don and the team’s frantic search for her leads them to the delusional head of a cult, but it is up to a distraught Charlie to discover what the suspect’s bizarre plans for her are.
Guest Stars: James Callis as Mason Duryea | Keri Safran as Audrey | Rachel Montez Collins as Dallas | Sarah Drew as Piper St. John | Celesta Hodge as Patty | Ivonne Oquendo as FBI Agent
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writer: Ken Sanzel

Season 6

103 :06x01 - Hangman

Don and his team are out to protect former radical Benjamin Polk from a determined sniper who wants him dead, and who is leading the FBI on a cat-and-mouse chase as he closes in on his prey.
Guest Stars: Gary Cole as Shepard Crater | David Call as Benjamin Polk | Becky Wahlstrom as Wanda Schoemer
Director: Ken Sanzel
Writer: Ken Sanzel

104 :06x02 - Friendly Fire

Two FBI agents are killed during a bank robbery, Don's team is called to investigate. Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita begin to worry when Larry doesn't want to attend a conference in Geneva.
Guest Stars: Gregg Henry as Pete Fox | Gregory Sims as Jim Wilson | Jordan Farmar as Himself |
Co-Guest Stars: Jen Drohan as Tina Gordon | Laura Ford as Hale's Wife
Director: Rod Holcomb

105 :06x03 - 7 Men Out

To find the person behind a deadly gambling ring that is running a high-stakes Russian roulette tournament, Don and his team are called in to investigate. Elsewhere, Don and Charlie become concerned over the financial health of Alan.
Guest Stars: Tim Guinee as Glen Olin | Stephanie Childers as Nancy Olin | Jason Antoon as Kai Kragen | Jeffrey Hutchinson as Brian Willets (The Immortal) | Amy Hill as Property Manager |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah Rafferty as Margo | Antonio Elias as Uniform #1 | Dan Martin as Detective Cates | Todd Weeks as Referee | Michael Hartson as trouble guy
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writer: Don McGill

106 :06x04 - Where Credit's Due

The team investigates several deaths that turn out to be copies of a soon-to-be-released movie, while Larry goes on his own personal adventure.
Guest Stars: Jessica Lundy as Carolyn White | Ron Orbach as Victor Stokes | Tyler Francavilla as Tyson | Arielle Vandenberg as Lorrelle | Randy Wayne as Grant | Leslie Silva as Coroner | Adam Goldberg as Chris McNall
Director: Dennis Smith

107 :06x05 - Hydra

The team tries to track down the daughter of a geneticist who they believe was kidnapped by her mother. However, the case becomes complex when they have reason to believe the daughter was a clone. Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita discuss having children, and Liz reveals a secret.
Guest Stars: Keith David as Jeremiah Miller | Christian Camargo as Dr. Trey Bramon | Mia Barron as Carla Reed | Tony Hale as Russell Lazlo | Taylor Stanley as Anne Flynn | Marcus Jordan as FBI Agent | Emily Skinner as Cynthia Jane Bramon (CJ)
Director: Ralph Hemecker
Writer: Sean Crouch

108 :06x06 - Dreamland

The team investigates a decommissioned air base after a woman is found dead there, but their investigation is interrupted by paranormal happenings.
Guest Stars: Leslie Silva as M.E. Ridenhour | John Michael Higgins as Floyd Mayborne | John Cariani as Otto Bahnhoff | Silas Weir Mitchell as Darren Drew | David Rees Snell as Herb Moore | Laura Heisler as Cynthia Abbott | Sam Lloyd as Group Leader | Jennifer Elise Cox as Hobbyist | Thomas Kopache as Officer | Larry Herron as Technician

109 :06x07 - Shadow Markets

In order to track down a cyber crime lord, the team puts together an undercover sting, but their operation is stalled by a hacker who is trying to take over the Internet. However, his attempts to take over the Internet may lead to a dangerous online war that could result in murder.
Guest Stars: Josh Cooke as Augie Harris | Pablo Schreiber as Tal Feigenbaum | Wendy Makkena as Kath Berry | Fran Bennett as Estelle Brown | Caroline Lagerfelt as Rose Harris | Ronnie Gene Blevins as Mutt | Michael Harney as U.S. Marshal | Kit Williamson as PenTest Host
Director: Julie Hébert

110 :06x08 - Ultimatum

While tracking down a criminal who is running a heroin ring inside of a prison, Agent Ian Edgerton becomes a murder suspect when an informant is killed.
Guest Stars: Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Ian Edgerton | Christopher McDonald as Frank Thompson | Pablo Schreiber as Tal Feigenbaum | Missi Pyle as Janet Galvin | Andrew Hawkes as Vincent Costello | Marcus Chong as Jones | Donald Roman Lopez as Felipe Garcia
Director: Dennis Smith
Writer: Robert Port

111 :06x09 - Con Job

Don and the team are lent a hand by convict John Buckley when robbers break-in to a diamond exchange and take hostages.
Guest Stars: Fisher Stevens as John Buckley | Jon David Casey as Len Maddux | Ellen Hollman as Lola Sacco | John Lavelle as Gil Harkness | Brandi Burkhardt as Misty Mornay | John Prosky as Kyle Holtzman | Michael Duvert as Chip Dumars | Poorna Jagannathan as Tech #1 | James Acheson as Bomb Squad Guy | Joel Stoffer as ND Agent
Director: Ralph Hemecker
Writer: Don McGill

112 :06x10 - Old Soldiers

When the FBI takes down a gang responsible for a series of armored car robberies, the aftermath reveals something quite interesting, which is that some of the bills in the car were flagged as part of the infamous and unsolved D.B. Cooper hijacking. The team calls in Agent Roger Bloom, who happened to have worked on the original investigation, for assistance.
Guest Stars: Michael Hogan (1) as Ray Till | Henry Winkler as Agent Roger Bloom | Matthew Yang King as Matt Li | Nicole Bilderback as Tina Tran | Rick Ravanello as Teddy Antell | Judith Moreland as Fremont | Alec Mapa as Clerk
Director: Ken Sanzel
Songs: Blitzen Trapper -- Furr

113 :06x11 - Scratch

The team looks into the theft of a batch of scratch-off lottery tickets, and they find out the culprit may be a former lottery winner.
Guest Stars: Michelle Nolden as Robin Brooks | Michael O'Neill as Boyd Keene | Nicole Sullivan as Nancy Hackett | David Barry Gray as Scott Wilson (Robber 2) | Bubba Lewis as Zack Wilson | Allison Smith as Sara Lewis | Bellina Logan as Lawyer | Sarah Buehler as Punk Teen | Tom Beyer as Carl Graham (Robber 3) | Eric Scott Gould as Raymond Brown (Robber 4) | Jason Singer as Clerk #1 | Minerva García as Clerk #2 | Amro Salama as Clerk #3

114 :06x12 - Arm in Arms

The team is called when a shipment of high-caliber firearms goes missing, and one of the stolen weapons is used in random killings throughout the city. Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita disagree on a wedding date.

115 :06x13 - Devil Girl

The team hunts down a serial killer who is targeting men who use prostitutes. Meanwhile, Colby and Nikki are involved in a car accident during the investigation.
Guest Stars: Leslie Silva as M.E. Ridenhour | Tony Hale as Professor Russell Lazlo | Clea DuVall as Melanie Bailey | Anna Camp as Siouxsie Dark | Jeff Roop as Jack Steves | Kristin Richardson as Roxie Ray | Kim Huffman (1) as Jean Zurlanska | Melody Garrett as Super | Ron Menzel as Edward Zurlanski | Eric Wentz as Bartender Andy

116 :06x14 - And The Winner Is...

The team search for jewels worth millions that were stolen during an awards show. Meanwhile, Don looks into an old case that has been haunting him and Larry returns.
Guest Stars: Rowena King as Elizabeth Hopkins | Stephen Spinella as Hans Stollbach | Marilu Henner as Regina Landers | Alanna Ubach as Paula Watson | William Katt as Sven Regal | Rick Hoffman as Oliver | Armando Molina as Raul Hernandez | Kate Siegel as Rachel Hollander | Taylor Wilcox as Scarlet McBain
Director: Ralph Hemecker
Writer: Gary Rieck

117 :06x15 - Growin' Up

The murder of two men takes the team to investigate a group of friends that had been sexually assaulted by a teacher at a younger age. Meanwhile, the perfect job opportunity pops up for Charlie and Amita, that may also put a wrinkle on their wedding plans.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Moira Kelly as Mary Paulson | Wendy Makkena as Kath Berry | Christopher Gartin as Sean Westmark | Jon Bernthal as Mike Nash | Matt Samson as Devin Shepard | Alan Ruck as Arnold Winslow | Richard Edson as Nick Rowland | Timothy Sheehan as Wes
Director: Rob Morrow
Writer: Robert Port

118 :06x16 - Cause and Effect

After Charlie and Amita get married and begin preparations for their London adventure, they put a slight hold on their wedded bliss when they assist the team in helping Don track down the whereabouts of his gun after it goes missing.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michelle Nolden as Robin Brooks | Lou Diamond Phillips as Agent Ian Edgerton | Matthew Yang King as Matt Li | Dan Martin as Det. Jack Cates | John Cariani as Otto Bahnoff | David Burke (1) as Jim Mazzolla | Bridger Zadina as Jim Mazzolla Jr. | Vyto Ruginis as Mike Hiller | Mark Ankeny as Jim Newell | Stephanie Erb as Linda Samuelson | Gino Montesinos as James Shane | Stan Egi as Ralph Morris | Alicia Wollerton as Becky Mazzolla | Luke Rosen as Ted Dacosta
Director: Nicolas Falacci
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 23, 2005
Ended: March 12, 2010
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