Guns and Roses - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman taking a huge amount of pills and picking up a gun. Don sees Robin Williams after doing shooting practice and Robin thanks him for an earlier case. They then go out and are kissing eachother when Don gets a call and so Robin leaves the car and Don tells him that he will talk to her later. Don then reaches the crime scene and sees a woman lying on the groun and it apparently is a FBI officer and Don seems to be acting rather strangely. We then see a picture of the dead agent and Don before the first commercial break. Don then discusses the case and he learns that she took some Prozac. Megan realizes that Don knew her but Don doesn't want to talk about it. Don then gives Charlie a folder and tells him to tell him if anything doesn't add up. Larry, Amita, and Charlie then discuss the suicide and if she was depressed. Amita and Charlie know that Don knows her and tell Larry that. Larry connects the death to stars, saying that when 1 star dies, the other stars are effected. The victim's husband doesn't want to talk, but the members of the team reveal that the victim was hurt badly later and Megan learns that they had trouble with her husband and that something backed her into a corner and that she wanted to end the relationship. Charlies disagrees with Megan's thought that it was an actual suicide because he feels that all the positive aspects of her life outnumber the negitive aspects and that she should be able to cope by drawing a metaphor to skating. It is then revealed that the victim called Don a couple hours before dead. The victim's husband has a bad credit record and was at Mexico but they don't know why and Don asks that they need to investigate it. Charlie discusses with Amita partly about Nikki, and partly about Don who Charlie is worried about maintaining a professional relationship. Amita says that Don can find somebody, but he has to be willing to. Don wonders why Nikki's husband's boss thought was in Texas and his father reveals that her wife had cancer and Don says that he shouldn't take any trips to Mexico before the case is over. Charlie comes to check up on Don, Megan says that he will be back in a minute and there is possibly a radio submission of the shot that killed Nikki. Charlie says that he can create a fingerprint and perhaps be able to gain some valuable information. Charlie and Larry can't seem to get it correctly and if they can do it correctly, they can be sure there is a shooting going on. Larry tries to correct it by fixing the shades but it still is missing something. Charlie realizes that with an echo of a sound wave by it bouncing off something they can figure out things they can't see with a metaphor to bat. That then leads to the fact that the tests are getting the tests correct and so they think now that there was somebody else in the room when Nikki died. Charlie is certain that there is somebody else in the room, which rules out Nikki's husband as being the other person because he was in Mexico. Charlie thinks that he can use DNA samples to find out what they actually look like and Don sends him off to get on that. Megan wonders if the person who tipped the FBI off about some renegades had also tipped off them about not entering a bank. Larry wonders if the DNA prints are ethical because of the fact that some people could use these to limit their futures. Charlie is annoyed by all of this considering that he feels that they are like fingerprints. Meanwhile Don tries to get to give him info on the renegades but fails. Don, Sinclair, and Megan decide to go into Daril Clarks house to find him dead. They then go out to the back to find Nikki's husband as a 3rd victim, killed with two shots. Megan pondered why the husband was killed, they reveal that Nikki's father might have sold guns which pushed her into a corner. Amita comes in and wonders if Larry has some reason why he doesn't like DNA, such as some sort of criminal record. Larry denies this and just says that when something is out of the bottle, it is out of the bottle. Charlie feels that hopefully he can put a face on all of the DNA samples that were given to him. Alan talks to Don about how he needs to jump into a relationship and recover from this. FBI agents then crowd the area where the other people in the supposed gun-selling operation were staying and interrogates one of them, but he there isn't anything that connects him to either crime scene. Charlie finally gets some information about them and comes out with 8 faces. He is able to eliminate all but 3 of them, but Megan realizes that the third face looks a lot like Rowe and when Rowe is are under servailence, Don comments that he feels that they were pulling a job, and the FBI shuts down the operation and there is a huge gunfight when Don and the crew arrive. Rowe continues to fire shot after shot at the officers but Don shoots his leg then the FBI surrounds him. Charlie did the test on Don, and realizes that he is going to be fine partly due to the strong ties to his family, though Charlie makes Alan wonder where Don goes when he turns his cellphone off and doesn't answer. The episode then ends with Don entering Robin William's house and the door being shut.