Enough Rope - Recap

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Private schoolgirls are playing jump rope rhyme games. Jackie, Kevin and
the girls look on. They turn Grace and Fee over to the nun and head off
to work.

Gloria is practicing jumping rope when she is interrupted by a knock at
the door. She invites Zoey in, who has a complaint. Maternity keeps
stealing all the good gloves from the ER. Gloria advises her to steal
them back, hide and hoard them. She wants to know if Gloria has her
back. Gloria tells her not to get caught, then she won't have to worry
about her back. She asks if she can use the jump rope, and Gloria tells
her to have at it. She rocks it.

Jackie sees a senior citizen feared into a fall by a skateboarder. She
promptly body checks him, and he goes into the ER to get his arm set. He
claims Jackie blindsided him, and O'Hara says Jackie does have a
tendency to do that. Jackie leaves, and Sam asks if she's okay. Yeah,
nothing changes. As he's walking away, Jackie orders him to mind his own

Coop holds out his hand, asking Sam if they can please bury the hatchet.
Sam refuses.

Zoey arrives at the desk and unloads all the gloves she stole back from
maternity. Eddie tells Jackie he got the topical from peds. Zoey asks
Thor to keep an eye on things while she raids oncology. He goes on
record that those people have cancer, lest she's forgotten. Zoey asks
him to please not be a buzz kill.

Jackie meets up with Eddie, since the line about peds was just that - a
line. He locks the door and tells her that he feels guilty about Kev.
She tells him to say no, he can't socialize with him. So what then,
Eddie asks; just drop out of his life? Eddie is Kev's go-to guy. He
never would have messed with Jackie, had he knows she was Kevin's wife.
Jackie doesn't know what he wants from her. He wants to tell Kev he
works at All Saints. Jackie doesn't want to hear it, but Eddie's had
enough. This has been nothing but lies on top of lies, and he can't do
it anymore.

He's not trying to blame her. He knows he stayed in when he should have
gotten out. He's just trying to find a solution that works for everyone.
Jackie says it doesn't work for her, so. Eddie says that the simplest
solution is the right one. Jackie knew she was married. He didn't. He
thinks she owes him a little help, getting out of this. He tells her not
to take this the wrong way, but she's an amazing liar. World-class,
genius. He asks her to think about it, but she refuses. She tells him to
call Kev and tell him he lost his job, and he's looking for work in a
downtown pharmacy. She'll take it from there.

Jackie is Zoey's first stop when she announces she got the purple ones.
Jackie orders her to put half in her desk. Zoey is appalled. Half?! Half.

Sam fills Jackie in on an agitated patient. He tried to start a valium
drip, she wouldn't let him come near her. Coop, either. Sam asks her not
to make him work with Coop, and she tells him to grow up.

She approaches Coop, who is masked. TB? Chicken pox. He's scared of
scarring. Where did she get the good gloves?

The patient starts singing like a canary as Jackie approaches. She
doesn't want either Coop or Sam anywhere near her. She just can't be
anywhere near anybody who pees standing up, she really can't. Would it
kill them to aim? Jackie glances the the patient's four sons. She
suggests to Coop that he swap this woman for O'Hara's poison ingestion
patient. Sounds good to him.

Gloria is talking to the crew about Michelle Obama and childhood obesity
while she serves them bakery treats. She is going to come to New York to
speak, and it's between Bellevue and All Saints as to who gets a visit
from the First Lady.

Jackie preps the wounded mom, Mimi. She cut her thumb with a hacksaw
trying to remove a toilet seat. Dr. O'Hara arrives just as the valium
kicks in for Mimi. Jackie excuses herself and takes the boys to meet
Thor. She hands him money and sends him to get snacks and set them in
front of the TV. Gloria tries to stop him, but Jackie is having none of
it, after how badly their mother treated them. TV and snacks it is.

A patient comes in, Mr. Graham he's DNR. The medics shouldn't have
resuscitated him. He tells Zoey he wants to die outside. She opens the
blinds so he has sunshine.

Eddie tries to advise Coop about how to deal with Sam.

Gloria tells Jackie that O'Hara is putting out feelers around town.

Zoey is getting carried away with the glove theft.

Jackie is right behind her, and Eddie announces this is not a
drive-through. Jackie tells him it's too late, and heads for the back
room. She grabs the pills she has taped under the cupboard.

Jackie sees Mimi again, she's embarrassed by how she went off on the
kids. She wonders about going on anti-anxiety medicine. Jackie understands.

Zoey talks to her boyfriend about the DNR. He thinks that Jackie went
off, because that's what he was told.

Jackie is on the phone, reassuring Kevin. She didn't mean to scare him.
Of course, there's potential for addiction, but she's not that kind of

Jackie tells Gloria she needs 40 minutes, and Gloria tells her she has
20. She approaches O'Hara at lunch and tells her she'll follow her if
she leaves. She's not that easy to get rid of. She hopes O'Hara won't
leave, because if she does, she'll have to cash in her chips at All
Saints and follow her, because she's her friend.

Coop approaches Sam with a doctored "It's a Boy!" card that now reads
"Boy, am I Sorry." When Sam walks away, Coop reads his heartfelt apology
out loud and is interrupted by machines. Their DNR is deceased. Coop
wants a time of death, and Zoey closes the curtain in his face. O'Hara
arrives, and Jackie has a hard time looking at her. No shortage of cold
shoulders, she says. Between Kevin, Grace, O'Hara. Can they have lunch
tomorrow? O'Hara says too soon.

At the bar, Eddie, Jackie and Kev chat. He's still a little
shell-shocked, but he hugs her back. Kev tells her that Eddie lost his
job today, maybe she could put in a good word for him at All Saints?
Yeah, sure; she'll see what she can do.