Kettle-Kettle-Black-Black - Recap

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The scene opens with Jackie at the rehab; and her belongings are being checked. Well she is there to get better, but it’s definitely not going to be easy. 24 hours earlier, at the hospital, Jackie is done for the day when Eddie tells here that he needs to show her something. He has brought a flower for her he found on the church steps. But Jackie doesn’t seem to be in the right mood. He tells her that they could it nice and slow. Just then Gloria walks in and informs Jackie that she needs to do another hour. She goes to check on the newly arrived patient, Justin and his girlfriend is freaking out, as the hospital guys tell her that his organs are shutting down. But Jackie reassures her.

She says that Justin would be taken care of well. She leaves for the day. Eddie is waiting for her. He asks her whether she was sleeping with him for the drugs, but she says maybe. He also wants to know whether she loves him. She tells him that she would definitely not run away and start a life with him. Eddie is furious and he leaves. Jackie goes to the church. She meets a guy at the church and asks him if they could share a drink. They go to her apartment. The guy asks her about her family and she tells him that she is alone and she has no one. He sees her daughter’s pictures on the wall and realizes that she is lying. He tells her that how long while doing drugs, he had experienced ‘sheer bliss’ and asks her she would like to try it as well. The guy is a drug addict. She agrees and they do drugs together.

But just then he feels unwell and falls to the ground. This is the last thing she wanted in her already messed up life. Jackie tries to revive him but to no avail. He is dead. She calls Eleanor. Eleanor doesn’t believe the mess Jackie has put herself in. They need to do something with the body. Jackie calls Lenny, who is with Zoey, and tells him that a guy across the street has collapsed and needs attention. She asks him to come, but with the sirens off. Jackie is wrecked up. She shouts aloud that she had spoiled her life. She has also ruined the lives of her husband and children and that she needs to go to a rehab. Lenny arrives with Zoey. They are surprised to see Eleanor at Jackie’s place. Eleanor and Jackie tell him that the guy died of cardiac arrest. Yeah right!

Next morning, Jackie visits the new patient, Justin. But his girlfriend tells Jackie that Dustin wants to go home as he is not going to be able to pay for the hospital expenses. But Jackie tells him that he is going to need 72 hours of bed rest and IV through which the antibiotics need to be given. Just then, a new doctor, Mike Cruz introduces himself to the staff. But he seems to be all about business; all about money. While he is making his speech, Jackie is busy packing some medicines for Justin and walks out on the doctor. Jackie introduces Zoey to Cori and Justin and asks her to teach them how to administer meds as they are going home. Jackie tells the coupe that Zoey is the most reliable nurse she knows and they should rely on her. Also that Cori would check on them every 3 hours.

Next, Jackie visits Gloria and tells her that she did not want to spoil the impression while Dr. Cruz was making his speech; but she only wanted to leave early. She tells Gloria that she needs to leave and cash in her vacation days and that too for 28 days. She tells her that she is going to “Disneyland”, and that they are expecting her immediately. And if she does not get in immediately then they are going to give away her bed to somebody else. Gloria grants Jackie the leaves and asks her to do what they say. Jackie meets her daughters and tells them that she has to be away for a month for work. She lies to Kevin as well; saying that she is going for some certification.

Cruz meets Gloria and tells her that her job is redundant. He gives an option of going back to the floor and work as a nurse and her pension stays intact. Else cash out at half. Next, Eddie arrives at Kevin’s and says that they need to talk. Eddie is drunk and Kevin is uncomfortable as the girls are home. He tells Kevin that he needs to stop having an affair with his new girlfriend. But he also tells Kevin that has been having a relationship with Jackie for the past four years. Kevin is furious and punches Eddie. Eleanor and Jackie are standing in front of the rehab building. Eleanor tells that she is pregnant; 16 weeks. She gives Eleanor her necklace for safe keeping and enters the building. The episode ends.