Disneyland Sucks - Recap

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The scene opens with Jackie in the rehab; spending most of her time sleeping. Five days have gone by and now it’s the sixth. During the group therapy session, Jackie is asked to tell the group a little about herself. But she has nothing much to say; she only tells them that she is a nurse. Next, at All Saint’s, Gloria starts her day reporting in as a nurse and she tells the others that she wants no special treatment. Zoey offers Gloria her chair and Gloria asks Thor to get the chair changed. Cruz asks about Jackie and Gloria tells him that she has cashed in her vacation. At the rehab, Jackie tells the group that the narcotics help her work better and for longer hours. Doris, another patient, is a difficult to deal with.

Jackie tells the therapist that she cannot sit in a group and talk and that it won’t work for her. Meanwhile, Cruz tells Eleanor and Cooper about the changes that he wants to bring about to the hospital; he wants a helipad. But Eleanor is apprehensive about it. Cruz tells her to announce it to her nurses. The hospital team is getting their photographs clicked for their badges and Zoey points out that they need to sign a waiver. At the rehab, Charlie asks Jackie if she would lie to join them for a game of cards. Just then the therapist walks in and has a word with Jackie. She tells Jackie that the pain from the underlying injuries of her back and below the neck will resurface and wants to know as to how she will handle it.

The therapist tells her that she cannot take any drugs and needs to learn to cope. Jackie tells the therapist that there is something not right about Doris (she is Jackie’s roommate). The therapist tells her that the issue is Jackie and she needs to figure out as to why she is there. She tells Jackie that she needs to stop identifying as a nurse as now she is a patient. Next, at the hospital, a nineteen year old is brought in with suspected spinal injuries from a fall. The girl asks her boyfriend to leave as he is smothering her with his care and affection. The boyfriend, Jeff, is forced to leave. Meanwhile, the therapist asks Jackie to read a book and gives her a diary to maintain. She tells her that writing hate letters could be a great relief. The therapist knows that Jackie did not get sick by herself and that there has to be a reason behind it.

At the hospital, just about when the new admit was being shifted on to the bed, Cruz walks in and tells the team to walk out. He assigns each one a task and tells them that they will have to change their cabins. Eleanor is pissed. But Cruz tells her that what he did was the best for her as she is not supposed to lift patients as she is half way in her pregnancy and moreover he has given her a bigger cabin which is closer to the ER. Now it is Cooper and Zoey attending to the new admit and Jeff is still around. At the rehab, Jackie befriends Charlie. Charlie tells her that he is fine with death. Jackie tells him her issues with her daughter, Grace. At the hospital, Gloria is upset that she has to shift from her cabin. Eleanor seems a little happy and tells Gloria about her pregnancy.

She is stepping into her eighteenth week. Just then Jackie calls her and she is glad to hear her voice. She puts Jackie on speaker and tells her that Gloria is around as well. Jackie tells them that “Disneyland” is horrible. Eleanor tells Jackie about Cruz’s doings. Jackie tells them that she needs their help; she wants to see Grace. She tells them that she will figure out a way to meet her and asks them to get her. Jackie goes to the receptionist that Charlie is hiding a phone in the janitor’s closet and that she should check on it. She tells the receptionist to go get it as the counselor is on a one on one. As soon as she is gone, Jackie sits on the receptionist’s chair and just then Eleanor walks in with Grace.

She tells Grace that she would be working in this place for a few more weeks. Grace tells her that she wants to go to public school as it was closer to her dad’s and she liked the kids better. Just then the receptionist walks in and Jackie introduces her to Grace and Eleanor. Jackie and Charlie have a private talk. Just then the counselor, Laura walks in and asks Jackie to meet her in the office. Laura tells her to pack her things. Jackie tells Laura that Grace wasn’t an easy kid to be with; especially with her. She tells Laura that the first time she started taking the drugs is because of her baby and not her back. Laura tells her that nobody can break the rules.

She tells Laura that she will pack her things and leave; but she asks her to keep Charlie out of this. If Charlie gets out then he will be dead in a week as he would get back to doing drugs. Jackie is packing her things and Doris tells Laura to keep her from stealing her things. Laura stops her from going but asks her to respect the rules. She tells Jackie that next time she needs to come and meet her. Laura tells Jackie to put up a fight and not to make excuses. At night, Jackie is unable to sleep because of Doris’ hiccups and gets her a glass of water. But Doris doesn’t respond. Jackie is worried and calls for help. Jackie tries her best to be with Doris and calm her down. The ambulance arrives and the med team rushes Doris to the hospital. Jackie is happy that she was able to save a life. The episode ends.