Slow Growing Monsters - Recap

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The episode begins and we see that Jackie is at an amusement park with her children and Zoey. She is enjoying a ride and waving out to her daughter who is standing and watching her. But then she sees that grace is talking to a boy and asks the guy to stop the ride. She gets off the ride and rushes to her daughter. Grace is talking to a guy named Todd. Jackie asks him to leave; in a nice way though. Grace is irritated. Jackie excuses herself and goes and meets Todd. She takes his phone and deletes Grace’s number from his phone. She tells him that she is sorry and that she isn’t ready to see her daughter date some guy. Zoey is sitting on a bench with the girls and Jackie joins them. Jackie finds out that Grace is carrying lighter and takes it away from her.

Grace asks her to calm down. Grace tells Jackie that she cannot be too judgmental about people as she herself has gotten out of a rehab. She tells Grace that she had searched on the internet about Jackie’s “new office”, and found out that it’s a rehab. She says that she wouldn’t tell her dad. Zoey is shocked as she did not know about this. Grace does not want to talk about this anymore. Next, Jackie goes to meet Kevin and finds that he is with a girl. She tells him that she needs to talk to him. She admits that she went to rehab and that she did well. She wants to work things out and keep no more secrets. She also tells him that Grace knows. But Kevin isn’t interested in any of this and doesn’t want to talk about it. She leaves.

Next, she calls Charlie and asks him if he would like to go to one of those group meetings. Next, Jackie tells Eleanor that Grace knows about the rehab but is acting pretty normal about it. She also tells Eleanor about the other woman in Kevin’s apartment and thinks that she should find someone to have sex with. Zoey tells Jackie that she had no idea that Jackie went to the rehab and that she would keep it a secret. Just then the cops walk in with a pregnant woman, Jules. It seems that she had punched some guy and injured her hands. Jackie takes her in for a checkup. Next, Gloria asks Thor to attend to a possible penis fracture. Eleanor bandages Jules’ wounds and tells Jackie to prepare for an ultra sound.

But Jules doesn’t want to get an ultra sound done. She tells them that she is here for her hand and will leave once its done. She reluctantly agrees. There is a tattoo on her baby bump. But Eleanor is shocked to see that Jules is not pregnant. Her bump is due to nine deadly tumors. Jackie asks Eleanor if they can be removed; but unfortunately they cannot. Jules tells them that the tumors are so big, that people think she is pregnant. Eleanor declares that she too has a tattoo and the other two girls want to see it. Jules tells Eleanor that it would be nice to show a dying chick her ink. The doctor agrees. Next, Cooper is attending to the penis fracture case. The guy tells him that he was masturbating and that he got a little aggressive and squeezed himself really hard.

And he heard something pop and he broke his penis. Meanwhile, Jackie receives her paycheck and sees that she is paid only 63 dollars. She is angry and goes to Cruz to talk about it. Cruz tells her that she is being charged for the things she took. Just then she receives a message from Charlie saying that he would meet her at the meeting. Next, Jackie goes to meet Jules and finds that her hand is actually broken and she is in plaster. Next, Cooper tells the guy that at times he sings Happy birthday to his penis; not very medical but helps. Just then Thor walks in and tells the guy that he should lower his dosage. Thor tells the boys that when he was with his boyfriend, he used to have some problem downstairs and that he had lowered his dosage to 5mg and everything was fine.

Meanwhile, Eleanor is discussing maternity leaves with Gloria, and Gloria tells her that she is in the worst place in the world when it comes to benefits. Gloria tells her that she would be given twelve weeks of off and that only six would be paid. Just then Jackie comes in and tells them that she is going for an AA meeting. Gloria and Eleanor are happy. Jackie arrives at the meeting and Charlie is already there. She takes Charlie and leaves. They are sitting in a park and Jackie tells him that she is not able to believe that he is being out for just a week, and he is already started taking drugs. And Charlie says that it is unbelievable to see that Jackie hasn’t started taking them again. Just then they see a man fall down and Jackie rushes to offer help.

But the man is rude and tells her that he doesn’t need any. But when she returns, Charlie is gone. Next, Kevin comes to meet Eddie. Kevin asks him whether he is a drug dealer. He is upset that Jackie had to go to a rehab. He notes down the names of the drugs Jackie was on. Kevin asks Eddie to tell Jackie that she just lost her kids. Charlie is on his father’s boat. His father, Cruz, arrives; he has brought his son a sandwich. Meanwhile, Jackie has brought alcohol for Jules; as Jules had told her that it helps. Jules asks Jackie if she would like to spend some time with her. Jackie agrees. Jules tells her that she is happy that she met Jackie and that she is a wonderful nurse. She thanks Jackie.

Jackie tells her that she needs to get back home to her daughters. Jules returns Jackie the painkiller Jackie had given her. It is one of the drugs Jackie was on. Jackie throws it in a trash bin. But then wants to get it back. While trying to retrieve it, she falls into the bin. She gives up and leaves. The episode ends.