One-Armed Jacks - Recap

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The episode begins with Jackie preparing breakfast for her children. But then when she goes to their room to wake them up; they are gone. She later meets Eleanor and tells her that she didn’t realize that the girls were at Kevin’s and she was making cartoon pancakes for them. As she is pregnant, Eleanor puts away her high heels. She is going to miss them. It is Eleanor who ends up eating the cartoon pancakes. Jackie tells her that she is planning on calling up Kevin and tell him that they need to put the past aside. But Eleanor tells Jackie that it could be disastrous. Jackie feels that Kevin will take her back in five seconds the moment she tells him this.

Eleanor keeps telling her not to call. But Jackie calls him and leaves a message on his voice mail, asking him to meet for lunch. Next, Zoey arrives at the hospital and sees Gloria smoking. She tells Gloria that she is looking for a roommate who can split the rent. Cruz arrives. Cruz tells Cooper that the nurses would have to wear a new uniform. Cooper tells him that it wouldn’t work. Next, a 27 year old, Timothy Banks is rushed in. He is going to need a transfusion. He jumped off a bridge along with his girlfriend and the girlfriend died on the spot. Jackie hurts her shoulder while moving Timothy onto the bed. Thor tells Jackie to talk to Timothy’s mother, but that didn’t go well. Eddie is treating Jackie’s hurt shoulder.

She tells him that she is sorry for all that happened and also apologizes for the black eye Kevin gave him. She notices that Eddie has had too much alcohol; he tells her that he is trying to get numb. Just then she receives a text from Kevin. He asks her to meet at their favorite burger place. Meanwhile, Cruz tears down all the pamphlets Zoey has put up around the hospital. He tells her not to put her phone number on display as it could be risky. Lenny is upset about the roommate thing as he has been asking Zoey to move in with him. Jackie asks Thor t cover for her as she is meeting Kevin for lunch. She wants him to apply makeup on her face. Thor applies some concealer under her eyes. Jackie is waiting for Kevin, when a man walks up to her and tells her that she is being served. Its her divorce papers that Kevin sent. She is upset and she calls Charlie. She finds it weird that she is calling up a kid when she is in trouble. But still she asks him to call her back.

Eleanor is trying to take a nap in Gloria’s office. She tells her that she has never felt so tired in her entire life. Just then Cooper arrives. He has brought a gift for Eleanor’s unborn son. Its a crib mobile. Just the Jackie arrives. They ask Cooper to leave. Jackie breaks the news to Gloria and Eleanor. Next, Cooper arranges for a meeting where he tells the nurses that they have a new uniform. They all hate the idea and tell Cooper to inform Cruz that they wouldn’t go with the change. Next, there is a pregnant woman brought in; she met with an accident. Cruz pulls Eleanor out of the case and he himself attends to it. Jackie checks on Timothy. Jackie tells him that his girlfriend could not make it; she is dead.

Timothy tells her that the bridge was Jess’, his girlfriend’s, favorite place and that she had told him that it was the last place she wanted to be. And it turns out that it indeed was. Meanwhile, Eleanor tells Cruz that he has no right to pull her off a case. But he tells her that he is better Obstetrician than she is. Just then Cooper walks in and tells him that he wasn’t able to convince the nurses to get into the new uniform. Jackie is trying to reach Kevin but he isn’t answering her calls. Jackie tells Zoey that she could move into her house till she finds a new place to stay. Next, Charlie calls Jackie. He tells her that he is sorry to hear about the divorce. He tells her that they should get together and “get wasted” at least once. Jackie doesn’t think that is a good idea. He tells her that he likes it when she worries about him; it feels nice to have someone caring for him.

Charlie shows up in Cruz’s car. He tells Cruz that they should spend some father and son time together. But Cruz thinks that Charlie is doing this to get some money. Charlie asks him to forget what he said and leaves. Zoey is thankful that Jackie let her move in. Jackie tells Zoey that she is not an easy person to live with. When they arrive home, they see that there is no food. Jackie tells Zoey that she can make pancakes for dinner. Zoey doesn’t know how to react and she starts dancing. The episode ends.