No-Kimono-Zone - Recap

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The episode begins with Jackie popping in one of her “pills” and Cruz notices that. When he confronts her, she kisses him and he passionately responds. Just then Eleanor draws apart the curtains and Jackie wakes up with a start; it was a dream. She tells Eleanor about her dream. But Eleanor tells her that it wasn’t a dream and that she had the pill and made a fool of herself with her boss and then slept off. Damn! Eleanor tells her that they are done and she draws the curtains. This time Jackie actually breaks out of her dream and gets off her bed. That’s a relief. She goes to the breakfast table and she finds Zoey wearing a Kimono and serving tea. Her kids are there are well. Jackie tells Zoey that he r kitchen is a No-Kimono zone.

Zoey tells Jackie that Lenny proposed and shows her the engagement ring. Zoey feels bad about the fact that she is getting married while Jackie is getting “unmarried”. Next, Jackie tells Eleanor about her dream. Just then Jackie receives a call and she looks disturbed. Jackie tells Eleanor that it was Kevin’s lawyer and he is suing for custody. Jackie is very upset and she is looking for the pill in her drawer. Just then Cruz arrives and asks her to go with him. It is very much like the dream that she saw and now for a moment, it seemed like surreal became real; except for the kissing. Cruz is wondering as to why is there no complaint or anything about Jackie in the files. She tells him that there might have been some mistake as Cooper alone filed thousands of complaints against her. This could be an IT glitch. They walk in to attend a new patient; Carlos.

Lenny and Zoey too are in the room. The guy dropped a safe on his foot that weighed 900 pounds. Cruz asks Jackie to get a Doppler. But Jackie has already found a pulse in the ankle. Cruz is surprised that Jackie knew about what he was thinking. He is trying to save the foot. But he still wants to know if Jackie can really read what’s on his mind; and Jackie does a good job. Meanwhile, Cooper is trying to establish a connection with Eleanor’s son. She warns him to stay off her bloodline. Next, Zoey informs Jackie about the next patient and also that she is unable to identify whether the patient is a guy or a girl. Her name is Lana. Eleanor walks in and so does Jackie.

Lana tells Eleanor that she does a little bit of estrogen and she suffers from abdominal cramping. Jackie collects blood samples. Next, Jackie meets Gloria in the elevator and Gloria tries to talk about the custody issue. But Jackie doesn’t want to discuss it. But well Gloria doesn’t want to discuss about Jackie’s missing records. Lana doesn’t want to be admitted in the hospital as she says that she can manage her own things. Next, Jackie learns that Lana’s legal name is Mark. Jackie tells Lana that transitions can be difficult and Lana tells her that if she has to go back and live her life as Mark, she would kill herself. Jackie asks Eddie the side effects of estrogen. He tells her that the major side effect would hamper the liver and it is the path to the morgue if it goes out of control.

He asks Jackie as to how she is holding up. She tells him that Kevin is coming after the kids, Eddie seems frustrated. He tells her that Kevin was in at his store and he was taking notes of all the stuff she was taking. Jackie is shocked and pissed. She tells him that she could have told her about this. She storms out. Next, Zoey arrives and gives Eddie the list of medicines Cruz was asking for. She tries to flash her engagement ring but is horrified when she does not find it on her finger. She runs out to pray and find her ring. Eleanor tells Lana that her body is no longer tolerating the estrogen. But Lana knows it and wants her things back. Jackie tells her that bleeding ulcers combined with hepatitis B could kill her.

But it doesn’t make a difference to her. She wants her card back. Zoey wants Jackie’s help to look for her ring. While trying to find the ring, she finds the pill that was missing from her drawer. She pockets it. Lana is ready to leave. Gloria tells her that there is a center who deals with Trans genders and they would pay for her patches. But there is a problem. Mark owes around 3200 dollars while Lana doesn’t. But Mark is insured and Lana isn’t. But the answer to the sex question: she is Lana Donatella Hilton. Next, Cooper finds Zoey’s ring and rushes into the ladies room. He slides the ring on her finger. Zoey is ecstatic.

She goes to Eddie and tells him that when Lenny lid the ring on her finger she was happy; but when Cooper slid the ring on her finger it was amazing!! She is super confused. She thinks that Lenny isn’t the one. Jackie receives a call. She tells Eleanor that Kevin is suing her for child support and he also wants the house. She then shows her the pill she has been carrying around the whole day. She tells her that if he had gone home, she would have grounded it and snorted it. Eleanor throws in her Virgin Mary and her beloved shoes in exchange for the pill. Okay says Jackie. The episode ends.