Day Of The Iguana - Recap

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The episode begins with Thor telling Cooper that he is a great looking guy and that a lot of girls would want to date him. It is actually a break up act. Thor says that it is an art form. Zoey is collecting break up speeches and tells Cooper that she was excited when Lenny slipped the ring on her finger. But now it seems like a lie to her. Just then Cruz comes in looking for Jackie. Next, Eleanor and Jackie are meeting the lawyer regarding the divorce. The lawyer tells Jackie that she needs to improve her profile. She has to attend a lot of AA meetings and get them documented. She should also get character references from powerful people. But while they are building Jackie’s profile, they also need to prove that Kevin is an unfit custodian.

Jackie doesn’t want to portray as a monster, but the lawyer tells her that every nice word about Kevin means one week away from her children. Next, Jackie arrives at the hospital and everyone compliments her for the way she is looking. She then goes to meet Cruz as he was looking for her. In his office, Jackie finds out that Cruz is not feeling well. Cruz tells her that it is hay fever. But he also tells her that this happens to him when he is under stress. He tells her that it is family stuff. When he is focused on his kid, he cannot be focused on his work. Next, Gloria tells Jackie that she needs her help with a cardiology patient. But it appears that he is also suffering from dementia. He was a male nurse in their hospital. Just then Dick enters the lift. He is wearing a hospital gown and his back isn’t covered. Well. He is the same male nurse, who is now a patient.

He thinks that the year is 1974! Dementia! Jackie tells Gloria that Dick has people telling him 24 hours a day that he is wrong; and that they shouldn’t do the same. Gloria tells her that they shouldn’t let Dick wander away this time till his daughter away. Gloria goes to get him a new uniform and Jackie hands Dick over to Sam. Next, Lenny brings in another patient Dave Tyler, who fell off the chair and hurt his ankle; probably a sprain. Cooper is attending to Dave. But Dave’s luck seems to be acting against him. When they try to shift him from the stretcher to the bed, Dave falls once again. Now, it is hurting him while he is breathing. He is also bleeding.

Meanwhile, Eleanor is checking Eddie’s retina. She is trying to build up a case against Kevin. Eddie tells Jackie that his vision seems a little blurry. Just then Dick arrives at the pharmacy. Jackie hands him over to Thor. Next, Jackie and Charlie are attending an AA meeting. But Charlie gets pissed at one of the participants and so Jackie and Charlie are thrown out of the meeting. But there is one more problem. The juice that Jackie and Charlie were sharing had some drugs in it. Jackie freaks out and she calls it quits between them. Next, Jackie arrives at the pharmacy and drinks the anti-dote. Cruz meets Dick and he thinks that he is actually a nurse. He asks Dick to get an id. Thor is attending to a patient and Dick says that he is going to the surgery. Thor isn’t able to stop him.

Dave has a hit on his head and Cooper is stitching up the wound. Dave says that this treatment needs to be free as they dropped him down. But Cruz arrives and takes Cooper on the side. Cruz tells Cooper that they should never acknowledge that they dropped Dave down and that he needs to ease up on the buddy thing. Cruz tells the team that they are not supposed to accept that they dropped the patient or own up to any kind of accident. Meanwhile, Zoey officially breaks up with Lenny. Lenny is upset. Next, Gloria updates Jackie about the incident. Dick goes and apologizes to Dave. Dave tells Cruz that Dick is a good nurse and that if he wouldn’t have apologized; Dave would have sued to the hospital. Dick’s daughter arrives to pick him up.

He leaves telling Gloria that he will see her the next day. Next, Jackie asks Cruz for a favor. She tells him that she needs him to write a character certificate for her. Cruz agrees. She tells him that he is a good man. Just then Charlie calls. He is in trouble. He was arrested by the subway cops. Jackie goes and gets him out. Jackie takes Charlie to his house. She also takes Charlie’s phone and texts his father informing him about the situation. Little does she know that Charlie is Cruz’s son! Charlie and Jackie reach home. Just then Cruz arrives. Jackie is shocked to know that Charlie is Cruz’s son and Cruz is shocked to know that Jackie is Charlie’s friend from the REHAB!! The episode ends.