Chaud & Froid - Recap

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The episode begins with Cruz trying to get Charlie back to his senses. He is scared as Charlie’s breathing is slow. He asks him where he got the drugs from. Charlie says that he gets it from a pharmacist. Jackie tells Zoey to take care of the children for the night and also to send them to school in the morning. Zoey thinks that Jackie is on a hot date. At home, Cruz is playing cards with both addicts. He wants to know why Jackie didn’t tell him about Charlie. Jackie tells him that at the rehab, identities are kept anonymous. Jackie suggests that Charlie should go back to the rehab. Charlie agrees, but on the condition that Cruz should not fire Jackie. Cruz agrees. Cruz wants to hug his son before he goes in; but Charlie says that he will hug his dad after he gets out.

Cruz is upset. On their way back to the hospital, Cruz tells Jackie to take the train. They reach the hospital. It is really hot in the hospital as the AC isn’t working. Cruz is still angry with Jackie. He wants to know about the nurses’ screening for drugs. He then orders security footage of the screening day. He now thinks that the nurses of the hospital are no good. Meanwhile, Jackie and Eleanor attend to an old woman, who is supposed to get a biopsy done for her tonsils. Jackie tells Eleanor about last night’s incident. Eleanor needs to get her scan done but Jackie thinks that she might not be able to take out time as Cruz is on to her after the incident. Lenny is going to Greece. Cruz orders for more footage videos. Next, Kevin and his lawyer are interrogating Eddie. Cruz is taking out his anger on the other staff and the patients.

Jackie asks him not to do so. Eddie arrives at the hospital and tells Jackie about the deposition. He also tells her that the day he had gone to meet Kevin and Kevin beat the crap out of him, the girls were home. Eddie then goes to meet Cruz. Eleanor is upset that her sister has cancelled her trip and that she will not be visiting her. Cooper gets her a book; ‘What to expect when you are expecting’ and also something to drink as she needs to keep herself hydrated. Eleanor tells him that she doesn’t need his help. Cooper walks away with the book. Eleanor asks Gloria if she would be free later in the day; but Gloria is doing a double shift. Cruz tells Eddie that he is fired. Before he walks out of the building, Eddie is supposed to talk to a few people.

Next, Zoey gives Lenny $30 for his trip to Greece. Lenny is touched. Eleanor has to go for her scan and she asks Cooper to accompany her. Cooper is excited and goes along with her. Meanwhile, Jackie walks into Cruz’s office and he shows her the security footage in which Gloria dumps Jackie’s urine sample in the trash bin. He tells her that these are people who have supported her addiction; but Jackie points out that they also helped him get better. Gloria walks in and he tells her that she is fired. But he also says that her pension is intact. Jackie feels terrible about all this. She apologizes to Jackie. Gloria understands. She leaves her badge on the table. Jackie feels devastated.

During the scan, Cooper is glad and ecstatic to see the bay’s face. Eleanor tells him that if at all there is no one else available, then she might want him to be in the delivery room. Cooper is really happy now. Next, Kevin barges into Jackie’s apartment. He is furious that Jackie told his lawyers that Kevin beat up Eddie in front of the girls. Kevin tells her that the girls didn’t see a thing. But Jackie tells him that there are security footages and witnesses that can put together a lot of things and the girls needn’t say a word. Jackie says that in this fight, no one is going to win and suggests that they should stop now. Kevin leaves.

Zoey thinks that since Jackie is a private person, she might not want Zoey to witness things about her life. She feels that Jackie might end up liking her less; so she decides to move out. Jackie tells her that a friend of hers from the rehab relapsed and went back to the rehab. She doesn’t want to back to the rehab. She wants Zoey to stay back. The episode ends.