Handle Your Scandal - Recap

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The episode begins with Cruz waking up in a hospital bed. He pulls off the IV tubes and the oxygen tube and walks out of the bed. Meanwhile, Zoey asks Jackie for a chance to b in charge of the temp nurses for the day. Zoey instructs them the procedures for handling the patients. She does a good job. Cruz arrives on the floor and asks Sam as to who authorized to call for the temp nurses. But Sam doesn’t give him any names. Cooper and Jackie are bandaging a patient’s arm, when Cruz arrives. Jackie tries to hide. Cooper tells her that he would handle it and talks to Cruz. Cruz is furious about the temp nurses being called in. Cruz calls Jackie. He tries to provoke her by telling her that she cannot be the one in control as she is only a nurse; a replaceable one.

Jackie loses her calm and abuses him. Cruz fires Jackie. Eleanor takes her away by saying that they ought to handle her scandal. The rest of the team stands up and starts clapping. Cooper joins them Cruz asks them to stop it. They don’t listen. Jackie proves her point: She is the one in control of the situation. Eleanor takes her to her cabin and tries to calm her down. Eleanor is having contractions. Jackie tells her that contractions in the eighth month are normal. Zoey walks in with Jackie’s belongings and she is in tears. But Jackie reminds her that they live together. Cruz enters the cabin with the security guard. Joe too is apologetic about the whole situation. Jackie taunts Cruz that he did not manage to keep the promise he made to Charlie.

Cruz exclaims that he does not give a shit about what his child wants. Jackie points out that, this is the difference between both of them. Jackie then goes to pick up Grace from her school. In fact, she barges into the classroom and pulls Grace out from her class. She tells Grace that if she doesn’t want to be there, then she will not. Grace is happy. They run out to their car. Jackie tells her that she is sorry and that she should have done this long time back. She also tells Grace that she got fired. They go to the new school (the public school Grace wanted to get into) and complete the admission formalities. Grace is happy and she thanks her mom. Grace meets Gloria and Eddie at a bar. Just then their phones ring. It is Zoey and she has sent them pictures of a candle protest.

They find it funny; but Gloria asks Jackie to tell them to stop it as the hospital is full of oxygen and that it could blow up. Cruz arrives and tells the nurses that there is a case of hypothermia and that he wants them to page for Eleanor. But no one responds. Thor says that where there is smoke, there is fired. The patient is brought in. Eleanor is contracting again and so she calls for Cooper to attend to the patient. She asks Cooper not to find about the donor. Cooper assures her that he won’t; but he already did and he knows the name of the child’s father. Zoey walks into Cruz’s cabin and tells him that if he expects them to be good at their jobs, they expect the same from him. She hands him a book with little details that he needs to know about his staff.

Meanwhile, Jackie gets a call from Eleanor. She is going into labor. Jackie tells her that she is going to send Cooper to be with her. Moreover he is a good doctor. Jackie and Eddie go to her house to grab some clothes and other essentials. Eleanor sends Cooper to get Jackie to the room. She doesn’t want to give birth to her kid without Jackie. She hurries to the hospital and tries to evade Cruz. But Cruz gets hold of her and tells her that she cannot go to the room. She tries to explain to him that she has to go to her and that it is a free country. Cruz tells her that she isn’t allowed to be in the hospital for one week. Cooper doesn’t want to go to Eleanor without Jackie. Sam announces the arrival of another patient; it is an OD.

Jackie is shocked to see the patient who is being brought in; it is Charlie. She asks Cooper to go into trauma. Cruz is devastated to see his son. He drags Jackie along with him; he wants them to go through this together. But Cruz is unable to save his son; Charlie is gone. He wants Jackie to leave them alone. Jackie hurries to Eleanor. Her son is born. Jackie is happy that she made it. On the terrace, a painter has finished his drawing. The Vitruvian man but with Jackie’s face on it. The episode ends.