Lost Girls - Recap

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The episode begins with Jackie checking on her patients. Her cop boyfriend, Frank, arrives with a hypothermia patient. He tells her that he brought in Steve, the patient, so that he could see Jackie. He tells Cooper that he needs to book Steve, who was caught committing a crime. Cooper tells him to come back by 5. Frank asks Jackie out for dessert. Jackie tells him that she will let him know. Ike arrives and tells Jackie that there is no nurse scheduled for tomorrow’s day shift. Jackie tells him that she is responsible for this screw up.

Ike knows that this happened due to Gloria’s absent-mindedness and tells Jackie that, if this continues, he might have to report it to the board. At that moment, a Jane Doe is rushed into the ER. Ike examines the woman and tells Jackie to run some tests. Cooper asks Roman out on a date, but she tells him that she has plans with the Head of Cardiology. The new patient is in really bad condition and is unable to give out any personal information. Jackie tells Zoey to go through the missing persons’ list. Jackie then goes to meet Eddie, who has been acting very rude. Jackie tells Eddie that she wants them to be friends and gives him a big hug. Zoey walks in on them and wonders if they are back together. She tells Jackie that she found nothing on their Jane Doe.

Later, Jackie checks on the Jane Doe, who is still in bad shape and unable to speak. Jackie receives a call from her kids’ school and tells Gloria that she has to leave. Gloria gives her permission and tells her that she will take over. Jackie tells Gloria to call Social Services. Ike is a little worried about the fact that Gloria is handling the new patient. Jackie and Kevin meet the Principal, who tells them that Fiona called her teacher an “A-hole”. Fiona says that she heard her parents use this word when they fought. Jackie and Kevin decide to call a truce. Later, on their way home, Jackie tells Fiona that things will be better.

At that moment, she spots Grace walking out of the subway and confronts her. Grace tries to lie, but Fiona tells Jackie that Grace has a boyfriend named Danny. Jackie wants to know about Danny. Grace tells her that Danny is 17 and plays music on the Union Square, for money. Later, Jackie tells Kevin that she has grounded Grace for a week. She arrives at the hospital and asks Gloria about Jane Doe. Gloria doesn’t remember if she sent Jane Doe to neurology for a CAT scan or if she sent her for digital imaging. She tells Jackie that Social Services was not answering, so she did not pursue them.

Zoey arrives and tells Jackie that she managed to locate Jane Doe’s husband. The husband tells Jackie that his wife, Jennifer, is a mental patient who suffers from depression. Jackie tells him to wait in the waiting room and asks him to fill out some paperwork. She then tells Zoey that she lost Jennifer. Ike is angry that he is unable is locate his patient and Jackie tries her best to cover up for Gloria. She goes to meet Eddie to collect Jennifer’s test results. She is stunned to see that the drug level in Jennifer’s blood is four times the normal level. Next, Jackie goes to meet Jennifer’s husband and tells him that Jennifer is a drug addict. He refuses to believe it. He is almost in tears.

Later, Thor tells Jackie that they searched the entire building and they could not find Jennifer. Jackie is now angry at Gloria for losing a patient. Gloria arrives and quietly tells Jackie that she did not lose Jennifer. She takes Jackie to a room, and Jackie is relieved to see that Jennifer has recovered. Jennifer tells Jackie that she is alright because of Gloria. Gloria tells Jackie that Jennifer’s husband used to drug her to make sure that she didn’t leave him. She says that his previous two wives left him and he wanted to make sure that Jennifer doesn’t too. Jackie is shocked. Ike is still looking for Jennifer. He looks at the surveillance tapes and sees Zoey and Thor smuggling Jennifer out of the hospital.

Inside, the husband threatens to sue the hospital if he doesn’t get his wife back. Jackie tells him that she knows about the drugs he has been giving her. Frank arrives and takes the husband with him for questioning. Ike arrives and demands an explanation. Jackie tells him everything. Ike tells her that this could have consequences. Gloria decides to take the blame on herself. Jackie, Thor, and Zoey follow suit. Ike tells Jackie that the next time something like this happens, they could come to him. Elsewhere in one of the hospital rooms, Carrie and Cooper have sex.

Later, Fiona calls Jackie and tells her that Grace is not in her room. Jackie goes to the Union Square, where she finds Grace with Danny. She takes her daughter home. At night, Jackie is preparing dinner when Eddie arrives and tells her that he can help Fiona with her math. Jackie is happy. Frank calls and Jackie answers the call. The episode ends.