Good Thing - Recap

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The episode begins at the breakfast table where Grace tells Jackie that she is going over to her friend’s place after school. Jackie asks her if her friend’s mother will be home because she would call and check on her. Grace says yes. Grace notices Jackie’s gym bag and asks her if she is going to the gym. Jackie says that she is because she is trying to be a perfect role model. At the hospital, Zoey is curious to know what is in the gym bag because she knows that Jackie is not going to the gym. Jackie tells her that there are a few dresses in the bag.

Zoey figures out that Jackie is going on a date with Frank. Later, Prentiss and Jackie attend to their new patient who has managed to sprain his leg during his dance practice. Gloria arrives and asks Jackie why the ER is running low on suture kits. Jackie reminds Gloria that she was supposed to order them last week. Gloria tells Jackie that she can use her office to dress up for her date. Jackie goes to the pharmacy to get some meds for the patient. Eddie tells her that there is no need to be nervous about her date. Jackie is surprised that there is no privacy in the hospital. Carrie arrives and gives Jackie a lipstick for her date. At that moment, a woman named Michelle bangs the doors of the ER. She is pregnant and she is also shot. Zoey, Prentiss, Jackie, Gloria and Thor attend to Michelle.

Zoey takes charge and manages to get the baby out in the waiting room. Everyone is impressed. Gloria and Thor rush Michelle to the OR. Later, Jackie tries to get in touch with Eleanor through Skype, but she is unable to. Prentiss confronts Jackie about Gloria. He tells her that he cannot overlook her absent-mindedness. He then checks the dancer’s x-rays and tells Jackie that it is a sprain and allows the patient to be discharged. He hands over the x-ray to Gloria and tells her to file it. Gloria looks at the x-ray and notices a fracture on the bone. Prentiss seems to have missed it. Cooper tries to take credit but admits that Gloria is the one who pointed out to the fracture.

Prentiss feels terrible. He tells the dancer that he needs to meet an orthopedic surgeon. Later, Cooper tells Carrie that he thinks he should be the Chief of ER instead of Prentiss. Carrie removes her blouse and they make out. Jackie is in Gloria’s office, lying on the floor and talking to Charlie. Zoey and Thor arrive and tell her that they will help her get ready for her date. They look at her jewelry and clothes and they don’t find it very interesting. However they manage to dress her up. She looks pretty. On her way out, she meets Eddie. Eddie loves the way she looks. He wishes her luck for her date. Jackie meets Frank outside a French restaurant and she feels that they should go to some place simple. Frank likes that idea. Grace, once again, lies to her mother and goes to a club with her boyfriend, Danny.

After a short dance, Danny begins to smoke up with his friends. She tells Danny that she wants to go home, but Danny is too high to realize anything. She leaves. On her way back home, some guys follow Grace. She is terrified. At the restaurant, Frank tells Jackie that he really likes her. At that moment, she receives a call from Charlie’s phone. It is Cruz, who is also present in the same restaurant. He wants Jackie to lose her date. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. Jackie tells Frank that she needs to leave. Frank thinks that it is the kids. He pretends that he is totally fine with it. Cruz takes Jackie home. He is still depressed about Charlie’s death. He tells her that he couldn’t get rid of Charlie’s phone and that he heard all her messages.

Jackie asks him if he is seeing any counselor or women. He says no. He is in tears. He tells her that he is unable to get rid of Charlie’s memories. Jackie hugs him to comfort him. They begin kissing, and move on to have sex. Grace calls Jackie. Jackie checks her phone and sees that Grace called her at least 10 times. She rushes out of Cruz’s house. She finds Grace waiting for her on the side of the road. She notices that Grace is all dressed up. Grace is relieved to see her mother and she quietly gets into the car. The episode ends.