Walk of Shame - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace waking up from her sleep. Jackie tells Grace that they will sit down with her father and have a chat about how they can learn to trust her again. Grace wants to get it over with quickly, but Jackie insists on waiting for Kevin. Jackie calls Frank to apologize for walking out on him. Frank tells her that they should have a do-over. She tells him that she will let him know. Zoey fell down in the bathroom of her new apartment and has bruised herself. She asks Jackie about her date, but Jackie doesn’t want to talk about it.

Jackie goes to meet Eddie, and from the looks on her face, Eddie thinks that she slept with Frank. She tells him that she didn’t even kiss Frank. She says that she is worried about Grace. She tells him that Grace lied to her, went to the club with her boyfriend, and ended up wandering around the city. Eddie tries to reassure her. Carrie gets paged to Bay 5 and she tells Cooper to cover for her. Initially, he refuses, but later agrees to help. Jackie tells Cooper that he can’t keep doing Carrie’s work. Cooper assures her that Carrie will take up the next one. Cooper examines the patient’s arm and tells Jackie to send him radiology. Cruz arrives at the hospital for his exit interview. Everyone is surprised to see him. A patient, who is high on meth, is brought into the ER. He is really violent, and a lot of people try to hold him down. They then strap him to the bed.

Jackie goes to check on him. It turns out that ‘he’ hit the bus with his face. A young boy, Anthony, walks up to Jackie and tells her that he is not feeling too good. She takes him in and, Prentiss checks on the boy. Jackie realizes that this guy was at some club the previous night. He tells them that his body hurts all over. Anthony tells them that he is from Bronx. Prentiss knows that place because he grew up there. Prentiss thinks that Anthony is on drugs. Anthony tells him the he is not a druggie, but Prentiss refuses to believe. Prentiss wants Jackie to discharge the boy. Zoey meets Cruz in the hallway and they have a small chat. Carrie manages to fix the meth guy’s nose. She then goes to Cooper’s office to have sex, but this time she wants him to talk dirty. Jackie leaves a message for Cruz on Charlie’s phone.

She says that she does not have his number and wants him to call her. Jackie tries to apply some ice to the meth patient’s nose. He punches her and Jackie falls down. Anthony is unable to bear the noise. Prentiss checks on Anthony. Jackie quickly gets up and punches the meth guy in his face. Carrie tells Jackie to step out of the floor. Prentiss checks Anthony’s blood reports and is convinced that Anthony is not a druggie. Later, Prentiss tells Jackie that Anthony is suffering from PTSD. He tells Jackie that when Anthony was young, he saw his sister getting killed in crossfire. Jackie feels bad for Anthony. Jackie then meets Cruz and they have a heart to heart. Cruz admits that he felt relieved when Charlie died. He is also angry at himself for feeling that way about his son.

He tells Jackie that he knew that Charlie was an addict. Jackie tries to reassure him. At home, Kevin and Jackie talk to Grace. They tell her that the city can be a very dangerous place for young girls. She tells her parents that she is sorry and won’t do it again. Kevin grounds her. He also tells her that she will not be allowed to watch television or use her phone for a month. Prentiss helps Anthony to deal with his PTSD.

Jackie goes to meet Cruz and kisses him. He realizes that it is ‘goodbye’ kiss. Later, Jackie goes on a date with Frank. He tells her about the tough times he has with his boys. Jackie thinks that raising girls could get tougher that raising boys. Frank agrees. They then end up kissing. The episode ends.