Forget It - Recap

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The episode opens with Jackie and Frank in the midst of a home cooked meal, happily abandoning their lasagna dinner to kiss on the couch. Their make out session is interrupted by a noise in the distance, with Frank jokingly reassuring a worried Jackie that he is there to protect her. We learn that their night alone was the result of Zoey offering to sub for Jackie at the hospital. Just as the couple resumes their embrace they are startled by the abrupt entrance of Kevin. He has taken Grace off of Jackie's hands for the night, and was attempting to grab their daughter's forgotten backpack. Jackie and Kevin argue over him coming over unannounced. He defends this by pointing out that she is typically working on Tuesday nights and so he didn't feel he needed to call. Sure enough, the night is brought to an abrupt halt as Frank decides it's best if he leaves after Jackie yells at Kevin for his thoughtless interruption. Frank makes tenuous plans to call her the next day for lunch, and Jackie is noticeably upset at her ruined night off.

Akalitus' puzzling behavior continues the next day at the hospital, as she forgets that she was scheduled for the day and calls Jackie to ask her to cover for her absence while she navigates foot traffic. Prentiss is impatiently waiting for Akalitus, stating he had an appointment with her, with Jackie giving the excuse that she had a sudden administration meeting. Prentiss and Akalitus have a war of words over their respective shortcomings -- the ER Chief threatens to go to the board for her repeated mistakes, while the administrator claims she had to cover for Prentiss' lateness with paperwork and billing. The confrontation ultimately ends in stalemate, but tensions between the two are at a fever pitch.

Jackie leaves Akalitus' office and runs into Eddie, who says the administrator's blood tests are being rushed but still not ready. Elsewhere, Jackie and Prentiss discuss patients versus paperwork as they tend to a sous chef with a grisly boning knife injury. Jackie suggests Zoey could assist the doctor in organizing his paperwork. Zoey asserts herself in Prentiss' messy office, assuring him that while he may not like her going through his things she get everything in order.

After checking in with Fitch and Dr. Roman treating a bank teller with chest pains, Jackie is interrupted by a message from Grace's school informing her that her daughter left without telling them. Grace claims she is at a local restaurant for lunch as part of the model U.N., ostensibly as part of her schoolwork. Jackie interrupts her lunch with fellow model U.N. Guatemala members and the two argue, Jackie believing that this is just the latest excuse for Grace to see Danny. While Grace insists she broke up with her older boyfriend, we see him about to enter the restaurant. Grace shoots him a glance and he leaves with Jackie unaware.

Later, Jackie and Frank have lunch together and discuss the previous night. Frank suggests that perhaps she overreacted at Kevin's interruption, lying to him about jumping through hoops to change shifts when she had previously told Frank that it was an easy switch. Jackie is upset when he relates her lying to his job, particularly when he brings up drug addicts which she takes personally. Frank attempts to mend fences, saying they are both still dealing with their respective divorces but he wants the relationship to work.

Zoey is surprised to see Jackie return from her lunch date so soon, and Jackie relates the argument she had with Frank. Zoey suggests that leaving rehab early and skipping sobriety steps may be negatively influencing her relationship, leading to Jackie attending a sobriety meeting to vent.

Dr. Roman's patient x-rays come back negative and, following Finch's advice, she suggests discharging her with some medication. Prentiss overhears and pushes for a tuberculosis test, which Finch takes personally. While the two argue, the patient has a coughing fit leaving Roman and the nurses to tend to her. Jackie pushes Roman to take charge of her own patient and make her own diagnosis, which she does.

Alkalitus' test results are in, and Jackie and Eddie discover that a new medication is what is causing her forgetful behavior. Alkalitus is at first angry that the two went behind her back, but ultimately relieved that it is not something more serious, tearfully thanking the two. The administrator is taking the medication for a seizure she had a year ago, and was fearful of losing her job if she came clean about her chronic illness. Jackie sees the stress of Alkalitus carrying the burden herself as parallel to her own struggles with sobriety.

Prentiss is surprised at Zoey's reorganization of his office and thanks her for her help. Zoey finds a Mad Lib that Prentiss had made for a pediatrics patient who was discharged before he could finish, and the two playfully work on it together. Judging by her answers, it is suggested that Zoey has some attraction to Prentiss.

That evening outside the hospital, Jackie and Grace talk on the phone. Jackie apologizes to her for interrupting her lunch with friends and insinuating that she had lied about ending her relationship with Danny. Grace accepts her apology, but we then see that Danny is in the room playing guitar while Grace studies. Jackie leaves, and Zoey watches from afar as Prentiss and Roman share a cab.

Jackie attempts to apologize to Kevin for her behavior, not only for the previous night but also for her addiction and the effect it had on their marriage. Kevin is clearly moved by his ex-wife's genuine apology and regret, and the two share a quiet moment before Kevin is called away by a customer. While Grace is positively addressing her own addiction problems, her daughter is seemingly just starting on her own, as the episode closes with Grace and Danny snorting Vicodin.

By Kale Morgan