Heart - Recap

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The episode opens with Jackie and Frank happily exhausted after sex. After jokingly asking if he will sleep over, Frank tells Jackie that he loves her. This provokes a surprised reaction from Jackie. Frank tells her how seriously he feels about the relationship, that the sex was not 'whatever sex,' and that its fine if she is perhaps not as serious. Jackie rolls over in bed and her smile vanishes right before she turns the light out.

The next morning at the hospital, Eddie senses something is amiss with Jackie as she stocks up on snack food and sweets. Jackie plays it off as nothing, before running into Alkalitus who is in far better spirits than last week. The hospital administrator explains that she just finalized ten days vacation for herself in January, and Nurse Thor taught her how to use Spotify.

Elsewhere, Jackie runs into Dr. Cooper carrying a CPR dummy, which he explains he is taking to Dr. Roman to help review intubation. After Jackie admits that Fitch is doing a great job in teaching his resident, the doctor spots Roman hovering over Prentiss as he performs an eye exam on a patient. Nurse Zoey brings over an eye patch for him, updating Prentiss on her most recent efforts in her reorganization of his office. Roman rudely tells Zoey to let Fitch know she is too busy to make his intubation lesson. Zoey substitutes for Roman, performing the intubation herself as Fitch looks on. As he is clearly distracted, Zoey performs the intubation while doing her best high-maintenance Dr. Roman impression to get his attention. As Fitch laughs, Kevin and Grace interrupt the lesson. Kevin asks Zoey to keep an eye on Grace while he goes to find Jackie.

Jackie is on the phone with Frank, who inquires whether she received a gift he had sent that day. He again tells her he loves her, getting the same reaction from Jackie as the night before, as Kevin walks up clearly perturbed. Kevin shows a bag of pills he says he found in Grace's backpack, which their daughter claimed belonged to Jackie. The pills are Adderall, Jackie explains, clearly not the type of drug she would fall off the wagon for, and the two argue over Jackie's history with drugs. Back at the nurse's station, Grace attempts to lie to Zoey about finding the pills in her mother's things and claiming she was scared about what Jackie might do with them, but Zoey isn't buying any of it. Jackie confronts her daughter, who again insists they aren't hers, referencing the single pill that her mother has in her ring box at home. Jackie grabs her daughter and asks Kevin and Zoey to follow her somewhere.

Dr. Roman is seeing another patient with a sprained wrist as Fitch walks up. The two briefly argue about Roman ignoring him to hover around Prentiss, which the resident claims was just an opportunity to learn a new procedure. Meanwhile, Zoey administers a blood test to both Jackie and Grace. This prompts Grace to finally admit that she bought the Adderall from a student at school, but she plays it off as no big deal, claiming they helped her study and ace a test. She also admits she is still seeing Danny in defiance of her parents' demands, saying she took drugs but still did all that she was supposed to do. "You know what that's like, huh?" she asks Jackie. Jackie tells Kevin their daughter is skipping school and staying with her at the hospital all day. She asks Kevin to talk to Danny's parents to reassert that their kids are not to see each other, prompting Grace to tell Jackie she hates her.

Jackie takes Grace to see Eddie, who explains the dangers of drugs to her brain chemistry, along the family history of abuse making it all the more serious. Grace asks Eddie if he and her mother and having sex. The mother and daughter briskly walk the halls of the hospital, running into Prentiss and also Roman, and Jackie proceeds to embarrass her daughter by making public why Grace is with her for the day.

In Alkalitus' office, Thor and the administrator are on the computer going over Spotify. Jackie stops by and asks the two to give Grace a tour of the emergency area while she catches up on work. Back at the nurse's station, Jackie is fuming as she fills out paperwork. Zoey comes by with the wrapped gift from Frank, which Jackie is in no mood to open. The two talk about the pill that Jackie has stashed in her ring box, Zoey expressing concern and comparing it to a loaded gun for an addict. Jackie explains that it's the last pill that she had that she never took, and that she looks at it when she needs a reminder of what she lost because of her addiction. Zoey relates that, out of context, it may have legitimately scared Grace, which in turn led to the recent acting up. Jackie firmly tells Zoey to drop it, getting back to the paperwork as she walks away.

In the emergency area, Thor and Alkalitus attempt to scare Grace straight. They show her an NYU student so hopped up on meds that he passed out and paralyzed himself after falling out of bed. Elsewhere, Fitch attempts to apologize to Roman for insinuating that she was sleeping with Prentiss. He explains that he's torn between teaching her and dating her, and thinks the two should break up. Roman feigns sobbing, sarcastically claiming how much he means to her and how seriously she felt. She thanks him for 'teaching' her that she could get ahead by sleeping with Prentiss as Fitch, confused, walks off.

Kevin confronts Danny at his apartment. His parents are at work, so Kevin instead tells Danny point blank to stay away from his daughter. Danny explains that she keeps coming over but never wants to 'do anything,' and that he knows plenty of girls who are less prudish. Kevin slams him against the wall, telling him to call those other girls next time but just stay away from Grace.

Jackie and Grace wait outside the hospital for Kevin. A man approaches saying he had attempted to call an ambulance, complaining of chest pains and numbness in his left arm. He collapses in front of a shocked Grace. Jackie tells her to run inside and tell someone that a man is having a heart attack. Prentiss and Zoey rush to help, taking the man inside as Jackie praises her daughter for keeping her cool. Grace gets a text from Danny about his encounter with her father, and runs to a cab when her mother isn't looking.

Back at Alkalitus' office, Zoey and Prentiss recount the curbside rescue of the heart attack patient. Alkalitus expresses concern over Prentiss taking Zoey off the floor to be his administrative assistant, and the ER chief admits that he perhaps took advantage. Zoey claims she was thinking of the hospital first, and feels like she is in trouble for essentially making one of the hospital's primary doctor's more efficient. Regardless, Alkalitus insists that her time helping Prentiss is over. Zoey says it's been an awful day and she is leaving to get a drink. Prentiss follows her, but is interrupted by Roman dressed up in a glittery black top for a night on the town. The two flirt, but ultimately Roman leaves on her own.

That evening, Jackie, Kevin, Grace and Fiona return to the house, their elder daughter still furious from earlier. Frank calls wondering if Jackie ever got his gift, which she admits she received but never opened because things had been too hectic. Frank is livid when she tells him that Kevin is at the house after midnight, and she attempts to assure him that she'll explain everything tomorrow. She offers a half-hearted 'I love you', but Frank still hangs up in a huff.

Prentiss is in bed at his home, talking to a female in the other room. Zoey enters the bedroom in a burly flannel bathrobe. Prentiss tells her she can keep it, as he never wears it, and Zoey jokes the two aren't quite at the 'sharing clothes' phase of the relationship. Prentiss asks her what phase they are in, to which Zoey tells him the 'don't tell anyone at work' phase. The two kiss.

Back at the house, Jackie quietly enters Grace's room to find her asleep. She attempts to caress her daughter's face but Grace rolls over before she can do so. In her own room, Jackie looks at the pill in her ring box for more affirmation, before going to the kitchen to have coffee with Kevin. The two recount the horrible day, and Jackie tells him she would like to change the arrangement the two have with their daughters. Kevin is initially angry, until Jackie says she thinks they should live with him. She tearfully admits that Grace's drug use is scaring her. While Kevin attempts to assure her that things are fine the way they are and that Grace was simply a teenager acting out, Jackie is not convinced as the episode ends.

Written by: Kale Morgan