Season 2

14 :02x01 - Frenched

Kevin begins his summer vacation working at the pool alongside an 11-year lifeguard veteran named Chip. Meanwhile, Abby quits her job at the Captain Frogurt stand in order to travel to France on a school-sponsored trip with Beth, and Harold attempts to train the accident-prone Phillip in the art of pizza making.
Guest Stars: Conan O'Brien as Chip | Amy Poehler as Wendy

15 :02x02 - Vacation

While on spring break, Beth volunteers to help build houses for needy families. Abby spends time with Iris, and Kevin's half-pipe plans turn out to be rather problematic.

16 :02x03 - Big Jerk on Campus

Kevin's older brother, Randy, visits from college with a lesson for the gang, and Abby finds herself becoming a muse for "shoe-gazer" Derrick.
Guest Stars: David Cross as Randy | Mark Rivers as Derrick

17 :02x04 - The Fly

Animals suddenly have the ability to talk; Abby develops allergic symptoms because of her job at an animal shelter; and Harold dishes out gossip using a blog written under the alias of "The Fly."

18 :02x05 - A Stronger O'Grady

Beth runs against Phillip for student body president; and a handsome civics teacher sparks Abby's interest in politics.
Guest Stars: Sam Seder as Teacher

19 :02x06 - Cut the Cord

Kevin's integrity suffers after he gets his dream job as a shock jock's sidekick. Meanwhile, Abby and Harold volunteer to help children who don't have siblings.