October Road

October Road

They say "you can't go home again." Perhaps because everything you left has changed; or worse, stayed the same. They also tell you "never to burn your bridges." That's so when you do try to go home, you won't find everyone there hates you. When Nick Garrett was 18 he packed up his truck and said goodbye for a summer road trip, but somehow one summer turned into 10 years. He's since become a literary celebrity in Manhattan, dating supermodels, and living off the fame and fortune from his best-selling novel and movie – a story based on his hometown friends. To the literary world, Nick defined a generation... to his hometown, he's betrayed them by telling secrets and painful truths, or worse yet, leaving some of them out entirely. The book hurt them all, especially Hannah, the love of his life, and Eddie, a good friend he was supposed to go into business with 10 long years ago. Now, without inspiration for a new book, Nick returns to his hometown and finds that while the townies haven't changed, their feelings towards him have. To make matters worse his new job teaching at the local college makes him part of the college crowd on the "other side" of October Road...something no townie aspires to... and creates an even deeper rift between him and his former friends. The bridge is burned, again. Regardless, Nick's going to stick around for a while and see if he can repair his relationships. Plus, he has a sneaking suspicion that Hannah's precocious and brilliant son just might be his too.

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Prev: 2x13 -- As Soon As You Are Able (Mar/10/2008)

After Eddie's ex-girlfriend resurfaces, Janet must cope with her visit. Meanwhile, Hannah's arrest affects her engagement to Ray and Nick must decide whether he should take a job offer that would once again take him away from Knights Ridge.

Available Episodes

As Soon As You Are A..
Mar 10, 2008
Season 2 episode 13

The Fine Art of Surf..
Mar 10, 2008
Season 2 episode 12

Stand Alone By Me
Mar 03, 2008
Season 2 episode 11

Hat? No Hat?
Feb 18, 2008
Season 2 episode 10

We Lived Like Giants
Feb 11, 2008
Season 2 episode 9

Dancing Days Are Her..
Jan 21, 2008
Season 2 episode 8

Spelling It Out
Jan 14, 2008
Season 2 episode 7

Bryan GreenbergBryan Greenberg
As Nick Garrett
Tom BerengerTom Berenger
As Bob "The Commander" Garrett
Brad William HenkeBrad William Henke
As Owen Rowan
Evan JonesEvan Jones
As Ikey
Geoff StultsGeoff Stults
As Eddie Latekka
Jay PaulsonJay Paulson
As Physical Phil
Laura PreponLaura Prepon
As Hannah Wilson
Lindy BoothLindy Booth
As Pizza Girl (S02, Recurring Previously)
Odette AnnableOdette Annable
As Aubrey
Rebecca FieldRebecca Field
As Janet Meadows (S02, Recurring Previously)



Reviews: 57
October RoadRating: 3 likes, 2 dislikes

Even though this looks like your typical run-of-the mill drama show, it's oddly entertaining. The characters each have a depth and complex back-story that helps the show be a little less soap-operaish than most drama series. The plot is original (in parts) -- Nick leaves home, writes a novel about his hometown, which angers the town in the process, then returns home only to find everything has changed. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, August 16th 2007 at 9:03 pm


Reviews: 1
October RoadRating: 3 likes, 0 dislikes

I thoroughly enjoyed October Rd. last night. I can't wait to see for sure, that the little boy is Nick's son. Hmmmmn is it just coincidence that he has a peanut allergy also?? We shall see!! I'm also curious to see if any sparks will fly again with his old girlfriend. I love that there are 2 great shows on...on the same night. Looking forward to the next episode! Eileen Read more

Review posted on Friday, March 16th 2007 at 4:36 pm

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1x6: Best Friend Windows recap: Nick, Owen, Phil, and Ikey are at Phil's air playing and lip syncing. At the tavern Eddie tells Janet (while she is working) he left her a bunch of messages, but she stops him and tells him she can't, he asks her how about later and she tells him she heard the messages and gets it, but can't do this, he asks her when, and she tells him to be a good guy and just leave her alone. Back at Phil's, Phil orders a pizza, and then asks Nick about Sam. Nick says he will be okay and should be back to normal except for a little scar. Owen says it is off topic, but Aubrey is hot. Nick says she is also smart and bold, and he likes her. Phil asks what is going on with Hannah and Nick tells him nothing and asks why he would ask. Phil says every geometry class needs a few triangles. Nick says it is weird with Hannah, when they hang out it is snug and warm, like slow dancing, but they never hear the same music. The doorbell rings and Phil answers, a man enters holding pizza. Phil asks where Pizza Girl is and he says she requested he deliver it. Owen says Big Cat keeps calling him, and they all think of reasons why. Owen says he has no interest in talking to him. They tell Nick Big Cat is going after Eddie and they say its because of Hannah, and Phil says its because Big Cat was jealous he was never part of their group. Nick says he thinks he can stop Big Cat... read more.

1x5: Forever Until Now recap: Nick and Aubrey walk into the hospital and Nick asks how Sam is, The Commander tells him he is not sure and The Dean says the doctors think there is internal bleeding from the fall Sam took off of his bike. They tell Nick when they heard the car screech they ran out and Sam wasn't breathing right, and that caused him to blackout. Janet says that happened because of his peanut allergy, Owen is very upset when that is said and as everyone discusses Sam usually being so careful about his peanut allergy we see Owen having a flash back of him putting Alison's macadamia peanut butter cake frosting on Sam. Aubrey notices Owen and asks if he is okay and Allison says, "He's a dad.".. read more.

1x1: Pilot recap: Summer 1997 in Knights Ridge, Massachusetts
Hannah and Nick are lying in bed, he says he can't believe they don't get to do that for another six weeks and she tells him she doesn't want him to leave and asks him to promise that he will come back. They kiss and then Eddie walks in, he asks Nick what he thinks about opening a business called "Best Friend Windows". Hannah asks why and Eddie says because they are two best friends starting a window company. Eddie asks why Hannah is in such a bad mood and Nick says because she doesn't believe he is coming back. Eddie tells her there is only so much backpacking through Europe one guy can do and that he will be back in a few months. Hannah says that is what her uncle said the same thing, and her aunt is still waiting by the window for him. Nick asks where her uncle went and she says to find himself. Then they head outside where we see Ikey, Owen, and Phil. Nick throws Phil a tennis racket and tells him to take care of it. Ray drives by and tells Nick not to hurry home and that if Hannah gets lonely, she knows where to find him. Nick says his goodbyes to everyone and then drives away... read more.
Recurring Guests

Jonathan Murphy as Ronnie Garrett (14 eps)
Elizabeth Bogush as Alison Rowan (12 eps)
Penny Johnson Jerald as Dean Leslie Etwood (9 eps)
Sean Gunn as Rooster (6 eps)
Rebecca Field as Janet "The Planet" Meadows (6 eps)
Christopher Eric Tschupp as Matthew Lauche (5 eps)
James Keane as Sully (4 eps)
Lindy Booth as Pizza Girl (4 eps)
Bryce Robinson as Connor (4 eps)
Bo Mitchell as Doodie (4 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 15, 2007
Ended: March 10, 2008
• Heimkoman (Used In Iceland)
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