Best Friend Windows - Recap

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Nick, Owen, Phil, and Ikey are at Phil's air playing and lip syncing. At the tavern Eddie tells Janet (while she is working) he left her a bunch of messages, but she stops him and tells him she can't, he asks her how about later and she tells him she heard the messages and gets it, but can't do this, he asks her when, and she tells him to be a good guy and just leave her alone. Back at Phil's, Phil orders a pizza, and then asks Nick about Sam. Nick says he will be okay and should be back to normal except for a little scar. Owen says it is off topic, but Aubrey is hot. Nick says she is also smart and bold, and he likes her. Phil asks what is going on with Hannah and Nick tells him nothing and asks why he would ask. Phil says every geometry class needs a few triangles. Nick says it is weird with Hannah, when they hang out it is snug and warm, like slow dancing, but they never hear the same music. The doorbell rings and Phil answers, a man enters holding pizza. Phil asks where Pizza Girl is and he says she requested he deliver it. Owen says Big Cat keeps calling him, and they all think of reasons why. Owen says he has no interest in talking to him. They tell Nick Big Cat is going after Eddie and they say its because of Hannah, and Phil says its because Big Cat was jealous he was never part of their group. Nick says he thinks he can stop Big Cat.

Now at The Commander's house, Nick is telling him about "Best Friend Windows" and idea he and Eddie had since they were young, where they will sell and install windows. The Commander tells him it isn't easy opening a business by your self and he says Owen and Ronnie are helping. The Dean tells Nick Aubrey is lovely and talented and they discuss a story she wrote. In the other room Aubrey asks Ronnie if he has a girlfriend and he says no, and he isn't very good at that sort of thing.

Over at Hannah's house, Allison comes over with a cake for Sam. Janet is sitting down and Hannah asks Allison if she'd like to join them, she says no and mentions that she doesn't know many girls because she mainly knows Owen's circle and that it was important to Owen that they raise the kids in Knights Ridge.

At Phil's, Phil tells Owen he misses Pizza Girl, and asks him to go find her and tell her to be there tomorrow at 4PM because there is something she has got to see, and Owen asks if he is thinking of doing what he thinks he is and Phil tells him "It's time, the world inside these walls isn't big enough for Pizza Girl and Physical Phil." Owen tells him that is awesome, and Phil says since he kissed her all he wants is to stand in the sun with her and that he wants that. Owen tells him that is what he shall have.

It's night time now and Nick is walking and runs into Sam and Doodie who are looking at the sky through a telescope. Nick asks what they are doing and Sam tells him Doodie thinks he has discovered a planet, a moving planet, but between he and Nick it is just an airplane. Nick asks how he is feeling and Sam says okay, but he can't run around much because he could pull a stitch. Nick says he was worried and is glad he is okay. Sam then pulls him aside and asks if he ever sometimes thinks that he could be his dad. Nick says yes, and he does and did, and really likes the idea of it, but Hannah told him about Gavin Goddard. Then he asks Sam what the deal is with Gavin and Sam says the word is he is the richest man in the world and lives in a castle in the clouds, but Gavin isn't there and he is. Nick tells him he doesn't know about the father thing, but he loves being his friend. Sam says thanks and then Doodie interrupts about the moving planet.

At the new Best Friend Windows store Ikey, Nick, Owen, and Ronnie are looking over plans. Big Cat comes in and insults them, and asks what they even know about windows. Then he says he still wants to talk to Owen, and Owen tells him he doesn't like him or want to talk to him.

At the tavern, Nick and Aubrey are on a date and discussing what they should eat. Aubrey asks about his relationship with Hannah. Nick can't answer when she asks if he still wants to be with her. She gets upset with that and tells him she doesn't know if they can have a relationship.

Owen is outside of the pizza place and runs into Pizza Girl. He tells her he has a request from Phil and to be there tomorrow at 4. She says "Phil is sweeter than sweet, but she can't hang" and that she can't handle it, it is to hard, she understands his reasons for not leaving the house, but she loves the world. He tells her to just give him a chance, and she says to send him her best and then drives off.

The next day, Aubrey is dropping her dog off at the vet to be boarded and Hannah is helping, she asks her where she is going and she says she is going back home. Aubrey tells her that she and Nick aren't really together anymore. Hannah says to give him an opening and he will ask for a second chance. Meanwhile, Owen, Nick, and Ikey are bringing Eddie to Best Friend Windows, but when he sees there he says he doesn't get it. Nick says 10 years in the making but they did it, and it's all theirs and they will make it. Eddie says "You got some stones on you Nicky" and is very upset and starts to walk out. Nick says he is pitiful and Eddie turns around and Nick says not to blame him because he is still in the ridge. Eddie then pushes Nick through the window and walks out.

At The Commander's house, Nick is getting his hand wrapped up and Ronnie asks if Best Friend Windows is done. Nick's cell phone rings and it is Aubrey. She tells him that she is leaving for a while, he asks her to please just talk, and she says she has to pack because the cab is coming soon and hangs up.

At the tavern Big Cat comes up to Owen and tells him he is sweet and pleasant and shouldn't have what he is about to tell him happening to him. Owen asks what. Meanwhile at Phil's, Phil is running back and forth to the door, practicing leaving. The phone rings and it's Owen, we can't hear what Owen is saying, but Phil just keeps saying No, that can't be Owen, and then hangs up. Eddie comes down and asks what's going on and Phil says your not going to believe this. Meanwhile Nick is making a sandwich and Owen walks in looking upset, Nick asks if he is all right and Owen says he has no home, and Big Cat told him the worse thing he has ever heard, and his Alison and Ikey have been together. Nick asks Owen if he has asked Allison and he said he did and she did laundry, and that is what she does when she is upset and scared.

Eddie drives up to Ikey who is doing a lawn and asks if it is true. Eddie takes the weed wacker from Ikey and says they are done, no longer friends, and no longer working together. Ikey runs after him and Eddie lashes out on him, Ikey says if he told him he would have killed him and Eddie says he does want to kill him and there is nothing he can think of that is worse than what he has already done, then he speeds off. Back at the commanders' Nick and Owen are discussing what happened and Ikey walks in Owen tells Nick not to make him talk to him. Ikey says he knows he will never be able to forgive him and he will have to deal with that and losing all of his friends, but Alison loves him and that he and Alison have ended there thing, and Nick helped him see that. Owen realizes Nick knew, and then says Ray had the decency to tell him what happened, but he didn't, then he walks out.

At the tavern Eddie asks Janet for a draft, she says I thought we agreed and he interrupts her and says it's his bar, where he hangs, and if she doesn't like it to go work somewhere else. He goes and sits down and she follows and they discuss their relationship. He says he is a sad person, but he thinks about her and when he sees or hears her, he thinks to himself, "Oh goody, now the fun begins" and when he is with her he isn't sad anymore. Then he stands up and kisses her. Then says he has to go make sure Owen is okay, but when he gets back he wants to see her, and she says okay, and he leaves. Janet starts to dance and he walks back in and says "You were twirling" and she denies it and asks if he wanted something else. He says no, he was just hoping to catch her in a twirl.

Nick walks into Owen's house looking for him and Alison tells him that he grabbed some stuff and left for Jersey to his brothers. Nick says she had to see this coming and she asks him to bring Owen back, and that she knows she was wrong, but knows he is the one for her. She says she knows he doesn't like her but begs him to bring Owen back. Nick says okay, but not for her, and she says whatever it takes, that she only has one chance. Nick runs down the street and while he is running it shows Aubrey packing and crying. Nick stops at a door and knocks, and we learn he went to Hannah, not Aubrey. She asks why he is there and he tells her everything about the ridge reminded him of his mother and thats why he stayed gone, but he was a kid. He tells her he didn't plan to cause her any pain, but he didn't expect to come back there and see Sam, or to still have feelings for her. He says maybe you only get one shot and goes to kiss her when Gavin Goddard walks out, Nick is stunned. Gavin says its a pleasure to meet him, and talks about the book, and that what he just heard him say to Hannah was great. Sam walks up and asks Nick if he met Gavin, and gives Gavin a high five. Hannah says this isn't what you think, and Nick says he doesn't know what he thinks but he has to go take care of a friend, then leaves.

Owen is driving and calls for a delivery to the house next to Phil's and he needs it there within a half and hour. Meanwhile, Aubrey gets into the cab. Nick walks to his car and sees Eddie and asks what he is doing there, and Eddie says he heard he is going after Owen and is not letting him leave town alone again. At Phil's house, town's people are all waiting outside, so is Ikey. Phil looks out and sees Pizza Girl (who is delivering the pizzas Owen ordered to the house next door), and he opens the door and walks out. She comes up to him when she sees the crowd and the door opening and she sticks out her hand. He steps out and grabs it, everyone watching claps and cheers. After a second Phil runs back in and Pizza Girl tells the crowd "baby steps" and runs in after him.