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On the Mean Streets of San Miguel - Recap

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Charlie shows up with the truck so they can drive a dental chair home.
Zita says Otis is going to be the first appointment, he has an impacted
wisdom tooth. He says a kiss will make it better, and she obliges. They
notice Ryan flailing away with a machete, and figure this must have
something to do with Ben, but no. She's mad at the jungle. She can't be
mad at him, because he was honest with her from the beginning. She can't
be mad at his wife, Abby, because she doesn't exist anymore. She can't
be mad at herself, because every time she tries to leave, he wears that
stupid shirt that makes his eyes so blue. So - she's mad at the jungle.
She calms down enough to tell Zita that she and Otis have the right
idea. Keep it simple. Friends with benefits. Zita says what they have
is more than that, but Ryan doesn't buy it. If it is more, than what is
it. Zita doesn't know, and leaves.

Despite the doctors' fears that they would be pulling dental duty, Dr.
Hank arrived with the chair. He chats with Mina about how he met his
wives, while he works on a patient. His eyes were opened to what he was
doing with his life, and here he is, trying to make a difference. The
young lady doesn't want to go first, so an old friend of Hank's,
Abuelito, takes the chair. Mina notices he has a lesion on his soft
palate and when Hank probes it, it starts bleeding profusely. They bring
him in the ER.

One of the patients indicates to Lily that Dr. Keeton has a place in her
heart. Once Lily talks about him a bit, the patient realizes that Lily
has feelings for him, too. When she takes a look at the patient's leg,
it is much worse so she tells her that Dr. Keeton will be needing to
examine it.

Mina chats with Abuelito about life. He fears it's cancer, but she tells
him it doesn't matter what he thinks, because she's the one with if the
medical degree. He declares Mina is a sassy blonde, and he likes sassy

Lily sees Ben and Ryan kissing, and turns around and goes the other way.
She gets in the medicine room and tells Tommy that they are together.
He doesn't hear and asks her to repeat herself. She starts talking
about staph infections and medication. He says no, what was the first
bit. When she repeats it, Tommy is bummed that Clark is taken. He
realizes he dropped the ball and apologizes to Lily, who is obviously
upset. He'll be there if she wants to talk. Ben interrupts, and Tommy
leaves. Lily ignores Ben completely. When she does speak to him, it's to
discuss the patient with the infected leg.

He's been waiting on the necessary medicine for the past three months.
They won't ship it, somebody has to go pick it up in San Miguel. He was
going to go pick it up Friday, but they can go together today. She says
she'd rather take the bus but he says there's no bus to San Miguel.
It's a 4-hour drive. She's going to need to bring Charlie to translate.

Mina is working on Abuelito's tests when Ryan comes in. Mina asks her
how to handle terminal cases. Ryan says they send people home with pain
meds, as they really can't afford hospice care. Mina is concerned
because she doesn't know how to handle it, telling him. Everybody loves
this guy. He deserves to have it handled well. Ryan goes with her and
they tell him together. Abuelito's fine with the news, since he has
lived a long and happy life. He tells them he wants them to take his
teeth, because of the gold fillings. He also has jewelry. Gold
jewelry. He stole it from "them". Ryan thinks he's loopy from the
morphine, but Mina knows she is hearing the truth. She puts together
how long ago he came here with what he's saying, and badgers him for his
name, his real name. He finally gives his name and title. He was a
Nazi war criminal.

As Ben walks Lily and Charlie to the truck, he tells her to be careful.
Don't pay any bribes. Once you do, they will expect a piece of every
bandage that comes in the door. Lily tells him she strictly plays by
the rules. Ben says he's glad he can trust her. She asks how long he's
been dating Dr. Clark, and Ben looks guarded. She apologizes, saying
it's none of her business. Ben says it's OK. They've been seeing each
other for about a year, off and on. They fight and make up. Charlie
says yeah they make up everywhere. Lily and Ben let him know that's too
much information, and he stops talking. Ben says it's complicated, and
Charlies says "Such is love, si?"

Ryan and Mina tell Otis what they found out. Ryan defends him, while
Mina attacks. Ryan says he was a guard in a prison camp. He was 16 when
he signed up, he probably barely knew what he was doing. Mina wants to
know who they need to call to report him. Otis will call a nearby Naval
base. In the meantime, they should treat his pain.

A local shows up at the clinic, shoves his way to the front of the line
and hauls Tommy into an office to talk. Elan has priapism, and it's been
six hours. Tommy gets him in a hospital bed, and Zita comes to take a
look at him. He doesn't want to be seen by a nurse, and shoves her away.
She tells him a great many things (in Spanish), then reverts to English
to inform him that she is a doctor. She examines him, and it causes a
great deal of pain. He was bitten by a banana spider. Tommy is brilliant
enough to give him the worst case scenario, and the patient bursts into
tears and starts yelling.

Tommy runs into the bartender he hit it off with at the festival, Alma.
He reintroduces himself, and she start speaking rapidly in Spanish. It
turns out that Elan is her boyfriend.

Ben tells Lily he will meet her and Charlie back at the truck in four
hours. She says they'll be doing tequila shots by then. Ben tells her
not to give him alcohol. Lily starts trying to claim the necessary
medicines and promptly runs into bureaucratic red tape. A lot of it.

Mina checks in on Abuelito. Otis is watching over him. He loved him,
too. Everybody did. The military is sending a medivac for him tomorrow.
But that's okay. His health is so bad, he won't make it through the night.

Alma is fighting with Elan at his bedside. He asks Tommy to get her out
of here. When Tommy won't, he tells her himself. Tommy tries to reprove
him, and the patient tells him to back off. Tommy goes to whine to Mina,
and she tells him her patient is literally a Nazi. Mina wins.

Abuelito starts hemorrhaging, his soft palate is shredded. He just wants
to die, but Mina intends to do emergency surgery. Ryan fights her, but
Mina insists, despite the fact that he's refusing treatment.

Tommy talks to Alma, she's sad. He can't tell her what's wrong, Elan has
to. He manages no ciento, and she smiles and thanks him. He thinks she
needs somebody to treat her the way she deserves to be treated, and he's
volunteering. Zita overhears and calls him over to tell him off.
Tommy's poor little barmaid works at the cantina because her parents own
it. She comes from the richest family in the region. She doesn't need
him to rescue her. He doesn't even speak her language. He doesn't know
anything about her, and Zita thinks he likes it that way. He needs to
start acting like a doctor, and treat his patient.

Ryan brings Otis in to stop Mina. She says she won't stop, any other
hospital on the planet would do what she's doing right now. He needs to
be caught. The families need to know that he didn't get away with it.
She's not going to let him suffer - but she is giving him one more day.
So they need to scrub in, or step out, because they are contaminating
her field. Ryan leaves, telling Mina to "try not to enjoy it so much."

Lily finds Ben, she needs help. He's at a bedside. Lily says she'll
leave, he's with a patient. Ben says it's not a patient. This is Abby.
His wife. He leaves, and Lily follows him out. He tells her Abby has
been minimally conscious for the past five years. She thinks he can't
let go, but he gives her a wake-up call. He's no hero. Her trust fund
check bankrolls the clinic. He tells her to take the truck back, he's
going to stay the night.

The treatment they gave Elan didn't help any, so they are going to have
to drain him manually. While they work, Tommy tells him about his life's
worst case scenario. It helps take Elan's mind off what he's going through.

Otis tells Mina he has an impacted wisdom tooth, and she tells him to
see the dentist. She also thanks him for helping her. He didn't do it
for her. Treat everybody equally, what happens to them after is out of
your hands. As he leaves, he asks Mina who she lost. Before she can
answer, he says it doesn't matter. Her reasons only need to be good
enough for her.

Charlie tells Lily that siesta hours are almost over, and asks where Ben
is. Lily says he's got enough on his plate. They're going to have to
rescue themselves. After she promised she wouldn't bribe any officials,
Lily offers one $50. He counters with $200, and he gets half of the
Vicodin. She tells him he damn well better take the $50 and pray to GOD
he never gets sick because she's going to be practicing medicine there
for a very long time and she doesn't care if he's bleeding from both
eyeballs, she's going to charge him $200 before she so much as takes his
blood pressure. Comprende? Why, yes he does.

Abuelito reaches for his face, and Mina stops him. Twice. Three times.
She didn't lose anyone. She's not Jewish, or Catholic, or gay, or
crippled, or a gypsy. She thinks her ancestors came over on the
Mayflower. Her father is on the board of the biggest hospital in
Boston. When she got kicked out of residency, he pulled some strings,
and suddenly she had a clean resume and a place in their program. As if
killing that kid never happened. She could have run too, but she
didn't. She came here to face her consequences. She's going to pay for
her mistake. Does he understand? Abuelito makes several more attempts
to reach up, but she stops him each time.

Alma and Elan have a long talk. She leaves and tries to talk to Tommy.
She's very upset, and it looks like tears but it's laughter. She's fine.
She thanks Tommy, and kisses him on the cheek.

Lily has no cash left, after bribing everybody. A gentleman buys her a
drink and strikes up a conversation. They exchange names, his name is
Mateo. He tells her he doesn't think it's safe for her to leave, and
persuades her to stay. They share another drink.

The next morning, Ben and Lily touch base. She lost two weeks pay and
most of her dignity, but she got the meds. Ben is upset with her, but
she tells him playing by the rules hasn't been working so well for her
lately so she did what she had to do, both for her patients and for the
clinic. Just like Ben. He says he'll have to fix it later. Looks like
she's learning to survive down here. Welcome to the jungle. After he
walks out, she says "Goodbye, Dr. Keeton."

As Abuelito is wheeled to the medivac, many children come to say
goodbye. Ryan tells Mina the kids are asking what's wrong with him,
where they are sending him, when he'll be back. Mina should go ahead,
tell them. Ryan will translate. Mina says it's his teeth, and he'll be
just fine.

Otis is still in rough shape, but won't go to the dentist. She changes
the subject. Are they anything? He says friends. With benefits. Fun,
right? She says si. That's what she thought, too. When she walks away,
she doesn't look very happy. She goes to Ryan and takes the machete.
It's her turn.

Dr. Hank and Mina chat on the dock. Otis stops Hank and gets his tooth
removed. Hank offers him pain meds, but Otis refuses. Hank and Mina
push, but Otis says no meds or no tooth. They either operate with him
white knuckling it, or not at all. Mina tells him he's not scared of the
dental work, he's scared of the narcotics. Is he afraid he'll be
triggered? Hank asks him if he's sure, and gets the go-ahead. Mina takes
his hand.