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There's Nothing To Fix - Recap

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Alonzo is having a clothing drive, and Ben doesn't contribute. Alice
snarks about it. Heather contributes her high school English teacher's
clothes, but not until she takes one long, last whiff. Crystal
interrupts to announce that the Smurfs, while they are here, are the
Sunshine Center's guests, and they will be treated with professionalism.
"Let's not sink to their level."

Ben follows and confronts her. Crystal says she has "Smurf history" and
wishes to leave it at that. On another note, where's Roman? She orders
Ben to find him, even if he's not her personal babysitter.

Alice is having cramps post-morning jog with Alonzo. Speak of the devil,
Alonzo arrives to ask Alice her evening schedule. She's going to be late
at work, so he'll bring dinner to her. He grabs her recycling out of the
trash on his way out the door. Alice confides in Ben that she sucks.
Alonzo is the world's most perfect men, and she's afraid to be herself.
Ben reminds her she had her shot at adorably flawed. Alice reminds Ben
that they were together for six months, and they never talked. He leaves
to continue his search for Roman.

Ben follows a trail of wrappers to a supply closet and finds Roman
sleeping on the floor. He asks if Roman is living there, and Roman says
no. Ben wonders what the hot plate is about then. He leaves and finds
Crystal. She doesn't seem to see anything wrong with Roman living in the
candy room. Ben informs her this is not okay, it's a huge liability
issue. He should be living with Crystal. Crystal doesn't think that will
work. Last time they tried that, he ran away from home to a military

Crystal starts melting when she sees a smurf. Ben tries to calm her
down. Once he sees how she can be, he promptly informs Roman he can stay
with Ben for two days, and that's it.

Alice arrives at dinner, bearing two candy bars. She promptly throws
them away when she sees the candlelight dinner Alonzo has prepared. He
had help from the mascot, who makes a roaring fireplace the screen saver
before leaving.

Roman tries to spend the night in Ben's room. He's afraid he's going to
have night terrors, his first night in a new place, and he's right. Ben
doesn't get any sleep.

Crystal lurks behind a stage prop. Ben sees her immediately. She blames
everything that's gone wrong since their arrival on the smurfs. He wants
to talk about Roman. She doesn't listen when Ben says he thinks Roman
needs to be with family. She tears up thinking about Roman, but stops so
she can go violently attack Smurfette.

Alice marches into Alonzo's office to share her imperfections. She finds
him giving blood in the middle of his homeless drive, while learning
Spanish. Alonzo starts getting incoherent from lack of blood, because he
always gives half an ounce more than they say he should. Alice leaves.

Ben hates trying to balance the budget. Roman offers to help, if Ben
will play a video game with him after. Ben doesn't think Roman can do
it, but he's mistaken.

Ben likes Yoshi. Roman wins. They play cup games, followed by truth or
dare. Ben asks Roman what his deepest darkest fear is, and he says he's
afraid he'll never get close to his mom. Ben volunteers to see what he
can do.

Crystal refuses to hear Ben out, and he goes to ask Alice for advice.
She informs him he's becoming an actual human being. Ben doesn't want to
hear it.

Alonzo accidentally tells Alice he was once married. This is a direct
contradiction of when he previously told her he'd never been married.

Papa Smurf told Heather they're canceling tonight's show. The Sunshine
Center is in breach of contract, because Crystal won't let them
practice. Ben goes to talk to Crystal. She's having a homeless skate party.

Ben knows that there is something going on between Roman, Crystal,
Smurfs and Ice. He just hasn't connected the dots yet. Crystal finally
admits that Roman is the reason she has this animosity toward the
Smurfs. She was once a featured dancer with Smurfs on Ice. She was
really, really good. Then she got pregnant with Roman and had to leave
the show. After that, she never really succeeded as an ice dancer, or a
mother. Crystal breaks down sobbing.

Ben tells her she can fix her relationship with Roman, and she is happy
to hear it. She immediately approaches Roman.

Alice is deliriously happy that Alonzo lied to her. He's not perfect
anymore. Ben is happy for her, although a bit confused.

Crystal tells Ben that she invited Roman to move in with her. He said
it's too important, he doesn't want to move fast. So she told him he can
continue to live with Ben, forgetting the bit about "If that's okay with
Ben." He leaves to talk to the Smurfs, but Roman calls him back. Ben
agrees to let him stay two more days.

Ben pays off Papa Smurf.

Heather approaches and tells Ben that Roman has some demands of his own.
He says no to all of them.

Crystal joins Papa Smurf on ice.