Hold On Tight - Recap

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Lily wakes up in Mateo's bed and tries to sneak out. He wakes up when
she sits up. He wants her to call in sick. She fills him in on the walk
of shame. She'd rather do it before Inez wakes up. No such luck. Not
only is Inez up, but the work crew greets Lily as well. Tonight is
harvest, so she may want to keep her distance. Mateo is overruled by his
mother, who wants Lily to join them for the harvest dinner tonight. She
congratulates Inez on the harvest, but her feelings are hurt by Lily's
judging. He tells her he'll see her in a week. Lily tries to console
herself that there's only one harvest a year. Mateo corrects her. Six
times a year. it's a very resilient leaf.

Ryan welcomes Ben back from his visit with Abby. Double pneumonia, her
doctors left her untreated for almost a week. Ben treated her with
extreme medicine, AND fired her primary. He notices that Ryan is pale.
She's not getting enough sleep. They kiss, and pull apart when Ryan
announces she hears whistling. And you know what that means. Dr. Otis
Cole is getting some. He has good news for Ben, too. A guy on the ward
needs his hands sewn back on. Brilliant! Ben can't wait to get started.
Except Otis was playing him. They do have some patients that need them,
though. Ben and Otis are barely out the door when Ryan staggers to a
chair and sits down.

A couple of paragliders are stuck in a tree, and Fran pronounces herself
so humiliated to meet Ben and Otis. Charlene says Ben has the haircut
she wants. She's a big animal doc, and fills Ben in on the injuries
she's cataloged thus far. She's got 50 trips under her belt, and the
first time she gets her wife to join her, they wind up treed. They're on
a second honeymoon.

From the ground, Lily asks if she's necessary. Ben says no, they got
it. Minor injuries. The winds pick up and grab the ladies right out of
the tree.

Tommy arrives to the smell of something delicious. Pher is making Mina
eggs for breakfast. He's all kissy, and she flinches and pulls away.
When he goes out to find more eggs, Tommy asks when he's leaving. What
do they even talk about? Nothing. It's just sex. He comes in bearing an
egg for Tommy, who passes, then leaves.

He finds an injured woman outside by the fountain. Somebody wrote her a
letter, told her to meet him there. She won't get the cut on her arm
treated until she sees him. He turns out to be Charlie, who says "Ola,
momma" as they exchange hugs.

Ryan asks Mina to check her, she thinks she's spiking a fever. One of
the paper cuts she told Ben about is badly infected. If it's the source
of her fever, the infection may be in her blood stream, or worse. Mina
says there's only one way to find out.

Charlene is holding Fran, who's sobbing. It hurts, so bad, she needs
Charlene to let go. She's bleeding out. Charlene is holding a bleeder.

Tommy and Charlie work on his mom. The cut is pretty bad, she needs more
sutures. Tommy wonders how she could go five years without seeing
Charlie. She left because she borrowed some money from some people, and
they were threatening her and her family. She decided that Charlie was
better off without her. She told him she was going into town for coffee.
She can't speak or she'll cry, but Tommy tells her Charlie is doing just

Tommy asks Charlie about how his mom is acting. She's always been like
this, what's the matter with her? Tommy says there are a number of
possibilities. He wants Ben to take a look.

Lily tells Charlene, nice work. Ben can't tell where the bleeding is
coming from, but at least it's stopped. Charlene says her wrist is
really starting to hurt. It's broken. But if she lets go, and they can't
find the bleeder immediately, Fran is gone.

Mina gives Ryan the bad news. The infection has spread to the lining of
her heart. They're going to blast her with IV antibiotics. Ryan says her
heart is too weak. She cant believe she's done every extreme sport there
is, and got brought down by a damn paper cut. Leave it off the
tombstone, willya. Mina is going to page Keeton. Ryan tries to stop her,
but Mina says he's going to want to know. Ryan says she can't talk about
it anymore, and Mina says why not. "Because I think I'm losing my
pulse." She loses consciousness.

Charlie's mom chats some more with Tommy about Charlie. He says her
memory seems fine but that's because she cheats. She writes everything
in a journal. She's going to give it to Charlie someday. He asks about
the people who are after her, and Teresa reacts in alarm. "Who told you
about them!?" Tommy tells her she did. He offers to help. If there's
anything he can do, he should let her know. She should rest. She says
she can't. The people in the bed are laughing, and keeping her awake. He
says he'll tell them to be quiet, but there's nobody behind the curtain.
When Tommy turns around, she's talking to nobody next to her.

Charlie tells Zee that Teresa is schizophrenic. She has all the
symptoms. Zee recommends a good hospital. 300 kilometers away, but it's
a good one. Tommy protests that Charlie hasn't seen his mom for five
years. And now they're going to send her away? Zee tells him they don't
have the necessary medicine to treat her, at the clinic. Tommy tells Zee
that he told Charlie he could fix her, and he thinks Tommy can.

Ben and Otis taped Charlene's hand in place to help keep it steady.
They're going to get them out of there the same way they got down.
Paragliding. Charlene starts beating herself up. Fran didn't want to do
this. She killed their marriage, and now she's going to kill her, too.
Ben reassures her, and they lift the bodies off the beach.

Ryan's heartbeat is being zapped to stabilize her pulse. Mina told Zee,
so she joins Ryan at her bedside. She asks about Keeton, if Ben is on
his way back, and Mina says nope. She doesn't want him to know. Zee says
he's a great doctor.

The pads that they're using are burning Ryan's skin. Mina says they need
to insert a real pacemaker. Zee says there's an external pacing machine
in the supply room. It's old, but it will work. Mina runs to get it.

Charlie is taking bedding from the clinic so he can take his mom back to
the condo, but Tommy says no. He tells Charlie the truth, but Charlie
doesn't want to hear or believe it. He tells Tommy not to tell him what
to do, he's practically a doctor himself. Okay, Tommy's good with that.
He lays out the case and asks Charlie what they do. Charlie says you
said it could be her thyroid. Tommy says yes, and I was wrong: So what
do we do. The truck with the women in it pulls up, and Ben yells to
Tommy that they're going to need an extra hand, here.

Mina and Zee finally find the external pacemaker, but it needs a 9V
battery. They split up to try and find one. Mina overhears a talking
doll and runs to the little girl who has it. She 'operates' and pulls
the battery. Mina runs across Ben and his patients. Otis asks her to
join them, and she says she's busy. Ben asks about Ryan, and she tells
him she's laying down. Ben tells her she did nice work.

They tell Charlene that they need her to hang onto the bleeder until
they can clamp it off. Fran asks Charlene why she's still there, and
Lily rushes to reassure her that it's just the anesthesia.

Mina and Zee work on getting Ryan stabilized.

It hurts Charlene as they work around her broken wrist. Lily works to
reassure her, but she pulls her hand. Both women start crashing.

Something's wrong, for Zee. She says "It's not floating into the
ventricle." Mina asks to take over, and Zee says no, but Ryan surfaces
enough to say yes. Mina goes to work. They lose Ryan's pulse and start
CPR. Ryan flatlines while they work on her. Zee needs to continue
compression. Mina says she can do this. After several agonizing seconds,
she gets it. Zee practically bursts into tears.

Both Charlene and Fran are under. Otis interrupts to give an emergency
call for "Plastics" (Tommy Fuller); it's Charlie. He leaves, and finds
all hell breaking loose with Charlie's mom. She's accusing a fruit and
vegetable vendor of trying to kill "us." Tommy repeatedly asks where
Charlie is, but she won't answer or if she does, it's in Spanish. Tommy
sedates her as she accuses Tommy of stealing Charlie. Charlie finally
answers, he's only about 10' away but on the ground and out of the
light. He tried to stop her from freaking out, and she hit him.

Ryan teases Mina. She's going to San Miguel to get a real pacemaker. She
gives Ryan her lucky subway card. She was on the subway when she got a
call that her grandmother died. She left Mina a boatload of money, and
she's been taking cabs ever since. Ryan says that's uplifting. Not so
much for grandma. At any rate. Mina says that given all this, she should
be bumped to the top of the list. So she needs to have Ben call her
transplant guy in New York. Ryan wants Mina to handle it. Not Ben, not
Zee. Mina, who is not too close to the problem. She doesn't like her. If
something happened to Ryan, Mina could take it.

Tommy and Lily watch Mina pace back and forth. Neither of them feel
qualified to help her - Lily because of Mateo and the crop, and Tommy
because he let Charlie down. Mina hears them talking and rushes over.
She blurts that she killed Clark, then brought her back, and now Ryan
wants her to be her primary care physician, and Keeton doesn't know
about it. Lily announces that Mina won, but she doesn't know what that
means. Pher arrives, and Mina smiles when she sees the baby chick he
found. They can name it "Appetizer." They walk off, wrapped around each
other. Tommy realizes it's not just sex with them, and Lily extends her

Lily tells Fran her wound is healing very nicely. When she asks after
Charlene, Lily says she's still in surgery. There have been
complications, but they are doing everything they can. Fran reminisces
the first thing Charlene said to her. "You blow beautifully. Can I buy
you a drink?" Fran is first chair oboist with the Boston Pops. Lily
laughs. They were playing at the zoo where Charlene works. Charlene was
such a hot, sexy woman. And now all Fran can see is her sneeze. And she
eats so fast! They've been together 17 years, and she has never once
broken down a box for recycling. And she's a cling-on. Lily said like
today? Her clinginess saved your life. Fran realizes that when you start
to focus so much on the things you don't like, you start to forget about
the things you do.

Ben comes to deliver good news about Charlene, and Fran is very relieved.

Tommy talks to Teresa about going to the hospital. She needs to agree to
go, he can't make her. She tells him he can't take Charlie away from
her. He tells her that if she's going to hurt Charlie, he has to try to
stop her. He read some of her journal. Spanish isn't his language, so a
nurse helped him. She scoffs that he stole her journal, and calls her
paranoid? He reads to her, and it is readily apparent how fragmented her
thinking is. Her journal doesn't make any sense. She starts crying when
she realizes that no. She doesn't actually know what's real.

Ben tells Mina she chose badly by not going with them. Quite a day. He's
going to go check on Clark. Mina tells him he doesn't have to leave to
do so, since Ryan was admitted. She fills him in on what all he missed,
and hands over the power of attorney that Ryan signed. Ben is livid. His
course of treatment is not the course Mina is taking. And until Clark
can wake up and talk to him personally? He needs to stand down. Sir. He
leaves, fuming.

Otis finds Zee sitting in the garden. He tells her that Clark is alive
because of her. Zee knows better. She froze in there. Ryan is alive
because of Mina. Otis holds her.

Charlie talks to his mom about the condo he's living in. She can't wait
to see it, she just has to go into town first to buy some coffee.
Charlie's face closes as he hears the same words she said five years
ago. She tells him he's right. Tommy is a very good doctor. She starts
singing to him like she did when he was a baby. He says she should stop,
because he's not a baby anymore. She doesn't stop, and Charlie breaks
down in tears. Tommy sees what's happening, and leaves them alone together.

Ben finds Charlene and Fran cuddling. She takes a picture of the back of
his haircut, so she can get her hair cut like his.

Lily arrives at the harvest festival. She took a lesson from Fran.
She's going to stop stressing about the one major thing, and focus on
what she likes about Mateo. They kiss. Inez arrives, very upset. There's
a storm coming. They need to harvest immediately, or the storm will take
out the whole harvest. Lily offers to help. Mateo tells her how to do so.

Ben waits for Ryan to wake up. When she does so, he tells her he can't
leave her alone for one minute. They share a smile before he asks her
about the Power of Attorney she gave Minard. Why? She doesn't want to
end up like Abby. They joke about him having a thing for helpless women
on life support before she tells her she loves him, but he holds on too
tight. Her airlift arrives, effectively ending the conversation.

Tommy arrives at the condo. Pher pretty much moved in, and he needs some
space. He came bearing orange soda. Charlie says he can crash there if
he wants, and they toast.

Ben asks Mina if she ever loved anyone who died. She says her
grandmother. He went through hell with Abby, and she's out of her mind
if she thinks he's going through that again. She's fired. Mina says it
doesn't change anything, she's still Ryan's doctor. Oh yeah? Where's
she going to practice from. He's the only one who was willing to give
her a chance after she killed that kid. She's gone.