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Snow Falls - Recap

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Once Upon a Time

Prince Charming and his fiancée are travelling through the forest by coach, and she keeps complaining about every little thing. They come to a tree blocking the road and Prince Charming gets out to help his men move it. As they realize that someone deliberately cut it down to block their path, a hooded thief reaches into the coach, grabs the leather pouch holding Prince Charming’s jewels, and rides away. Prince Charming rides after the thief and tackles him... and discovers that it’s a woman, Snow White. She grabs a rock and hits him on the chin, leaving a scar, and then takes his horse and rides off. Prince Charming staggers to his feet and calls out that he’ll find her no matter where she goes.


Mary Margaret is on a date with Dr. Whale, and trying to tell him about how she’s looking for love. He’s more interested in eyeing the waitress, Ruby, and Mary Margaret realizes that it’s a doomed endeavor. She pays the check and leaves, and sees Emma sitting in her car. Mary Margaret approaches her and Emma explains that there are supposedly no rooms available in Storybrooke for her to rent. Mary Margaret, happy that Emma is staying because of Henry, offers to put her up at her place but Emma refuses, saying that she’s not the roommate type.

The next day, Mary Margaret is doing volunteer work at the hospital when she sees Henry sitting with the John Doe patient. He asks Mary Margaret about the patient and she explains that he’s always been there, at least as long as she has, and that nobody knows who he is or what family he has. Henry isn’t convinced and asks her again if she knows who John Doe is. Later, henry meets with Emma and tells her that he’s found her father. He shows her the picture of Prince Charming in his fairytale book and points out that they both have a scar on their chin. Emma isn’t convinced but Henry wants to proceed with his plan to awaken his memories and those of Mary Margaret by having her read the story of Prince Charming and Snow White to John Doe. After a bit of consideration, Emma agrees but says that they’ll do it her way, and that she’ll ask Mary Margaret to do it. She goes to see Mary Margaret and asks her to do it, but only to convince Harry that he’s wrong. When John Doe doesn’t recover, they believe that Henry will give up his fantasy and accept reality. Mary Margaret agrees and they arrange to meet at Granny’s Diner the next day to tell Henry what happened.

That night, Mary Margaret reads the story to John Doe, the story of how Prince Charming chases Snow White and they fell in love. He grabs her hand briefly and Mary Margaret goes to get the hospital physician, Dr. Whale. He checks the readings and tells Emma that nothing has changed and that John Doe’s brain waves are still flat. He suggests that she might have imagined the incident and tells her to go home and get some rest. However, once she leaves, Dr. Whale calls Regina and tells her that he lied to Mary Margaret, and that there was some minor brainwave activity.

Back home, Mary Margaret reads the story again.

Once Upon a Time

Snow White quickly packs up her few belongings, including a heart-shaped necklace, and leaves her home beneath a log. She immediately stumbles into a net trap set by Prince Charming, who steps out to greet her and demands the return of his pouch. She tells him that she already sold them, and he angrily insists that he has to have the ring back. It belonged to his mother, and was to be his wedding ring for his fiancée. Snow White accuses him of marrying as a matter of business, not love, and says that there is no true love. Prince Charming somewhat ashamedly defends his marriage as a merger of two kingdoms, and threatens to turn Snow White over to the Queen, who has put a price on her head for murder and treason. Left without a choice, Snow White agrees to help Prince Charming recover the ring.


When they meet at the diner the next day, Emma is surprised to hear Mary Margaret tell Henry that his plan worked, at least to the point that John Doe momentarily woke up. Mary Margaret is enthused that she managed to get through to the patient, even if she still doesn’t believe that she’s Snow White. They go back to the hospital to read some more only to discover that John Doe is missing. Sheriff Graham and Mayor Regina are there, and the mayor demands to know why Emma is there. Henry accuses his mother of having something to do with the patient’s disappearance, and his mother realizes that she lied to him about where he would be. When Emma voices her own suspicions about Regina’s presence, the mayor says that she was the one who found John Doe on the road years ago and brought him to the hospital, and that she’s his emergency contact. Emma offers to help track the patient down, but Regina tells her not to get involved and leaves with Henry.

Ignoring the mayor’s advice, Emma goes with Graham and Mary Margaret to see the hospital employees, Leroy and Walter. They check the security tapes but discover that Walter dozed off on the job and got the tapes mixed up. Once they check the correct tapes, they discover that John Doe left the hospital on his own four hours ago, and went into the nearby woods.

Once Upon a Time

As Snow White and Prince Charming go through the woods to the Troll Bridge where she sold his jewels, he notices her necklace and snatches it away. She angrily explains that it’s filled with fairy dust, which can transform any enemy into an insect. Prince Charming realizes that she plans to use it against the Queen and wonders why Snow White hates her so much. Snow White explains that the Queen has falsely accused her, and then sent a Huntsman to rip out her heart. She’s only alive because the Huntsman took pity on her, and now Snow White only wants to get enough money by stealing to travel to another realm. They come to a stream and Snow White asks for a drink of water. The Prince agrees, but she shoves him into the water. As he flounders, she runs off only to find herself facing the Queen’s Knights, who take her prisoner.


Graham follows John Doe’s trail through the woods and hesitates briefly when they lose the trail. As he searches to pick up the scent, Mary Margaret asks Emma how long she’s been hinting people. Emma explains that she’s been doing it as long as she can remember, and Mary Margaret wonders if she ever did find her parents. In response, Emma says that it depends on who one asks. Henry, having sneaked out of the house, follows them into the woods and explains that John Doe is trying to find her.

Once Upon a Time

As the Queen’s Knights prepare to kill Snow White, Prince Charming arrives and kills the lead knight with an arrow. As he fights the second one, the third knight rides off with Snow White. After defeating his opponent, Prince Charming shoots an arrow and brings the final knight down. Snow White rides back and he says that he saved her because it was the honorable thing to do. Impressed, she stares at him for a moment and snaps out of her reverie when he reminds her that they need to get the jewels back. Snow White agrees and leads him over the next rise to the troll bridge and the trolls who bought the jewels.


Henry insists to Mary Margaret that John Doe is out looking for her, and she just needs to stop and wait for him to catch up. Emma tells the boy to come home, but while he refuses. Graham calls them over. He shows them John Doe’s wrist band... covered in blood.

Once Upon a Time

Snow White and Prince Charming come to the troll bridge and step out onto it. The troll leader and his men surround them, but suspect that Snow White is trying to set them up. When Prince Charming eagerly agrees to give them all the money back for just the ring, they capture both of them and search Prince Charming. They throw Snow White’s necklace to the ground and then find the wanted poster he has of Snow White. Realizing how much she’s worth, they prepare to kill him and take her to collect the money. Prince Charming manages to grab his sword and kill two of them, while Snow White grabs the necklace and runs, assuming that the Prince is behind her. The remaining three trolls grab him and prepare to kill him, and Snow White returns and uses all of the fairy dust to turn them into harmless insects. He thanks her and Snow White says that it was the honorable thing to do, and they take the jewels and leave.


Graham continues to trail the patient and they find themselves at the old toll bridge. John Doe is lying in a stream, on the verge of death, and they pull him out. Mary Margaret begs him to come back and administers CPR, and he finally revives and thanks her for saving him. They take him to the hospital and Dr. Whale works to stabilize him. A woman runs in, calling the patient “David.” Regina comes in behind her and explains that the woman (Prince Charming’s fiancée in the fairytale world) is John Doe’s wife.

Once Upon a Time

Prince Charming and Snow White reach his castle and prepare to part ways. He gives her the gold from the trolls and she gives him the ring. When Prince Charming says that it’s not her style, Snow White defiantly takes it back and puts it on. He looks at her as she wears his engagement ring, and she says that it isn’t her style and gives it back. Prince Charming offers her the rest of the jewels, but Snow White says that she has what she needs and prepares to leave. As she turns to go, he says that if she needs anything... and she finishes his sentences and says that he’ll always find her. She admits that she actually believes it and they go their separate ways. As Prince Charming departs, Snow White turns back momentarily and watches him go.


Regina tells the others that the woman is Kathryn Nolan, and the John Doe is David, her wife. Kathryn thanks them for her help and admits that she and David were having marital problems. On the night he disappeared, they argued and she told him to leave if he didn’t want to be married to her. When Emma wonders why Kathryn never looked for her husband, Kathryn explains that she assumed that he left town and her for good. She says that she’s glad that she’s finally been reunited with her husband so that she can say she’s sorry, and that they now have a second chance together. Dr. Whale comes over and tells them that David is recovering physically, but he still has no memory of his life. He suggests that something just clicked in David’s mind and he woke up to look for something, and Henry says that the patient was looking for someone. As Kathryn goes back to her husband, Henry whispers to Mary Margaret that David was going to the toll bridge to find her because it was in the story, and that they belong together.

Emma goes after Regina as she leaves with her son, and argues that Kathryn’s story sounds fake. She finds it odd that Regina just now found Kathryn after all the years that she was his emergency contact and did nothing. However, Regina thanks Emma, saying that after she had the idea of checking the tapes, Regina reviewed them herself. She found times when the unconscious David called for Kathryn in his sleep, and after that it was easy to find her. Regina tells Emma that they should all be happy that true love won out, and that now the couple will be together happily ever after. Finally, the mayor thanks Emma for making her realize that the worse curse is to not have someone in their lives.

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret watches Kathryn embrace her husband. David appears confused but happy, but looks at Mary Margaret and sees the ring that she’s wearing… an engagement ring.

Later, Mary Margaret is at home, alone. Emma arrives and asks if she can accept her offer, and Mary Margaret invites her in.

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